Tuesday, June 29, 2004

well, there's another restaurant i can never go to...

sooo, went to work, did the whole work thing, which was pretty much the same except we were helping out dermot lacey, who was hte lord mayor of dublin for a year - and he's so nice! and funny! yay for that. but let's skip to lunch.
kat came with me to O'Briens (sandwich place)a nd we met the fam there and hung out for an hour eating and chatting and just havin a good old time, they were planning on going to the guinness factory today so hopefully they did that and had a good time.
back from lunch, helped dermot some more, then we started on our second spreadsheet for Colm, which was so easy compared to the last one! now that i know what i'm doing! yaaaaay.
then off to class at 545 where we discussed being addicted to urgency and what quadrant our workplaces fit into...if you want more info about that i can talk to you separately b/c it's really not all that interesting.
then i went over to the parliament and watched them duke it out for rights for the disabled...right on labour party! some of the members were such good speakers and sounded so smart and they were so dedicated to like..making life better for this group of people..i tell you what people, i was inspired. inspired! bring me to washington!
so after that we were hungry so we asked cathy for a good pizza place and she suggested "the pizza stop" which i thought be would kind of fast foodish and exactly what we were looking for, but when we got there itw as like...all candle-lit and romantic and there were all couples there so we were like..ummmm great this wont' be weird. and we go in and the guy who seats us is so hot and italian and i made a fool out of myself b/c i couldn't understand him and he sat us b/t these 2 couples, one of which were like 2 seconds away from having sex ont heir table. seriously. he kept getting up and walking over to her and making out and putting his hands all over her...i was disturbed and i think that just completely turned me off from PDA forever. so we wnat to get a pizza but we didn't know if they were big enought o split one so kat was going to ask the waiter, who just happend to be hot man who sat us, whoda thunk? so he asks us what we want and kat goes 'well um...how big is your..pizza'...and right before she said pizza she looked at me and i started to laugh, then she said pizza and i really started to laugh, then i see him look at me out of the corner of his eye and he goes '12 inches, enough for the both of you to share'...i lost it. she orderedt he one we wanted while i was sitting in my chair shaking from trying to hold in the laughter, i started to cry i was laughing so hard, then he walked away and we both were cracking up and crying at the same time, it was AWFUL. so we got out of there as quickly as possible and i will never go back. even the waiter hotness cannot entice me.
so back home i go and here i am...and rachel and katie told me a disturbing story about a certain tiddlywink who ignored everyone from the house when passing them on the street.....that's not cool tiddly. *angry face!*
so alright. i keep insisting on staying up like, i guess i enjoy being exhausted in the morning?! i guess so. but really i don't so i'm gonna goooo. night then!

"when life is quite through with
and leaves say alas,
much is to do
for the swallow,that closes
a flight in the blue;

when love's had his tears out,
perhaps shall pass
a million years
(while a bee dozes
on the poppies,the dears;

when all's done and said,and
under the grass
lies her head
by oaks and roses
deliberated.)" - when life is quite through with...

has she learned nothing from j.lo?

i'm sorry but i just have to...britney spears is an idiot. she's engaged to this dancer man? have we seen him? and we all remember what justin timberlake looks like? and justin did not have a girlfriend with one kid and pregnant with his child. and justin is HOT. and it's not like britney couldn't get anybody she wanted, but honestly...she's turning into j.lo instead of learning from her! engaged to her DANCER? helloooo, and already one marriage down the drain. i don't understand celebrities! and apparantly they got matching "double dice" tattoos? her's is pink and his is blue? poor britney. hurts her knee and now she needs more media attention so she gets engaged to her skanky dancer boyfriend who has 2 kids. *shaking head in severe dissaproval*

Monday, June 28, 2004

the blair greed hat? oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKY!

which is apparantly what my dad says i was wearing when i told him i wanted to go to brussels for 3 days my last week here :( i'm sorry! being around all those rich people must've rubbed off on me more than i thought! dammit!
anyhooooo let's recap my day, i hear that's the cool thing to do around the blog watering hole!
did i write my last blog this morning? i don't even know anymore..yes, i did...ok so wrote the blog and sent vicky an email..a very happy birfday to you by the way, sexy beast that you are. got dressed, a necessity for work...i know, it's a bummer...went over to get kat, walked to work..which is so fun, never have i laughed so much at 930 in the morning, makes the crappiness of being up so early every morning and going to a really old rundown anti-american office that much more bearable!
got to work and as usual not much for us to do in the morning, so kat and i started talking about what we were doing that last free week, and she's going to paris that weekend to see her mom and sister and i'm going to scotland, then we said we wanted to go somewhere else b/c we are so close to so many places, and i've been wanting to go to brussels and she said she'd be up for it, so we looked up stuff about that for a while and got very excited (only for me to become very not excited when i told my mom and she looked at me like i had 10 heads that were all eating her money). then lunch! and more 'pride and prejudice', and back to work where cathy gave us stuff to do yay! can always count on her...the exciting work this time was that she gave me all the email addresses that she had sent emails to that didn't work, and we had to make a list of them and write the people names and numbres down so we can callt hem tomorrow morning (we don't have a phone so we have to do it early when nobody else is there...high tech.), then colm (evil excel man) gave me a call and said he had more excel stuff for us to do and we should go over to Leinster house (the parliament building) so we could get it! let me tell you...i was so excited to go in there b/c the general public really can't on an everyday basis, and i'm such a dork i couldn't wait! and it was sooooooo pretty! it used to be a really rich english (figures) family's house and they converted and expanded it into the government house, andt here's an original copy of the ireland constitution document hanging up...aaaaaah! and it was super cool then we went to his office (he's not really evil, by the way, he's actually really nice and funny and had the cutest picture of his daughter on his desk! aw!) and he told us what he needed us to do.....the same exact thing as last time but with 1999's election results, then do more percentages and see if votes went up or downa dn what the percent turnout was - wanted to cry for a second but i got over it and realized that i can do this. i so can. and he wants it by thursday. NO PROBLEM, COLM! happy to do it. well i guess that's what i'm here for anyway. so then it was raining, or "pissing" out so kat and i hung out in his office til it passed and found out he went to Trinity and then Oxford...hi there mr. smarty pants, how does it feel to be quite the genius? good? grand!
then we left and on the way out we saw this other man who works in the basement of our office and we've only seen him once..and i don't think he's seen the light of day in a while..i didn't even know there was an office down there. anyway he said he needed help filing stuff..i really don't want to go into the dungeon of the labour party head office, but i might have to...eeeeeeek!
then i went over to kinlay house (hostel where family is) and gabriel (hungarian) wouldn't let me go upstairs to get them so he tried paging them? which was stupid b/c they don't have speakers in their rooms..so i sat down in the lobby and looked sad and he was like 'ok you can run up and see if they're there' so i did and they were and we talked about our days, yay.
then it was off to 'gallagher's boxty house' for some "traditional irish food"..which it says in huge letters on the front..trying to attract tourists, ARE WE?! but it was a really nice atmosphere, pub-like, and very yummy food! good time and good conversation...although my mom started crying halfway through b/c she was thinking about when she has to say goodbye to me this weekend........even though i'll only be gone wat, another 3 weeks? yeah.
done with dinner, said bye til we have lunch together tomorrow (no dinner b/c i have class) and i walkd over to Sussex so kat and i could finish da movie, and it was sooooooooooooooooooo good. on disc 2 it gets AWESOME and colin firth reaches new levels of hotness. including a scene where he has been swimming in his clothes and emerges all wet. and another scene where darcy (colin) says goodbye to lizzy and he's like 'goodbye' and then as she goes away in the carriage there is just this absolute look of love and like 'please don't leave me' on his face, we wtached it like 3 times it was so good!!! aah! rent it! make it an all day event! or wait for me to come home and i'll watch it again. and now i want to read the book real bad.
sooooo then i ran home (literally...it was dark out. i was a little nervous.) and here i am! joy!
this weekend we're supposed to do a 'ring of kerry' trip but katie and rachel are planning it and i don't think my mom/aunt want to spend the money, but there is a hurling match on sunday SO i'm thinking we'l just do that and i'll be so happy and a hurling player will fall in love with me and look at me like darcy did to lizzy. yeah huh. i hope we can videotape b/c i really want to show you guys hurling...and you'll know why i love it so much...it's like a super harsh and it's so physical and the men are so manly...k i'll stop now.
so i gues i shouldn't go to brussels...it's only like 40 euro to fly though...but now i feel bad..and i am going to belfast and scotland....do i really need the other trip? i have to think of a way to make it economically appealing like...i can pay 40 euro now or hundreds later if i want to make a separate trip from the U.S.! and nobody wants that.
ummm....haha oh yeah, on my way home i was walking down Grafton St and it was pretty empty and this short skinny guy with really done up hair walks up to me and goes 'excuse me can i talk to you about your hair?'...and i realy didn't know what to say so i was kind of like 'um...no? i don't think so?' and he explainedt hat he was from a salon that was opening and they had a promotion for the next 4 months and i said oh sorry i won't be here and he was asking me wehre i was staying...and i guess the definition of 'personal space' isn't the same here b/c he was like 6 inches from my face. and he was from england and i had just eaten so i was like..crap i probably have bad breath adn i feel really bad. but anyway i was bummed i couldn't get a good salon deal.
so i guess that's it...it's almost july which is pretty CRAZY if you ask me..oha nd you should all read lisa's blog b/c it has pics of her new ski lodge...i mean house...on it and it's oh so pretty! but don't get caught up in reading her blog instead of mine. i'm in ireland dammit! just kidding! love you!

"in time of daffodils(who know
the goal of living is to grow)
forgetting why,remember how

in time of lilacs who proclaim
the aim of waking is to dream,
remember so(forgetting seem)" - in time of daffodils...

kilkenny kastle is kool

soooo let's go back in time to saturday, shall we? woke up, packed a little overnight bag and walked over tot he hostel in the misty rain and met up with the fam in the lobby. they had to wait til the hour to put their luggage in the safe luggage room so we waited for a while, then they did that, the hungarian man behind the desk flirted with christine (my cousin) and the australian man behind the desk flirted with my mom. ouch. and ouch. am i invisible?! i think i might be. like bruce willis in the sixth sense, how only the little boy can see him...well maybe only women can see me and that's why no men speak to me! aaaaah mystery SOLVED!
anyway, i took the fam over tot he dublin tourism office and they had a fun time trying to figure out what the wanted to do, i had to explain to my mom 5 times that dublin does not have a train system int he city, but each time she would go up to a poor tourism persona nd say 'so how much is a pass for hte city train system?'......the benefits of an expensive education right there folks. but they had fun looking at all the gifts and stuff in there and we bought tickets for the 'dublin city bus tour'...which is the ultimate in tourism annoyance but i had to do it and it was actually pretty good. it goes by all the good attractions but we only really got as far as St. Patrick's b/c my aunt wanted to stay and hear the visiting choir that was from Sacremento. what are the chances. so we sat and listened to them then when we were getting up to leave this completely wasted man was stumbling downt eh aisle of the church SINGING att he top of his lungs...i was so embarassed for the choir. and he sat down on a bench and just kept singing, then these 2 guys came over and like forcibly dragged him out. people, let's remember, drinking heavily before noon not advisible when you willb e going into a church!!!!
then we got back on the bus but it was too late for them to do the guinness storehouse so we kept riding the bus around and eventually got off at o'connell street! where i hadn't been yet so that was exciting! and i finalllly saw the GPO...awesome. just awesome.
walked around there, stopped to get some fish and chips...i'm such a bad person..i don't like fish......but i ate it anyway b/c i was hungry. and we stayed there for a while and talked, then walked around o'connells treet some more. then back on the bus and got off at trinity b/c chris and i wanted to walk around grafton street. so we went in some stores, she bought a really cute dress, i bought a really cute...purse. ah! i ca'nt stop! but it was only 12 euro!!! and it was so nice and black and i don't have one of those! so shhhh! don't judge me by my purse problems!!!!! :(
ummm what then..back to the hostel i think, moved into the next room which was ont he 3rd floor...oh but before that the hungarian (gabriel) and the australian (dee...or as my mom calls him "dee pabst" b/c that's his full name and how she refres to him.) continued to flirt with my family and i continued to think that i have some sort of invisible shield surrounding me? or ireland has made me really ugly and i just haven't noticed it?! i don't knoooooow! but yay for chris and mom. actually dee asked my mom where her husband was, and winked at her. kill me now.
then went out for some dinner and then to a pub for a drink...and i do mean A drink. then back tot he hostel for sleep. which wasn't really sleep b/c it was so damn loud out.
then up real early b/c we had to go to mass at 930, which we did and it wast he fastest mass EVER. this guy was good. it was barely 30 minutes. awesooooooooooome. and katie met us there b/c she and rach (and caitlin.) were going with us to kilkenny. jess didn't want to go b/c she had just been in belfast all weekend so she stayed home to relaxo. rach couldn't make it to mass b/c she lost her digital camera...sooo awful. i feel so bad for her..all those pics and money lost. but i think her dad is sending her another one so she'll be ok!!! then over to the bus station to catch the bus we thought was leaving at 1130 but didn't leave til noon...whee.
got on the bus, 2 hours later we wree in kilkenny! which is SUCH a cute little town i loved it. and we saw the castle, very beautiful, took a tour and whatnot..i relaly enjoyed that it was fun. then we got some dinner and back on the bus back to dublin! left the fam and came back to our apartment to collapse from tiredness. oh no, i made jess go to spar with me b/c i needed a snack. whee! then back here and i was going to write this last night but someone who had been home all weekend by herself was using the comp. that's cool. i'll just sleep then.
oh i did call claire though! (she says hi kelly!) and we made some plans to see each other FINALLY..in like 3 weekends, which is far away but better late than never!!!!! and the weekend after that i'll be in scotland and she might be there too! how cool would that be. honestly. so cool.
then to sleep after reading some more of the book i borrowed from my gone with the wind man, ashley. i think it's called 'may god in his greatness have mercy on belfast' and it's all first hand accounts of the troubles that some englishman put together...so needless to say i think they're a little bias. in fact a lot bias. but such is life.
and now i have to rush and get ready for work! b/c it's already 912! eeeeee! bye bye!

"guilt is the cause of more disorders
than history's most obscene marorders" - guilt is the cause of more disorders...

Friday, June 25, 2004

We are family!

ooooh i am so happy my family is here!!!!! :) :) :) :)
woke up this morning mad early to go over kat's and finish our damn spreadsheet, and it turns out the guy couldn't get over tot he office and just wanted us to email it to him. ummmm coulda done that last night, jackass.
mom called my cell around 1030 to say that they were at their hostle but they couldn't check in til 1...ouch. so i went over there from work and found them all in the lounge sleeping,awwww jet lagged fam! so i said hi and my mom and i talked for a while, then went down to see if their roomw as ready, and it was yay! so everybody moved into the teensy room and fell asleep again while mom and i went to get some lunch and i showed her temple bar. back to hostel (hostle?) and my mom fella sleep for a little while too, then around 5 everyone got upa nd moving and we walked (Slowly) to a restaurant near my house and ate there, good times! then to my house to show them around, and they fell asleep again hahaha, and then they went off back to their little room, i'm sure to ,once again, sleep!! but i'm going over there in the morning to meet them and perhaps to a hop-on hop-off tour b/c it hink that's the best way to see pretty much everything...which is always a plus, but they might not want to do that tomorrow depending on how tired they are..but i am so happy! but also sad b/c my dad isn't here and i wish he had come to visit...although i think 10 days would be too long for him...
ooooh tomorrow night we're gonna go to a pub and i'm so making my brother drink! heheheheh! not a lot but at least one beer..he won't like guinness so he'll have to try something else. bulmer's maybe...hmmmm.
but now I'M really tired b/c i got up so damn early for no good reason.a nd i keep waking up like an hour before my alarm and that reallllly makes me mad. so i don't have to get up til around 9 tomorrow and hopefully i'll catch up on sleep! it's only 920 right now and i feel like i could go sleep.....
anyway, so happy to have familiar faces around me :) i wish more people could come visit me! night night!

"Do you believe in always,the wind
said to the rain
I am too busy with
my flowers to believe,the rain answered" - you said Is

this gets a big DUH...

honestly? ya think? oh doctor's you're so brilliant! bravoooooo! but i always say this and now i have doctor's to back me up mwaahahahah.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

excel is the devil

it's true.
so how have you all been, i know it's been like 2 days since i wrote and i'm oh so sorry...were you just sitting at the computer staring at my day old blog, pondering the reasons why i hadn't written a new one? i bet you were.
so let's see...yesterday was wednesday..what did i do...ah yeah, kat and i got to work around 930 to find jackie (secretary, really nice lady) outside downstairs b/c she forgot her keys. keep in mind that kat nad i had just walked 15 minutes through rain and wind that was blowing this rain in like 10 different directions. the back of my legs were soaked...how does that happen? so we were none too happy to find out we were stuck outside. but then, of course, it stopped raining like 2 minutes later so we decided to go pay for our Clare trip at IES. when we got there we talked to megan and eamonn for a while, no ashley though...haha i just found a pic of him on the ies website...but i'm not telling you where it is b/c it doesn't do him justice!
right soooo hang out in ies, walk back to work around 1030, but there was noooothing for us to do. like absolutely nothing. so at 11 we told jackie we were going to take lunch and she told us not to come back til around 230, adn that's what we did! we started watching 'pride and prejudice' which i've never seen but kat loves it - and colin firth is in it...hello gorgeous.
but when we got back cathy was there and she had lots of stuff for us to do, so while we were putting together more signs we were talking to her about the irish education system which was very enlightening, and i asked her if she was from near belfast and she was! yay for me pickin up on that accent! (thanks to claire for that one) when we were done with that cathy took us to a photo op by the river liffey...the deputy mayor was getting his pic taken putting up white flags around the liffey to show that ireland is for peace and whatnot, but there were like no people there, i think she expected it to be a big turnout and it really wasn't. so after that i met jess by her work b/c its' right across the liffey and we were meeting rach and katie at O'Neills which is only abuot 10 minutes from there. so we went to o'neills and let the girls know we were there and had a drink while waited. i had Fosters which i liked at first but towards the end of the pint, really not so good. sorry australia.
rach and katie got there and we ordered our food, which i didn't think was that bad but it could've been better..and we hung out there for a little while, then went over to TGIF b/c we were craving some girly drinks...and you'll never guess what i had, i was so excited...
A HURRICANE! hhehehe like in the song! it was so delicious too. then i had a margarita..which i didn't like as much but it was fine. but ic ouldn't get over the hurricane, so fun and so yummy! and we stayed there for a while just talking and hanging out, then went home around 1030. my mama called me and we talked for a long time about whta she should pack and whatnot, i cant' believe they'll be here tomorrow morning i'm so happyyyyyyy. but i feel bad for my dad b/c he'll be home all alone for 10 days...i told him to go down to A.C. and i think he was tempted!
i thought i was done but i still have to write about today. damn.
soooo today, went to work, normal time, and kat and i were going to start this project that a labour man gave us yesterday (which basiclaly is to take all the election results and organize them in a spreadsheet, including percentages and whatnot...you can imagine how excited i was.) but the computers died. of course. so once again, we're there with nothing to do. but at 11 we met cathy at Buswell's hotel by the Dail for a press conference that all the liberal parties were giving in regards to the protests...and it was really hard for me to sit through that b/c some of the things they were saying were just...not true? or just reallllllllly realllllly slanted. but on the plus side they were very careful to say that these weren't anti-american protests, just anti-current admimnistration protests. so that was nice. but then they made a nasty comment about american soldiers and like...something about them walking around the duty free shops in shannon, but it was really nasty and i got angry. b/c we know how i am about the military.
sooooooo after that we took lunch, but only an hour today b/c wer ealy had to work on that spreadsheet. so back to 17 Ely Place we went! that was around 1, and for the next 5 hours my life was ruled by the evil Excel *shudder*. kat got to go home and work on it b/c her comp doesn't have Excel, and at around...430 one of the men from upstairs came in and saw what i was doing and was like 'oh you're using the wrong newspaper...all those number are wrong'...i swear i gave him look of death and i said 'well this ist he paper that colm gave me. so this is what i'm using. and i can't start over.' and i think i honestly scared him with my ice bitch exterior b/c he was like 'oh...yes well if he gave it to you..just be sure and check it with - ' and i was like 'yes i have the other paper to check it with. thank you.' then i got worried he'd fire me, then i remembered they don't pay me so they can't fire me MWAHAHAHAH. yeah but after my mini heart attack i asked cathy for a disk to save it on, and worked for another hour. then kat called me to ask me something, i picked up the phone, and when i hung up, my last hour of work was gone. GONE. with the wind, you might say. it just disappeared and was lost in the vast megabites of my crappy ass computer forever. after that i figured i'd had JUST about enough, so i quietly packed up and left with all my papers to finish the excel at home (b/c colm needs it by 10am tomorrow, even though we don't work on fridays..but he's a nice man and he said he realllly needed it, like he'd be in trouble if he didn't have it), so i stopped at kat's to give her the other papers, was home around 630 and finished around 830. joy. but that's done so yaay.
then i watched the england vs. portugal soccer match...and i don't like soccer but england's entire team is like...wow hot, so i had to watch (michael owen...hi, i've liked him for like 5 years. and he scored the first goal tonight.) and it was a greaaaaaat match so exciting. it went into OT (or ET as they call it here...extra time), then another ET, then shoot outs...i coudln't sit still, i felt like how vicky feels watching hockey during the playoffs. david beckham missed his penalty kick horribly, i felt really bad for him, michael owen made his (of course) and eventually they tied kicks 5-5 and went into sudden death! aaaah! england scored, portugal scored, england missed, the portugal goalie kicked the winning penalty against hot english goalie man. i was so sad. then i felt bad b/c i know all of ireland was like..rooting against england, obviously. but i couldn't help it! too much hot! i'm sorryyyyyyyyy!
anyway, that was fun, and katie and rach are going to Belfast this weekend for 2 days, then on sunday they're going to kilkenny and i think i'm going to go witht hema dn take my family b/c it'd be fun! and they have all week to explore dublin, which really doesn't take thaaaaat long. so whee!
emmm...yeah i guess that would wrap it up. family arrives around 10am!! hehehe! ah.
ok then...poem for you and sleepy time for me!

ask "life, the question how do i drink dream smile

and how do i prefer this face to another and
why do i weep eat sleep-what does the whole intend"
they wonder. oh and they cry "to be, being, that i am alive
this absurd fraction in its lowest terms
with everything cancelled
but shadows
-what does it all come down to? love? Love
if you like and i like,for the reason that i
hate people and lean out of this window is love,love
and the reason that i laugh and breathe is oh love and the reason
that i do not fall into this street is love." " - you being in love...

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

obsessed with the bens!

and by the bens i mean 'ben kweller' and 'ben folds five'...i can't stop! and i know i'm like 10 years behind on the ben folds five, but i think that's ok b/c i love them now and that's good! and i just re-read my last blog and i feel like i wrote it like weeks ago...
right sooooo today..what happend today. well first of all last night i could not sleep. i was listening to my best dublin mix and i just went on this whole train of thoughts and i couldn't fall asleep after that b/c it just made me thing too much. so i got up and wrote vicky an email to explain the inner monologue that had been going on, and that was helpful, whee!
i'm getting very like..restless in this apartment. my family comes on friday so i'm pretty excited about that b/c they'll be all excited and i can show them stuff and we can hang out aaaah. and i can show them my hot teacher man and point out the 'gone with the wind'ness of it all...ah.
right so today...office, called some people, took lunch, came back and cathy asked us to help her make some 'placards' for the anti bush rally. i honestly have never felt so like...unamerican and unpatriotic in my life. it was awful. but there was nothing else to do so i just did it. and we're doing more tomorrow..........yay. but we also talked to cathy about the irish school system for a while, which was interesting, and she told us how she'd been to the u.s. a few times, liekt o florida, and didn't understand how all these kids were travelling to florida and affording hotels and fancy cars...she didn't sound very positive about it. and said she thought american was the worst service country ever...and i wanted to be like 'welll honey ireland isn't known for it's service either' but other than her more than slightly obvious anti american views she's not a bad woman. and she took us and our placards over to the Dail to put them in someone's car, but she said later in the week or next week she'd show us around (those are the gov't buildings) and i got really excited about THAT let me tell you!! and we get to sit in on a members only meeting debate thing...ooh the excitement builds.
then kat and i went to class, where eamonn had a german man talk to us about ireland's economy and how and why it's changed so rapidly..and the whole time he was talking the only thing i could think of was the three little pigs from 'shrek' and i almost bust out laughing.
when we left class it was pouring rain and really windy, and it still is...disgusting out. and cold! came home, had dinner, watched 'keeping the faith' which was so funny...i heart edward norton. even though he played a priest and it was so like..forbidden...but he was one hot priest. rowr. we booked our scotland day trip, but we have yet to book where we will eb staying in scotland...so perhaps tomorrow we should take care of that... yeah.
and we decided tomorrow night if the weather is a little better, we'll go over to O'Neill's for dinner and drinks b/c we need to see some new people and possibly meet some trinity students b/c it's right next to that.
uh...yeah i got very sidetracked during this blog b/c people kept iming me so now i'm really tired and i'm gonna go ahead and just sleep! but first, your daily dose of e.e. cummings...i know you love me for it.

"Fame is my name. I dwell among the clouds,
Being immortal,and the wreath I bring
Itself is Immortality. The sweets
Of earth I know not,more the pains,but wing
In mine own ether,with the crownéd crowds
Born of the centuries." - Fame Speaks

Monday, June 21, 2004

FINALLY...cute man at work!

And he's even under 30! i think he might only be like 25 actually, his name is kean (not sure of the spelling, we only spoke briefly). but i'll get to that in a hot minute.
oook walked to work, stopped to get cat (Which i think should be kat b/c she uses a 'k'...ok kat it is) and we got to work by like 945, and we were the only people there besides the woman in the front lobby...and i thought we were running a little late. yeah. so we go upstairs and continue the fun task that was updating the labour party website. so if you're interested, go to www.labour.ie and you will see what we have created! well not really, but if you search for a person...let's say...des hurley...we did that website! allt he info on there, yeah i know, very cool. and we didt hat for about...at least 100 people, possibly a bit more. and it was very tedious b/c we had to go from one program to the other and read off all their telephone numbers and such, but it didn't take as long as i thought it would! and no giggle fit, also good. so around 1215 we decide to take lunch,and we go downstairs to tell the lady (i have to find out her name i can't remember it for my life.) that we'd be back, and there was kean and i was like well hello lover. and kat saw him and was like 'hey i don't think we've met' and she introduced herself and then i did, and i felt like he was burning holes into my eyes, he wouldn't look away! it became a little unnerving actually and it hought i had something stuck to my face and i got really nervous. anyhoo he was saying how he works on the top floor and i said 'oh yeah we work on the 3rd' and he goes 'oh then you're right beneath me'...hello sexual innuendo! of course i wanted to be like 'well if i must.' but i just turned slightly red and i heard kat say 'wellt hat's not a bad place to be' under her breath and i almost died, and the second we were out the door both of us were like 'WHERE DID HE COME FROM?! YUMMERS!' well i said yummers, not kat. and i remember on the first day, mike said that we might be working with Labour Youth, and now i reallllly want to. meow.
but moving on.
brought lunch to kat's, hung out, read cosmo, back to work! finished up that website business by about 4 so we asked the woman who we thought didn't like us (her name is cathryn flanigan) if she needed help with anything b/c she always looks so busy..and of course she did. so from 4 til 6 here's what i was doing: i got into the database of people who signed the 'dont count us in' anti-bush campaign and i had to put all their names, emails, and who they sent the petition to (Bush, Ahern, or the US Ambassador to Ireland) on a spreadsheet in Excel...256 names. mmmmmmmhmmm FUN TIMES AT THE SOCIALIST CAPITAL. and she had kat making up anti-bush slogans for the rally this friday...i was feeling very unamerican and i didn't like it! then she asked us if we'd want to go set up a table by grafton street and PASS OUT anti-bush leaflets?! and promote the rally...straight up i was like 'umm i don't know if i can do that' and after work kat was like 'we'll just say we feel uncomfortable b/c we aren't even labour party members'...i mean quite frankly i feel like we'd be easy targets for people. sooo i think i'll gracefully decline that. but thanks!
finished tha, stopped at Spar to get bread but it looked weird so i didn't, went home, made dinner which was awful and i forgot i had soup but i already made the other stuff so it was too late. *snort* i hate when i do that. and we finally got hte VCR to work so we're going to watch a movie yahoo!
i've been listening to the dublin mixes i made b/c we don't really hear a lot of music here, and i'm getting a liiiittle sad for home..but also really excited to go back to school b/c so many of these remind me of school...whenever i hear a pete yorn live song i just think of hte last 2 weeks of school when that was all i listened to. plus when i go back i will have POWER mwahahah..just kidding. but i do miss you guys (meaning my friends...i don't think anyone who isnt my friend is reading this...right? are perhaps you are obsessed with me and want to know my every move? i hope not that one b/c i just freaked myself out saying that...eek).
oh one last night, i just think it's great that everytime an irish person finds out i'm from new jersey they go, 'new jersey? bruce springsteen!' and i'm always like..yes, that is all we have. just the boss. but next time i'm going to bring up bon jovi as well b/c he's equally as known...right? yeah. but that makes me laugh, yay bruce!
oooh and to those of you who think joe perry and steven tyler aren't hot, i found someone else who does! so HAH! one more for the old men! woo! like e.e. cummings, who i have only seen one pic of and i find him quite attractive in a rugged sort of way...so let's pretend he wrote this poem for me mwahaha!

"sometimes i am alive because with
me her alert treelike body sleeps
which i will feel slowly sharpening
becoming distinct with love slowly,
who in my shoulder sinks sweetly teeth
until we shall attain the Springsmelling
intense large togethercoloured instant

the moment pleasantly frightful

when, her mouth suddenly rising, wholly
begins with mine fiercely to fool
(and from my thighs which shrug and pant
a murdering rain leapingly reaches the upward singular deepest flower which she
carries in a gesture of her hips)" - sometimes i am alive because with...

case of the mondays

Well it's very early here in dublin but i woke up before my alarm and since i neglected my blog last night i'm here to update it now! yippee! so yesterday was Red Bull Soap Box Derby Day for jess and i. we got up at the butt crack of dawn and walked to the train station (well walked halfway, took a taxi the other half...it's like 5 miles away.) and caught our 830 train to cork! it took 3 hours and we had to switch at one station but it was really cool to see the country side - so gorgeous i can't wait til i go on a trip where i can acutally walk around in the gorgeousness...and there are so many sheep and cows! moo! they're so cute i wanted to jump out and play with them, but i resisted. the train was really nothing special, and around 1145 we arrived in corkorama. and before i judge cork and it's people, of course it's a very special place (home of hte blarney stone and such) and is sometimes called ireland's 'real capital'...but it wasn't for me. i've been spoiled by living in dublin i think. i mean it's a nice city and you can tellt hey're in the midst of renovation, but it was definitely several notches below dublin...which i understand b/c ireland is just recently starting to bloom economically. but the people there were also like...not as classy i didn't think...example (not that this doesn't happen in dublin, i just haven't seen it happen) but i saw like 3 women smoking and they were pregnant...made me very angry. and i just felt like it was obvious that dublin is the city that has benefited the most from the 'celtic tiger' (nickname for ireland's economic growth! rowr!) and that's how i feel about cork in general! but the derby was really fun, lots of silly men risking life and limb to go like 30 mph down this very large hill in a very unstable little car! just doesn't get much better than that now does it? there were tons of people, they had really huge screens b/c the crowds were so far back in the streets, and some people were up on rooftops over st. patrick's hill, where the derby was. the host was some irish dude named danny, oh so cute! i think he's famous or something here b/c people were very excited to see him. but he was really funny, and despite the whole event being advertised as a family event, there was cursing, men dressed as women, one guy had a strap on elephant outside his pants, little kids were yelling "strip you sexy bitch!", people were drinking like it was their job, tons of people sitting on top of random cars in the street, the judges were cursing and making lewd comments, and there were like 500 crowd control people who did nothing the whole time...and if that's a family event in cork i would not be surprised! actually one soap box that i thought was hilarious was the Phizer one, they made a box in the shape of a viagra pill and they interviewed the guy and he was like making all these viagra jokes about the race, it was realy funny. the team names were hilarious, 'the fluffy bunnies' being one teams name..hahaah i liked them.
after the derby we didn't relaly have a desire to walk around so we just got the 530 train and headed home. i slept and read and by 8 we were in heuston station waiting in a giant line for a taxi. took a taxi halfway, walked halfway, and hello apartment! oooh and google man update, when we came home he had his shades closed, they have never been closed before...i think google man has himself a google lady! aw! and ew!
sooo i made din dins for myself when cat called me inviting us over to celebrate her birthday, and she said the magic words "we have free cheap liquor and you can help yourself"..i was THERE! haha no just kidding i only had 2 drinks but it was fun and i met some more IES people. oh but on the way there, ok it's been raining like all day right, so jess and i are walking and i was at least like 5 feet away from the curb, adn this car goes whizzing by and i was in mid-sentence to jess and all of a sudden i feel this water drench my face. yeah, the car went through a huge puddle and my entire front torso was covered in nasty street water. luckily i had my jacket on but still...my face was all wet and it was gross! and jess did nothing but laugh at me...which is ok i probably would have too. so we stayed at 4 Sussex for about an hour and a half, then back to the apartment where our other roomies had returned! so we shared our weekend stories, i showered and went to bed!
and now i must make breakfast, figure out what i want to wear, iron them, call cat to make sure she's going to work, and go to work! hiYAH!

"what if a much of a which of a wind
gives the truth to summer's lie;
bloodies with dizzying leaves the sun
and yanks immortal stars awry?
Blow king to beggar and queen to seem
(blow friend to fiend: blow space to time)
-when skies are hanged and oceans drowned,
the single secret will still be man" - what if a much of a which of a wind...

Saturday, June 19, 2004

the big cheese

apparantly there is a really cool cheese store called that, and i think that's really funny! sooo let's see, everyone but jess left real early this morning to go begin their weekend trip, so jess and i hung out til around 11, then went out to start out museum day! first we went to the National Museum of Archaeology and History and that was very cool they had tons of artifacts from medieval dublin and viking times and stuff. enjoyable! stayed there about an hour? i think, then left and stopped at a little cafe for lunch, good food as always (people think they don't have good food here, i haven't been dissapointed once quite frankly), then we went over to the National History Museum..which was kind of odd b/c it was basically a huge room with 3 floors with tons of animals that were stuffed...and as much as i do enjoy that...it freaked me out a little b/c they had all these animal heads on the walls...ew. soo we quickly went through there, and right next to there is all the government buildings, but you can't go in them but i saw them and they were purdy! and now i know where to go if i want to try and get with an irish parliament member! rowr!
then we went down to st. stephen's green shopping center, which is an inside mall but it's soooo pretty it beats any american mall i've ever been in! and ok, the only thing i wanted to buy was a little silver shamrock earring for where i have my upper ear pierced, and do yout hink i could find one? NO. so very annoying. but they have nice celtic knot type ones so i might go back and get one of those...but that was fun to walk all around. oh and also!!! there was a tattoo shop there and guess what?? no i didn't get a tattoo, but in the window they had the tattoo that i have been looking for. i couldn't believe it b/c i've never seen it in a shop in the states, but there it was, a little black rose. for like half a second i wanted to go in right then and there and get it done, but of course i did not. but i might go back and take a pic of it so that if i ever do get it i can show them what i want! yay!
then we came back to the apt and we're relaxin a bit...the cute RA paidraig came by and scaredt he crap out of us b/c the buzzer is really loud, but he was giving us info on the hurling match tomorrow that we're going to miss (*snort*) and he's really nice so that was fun...oh except that i did laundry yesterday and we don't have a dryer, so i had the laundry rack in this space in the hallway, sooo yeah my "unmentionables" were definitely just out there. AWESOME. boo. adios! OH wait we went in a dvd store and they had TWO steve mcqueen movies right out front. i was so proud. and horny. whoops! bye bye!

"we are for each other; then
laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life's not a paragraph" - since feeling is first...

Friday, June 18, 2004

Viva la Q

Ahhh, the Q Bar. It was 80s night, aren't we lucky?! Yah we are. But let's rewind, we pregamed in the apartment (jess, rachel, me) and we played kings! but rachel's version of kings where every card has a different rule, definitely bringing that back to CC with me. anyhoo we had fun then we went to leeson lounge and got caitlin and katie and got a taxi to Q bar...crazy driver but no problem! soo we went into Q bar, and hello Coors light on tap i love you Q bar! the place was really cool they had blue lights everywhere and it was a really fun atmosphere and we sat and talked and drank and drank...hehe. then we went over to the actual temple bar where caitlin and rachel were flirting with irish men, and jess and i were talking to these canadian boys, odd but whatever! then some irish guy came up to me and was like 'you're american, america is evil. you don't even know who the prime minister of canada is all you care about is yourself' and i was like..'uuumm yes you're right! bye now!' and he looked really confused and pissedt hat i didn't get in an argument with him, so he continued to speak to me and was like talking about how i'm a bad person b/c i elected bush..yes, me personally! i am the only person in american who votes apparantly...interesting. sooo i was just like listen...i have no interest in talking to you so it'd be awesome if you just went away! and he did, i mean if he had been cute i would've made an effort but he wasn't sooo i didn't! but that was fun other wise, very crowded and we stayed there til close at like 1230, caught a taxi back home and stayed up til like 3am i think..and i def talked to my mom online drunk..hahaaaa oops.
we all got up arond 10 this morning, and katie went to her orientation that ended up lasting her all day, bummer. but they paid for a really nice dinner so that's cool. the res of us just relaxed/recovered here for a while then rach and i had to go to "SayIt" travel to get our international student id's so we can get discounts on stuff, and we had to get our pictures digitally taken at the place for that. so rachel sits down to get her's taken and the camera like...flashes so she thought it was done but it wasn't and when it actually took she was making the most hilarious face i've ever seen, she literally looked like she was scared to death, like a deer in the headlights, we were laughing so hard i could hardly breathe, then i go to take mine and i got caught off guard by the flashing and i thought it was done, so in mine my eyes are closed and i'm looking away, but it's not nearly as bad as rachel's.
then we went to the british travel office to get some scotland info, and the lady there was very helpful! then we walked around grafton street for a while and i found a bag store *GAsp* and i had to go in and WHOOPS i bought a purse......but it's so cute and really wasn't that expensive! sooo yeah might have to go back there at some point..mwahahah. and we went in a few other stores then headed home and looked up stuff for the scotland trip. then we went to dinner at Eddie Rockets b/c rachel was craving american food (oh and we ate lunch at a realllly good place and my lunch was awesome except there wree big mushrooms in it..and i have like a mushroom phobia so that relaly freaked me out and i had to get them off my plate as soon as possible.) and we ate there and it was gooood.
after that we wantd to rent a movie and we found a rental place right on the corner, so we go in, pick a movie and go to rent it and the guys like 'i need proof of address so you can get a card, a bill or something' and we were like...well we're students so we don't have one, but he wouldn't give it to us, we need to get an official letter from IES saying we live there. stupid.
sooo back to the apartment we came and booked our tickets to scotland. we're flying into glasgow, staying there a day, then that night taking a bus to edinburgh and staying there 3 nights and flying back to dublin from there, and the total cost for these flights? E60. yeah that's right. hellloooo cheapness! so now we're looking for a hostle to stay at, and one day we're there we're going on a day long bus tour and it'll take us up into the country and stop at cool places, so i'm really looking forward to that, but it's not til the last weekend we're here. which i'm sure will come up very quickly!
hm apparantly it's "sex rated night" on mtv ireland...and it's odd. whee! so i guess tomorrow jess and i will try to go see some museums, then we're off to cork on sunday for the super fun soap box derbyyyy! wahoooo! oh sweet jesus naked woman on mtv! what the hell!aaand now the guys' naked! hi there mr. penis how are ya? hahah this is so bizarre! ummm alrighty i think that's about it...oh it was really cold and crappy here today, rainy and whatnot, but it's only 46 out right now...yeah not too pleasant. ooo robbie williams in his undies! haha. k.

"how much more than enough for both of us
darling. And if i sing you are my voice," - hate blows a bubble of despair...

Thursday, June 17, 2004

i'm a workin' girl...no not that kind, perv.

Back from my first day of workaroo! Let's begin.
Cat met me at our apt this morning at like 930 b/c we were meeting at the RDS (royal dublin society) for this voting recount thing, and it was soo nasty out, it felt like we were walking through a mist and it was really windy, blech. so we get to the rds and go inside and like..there are these huge rooms and they're all empty. so finally we find one with some people in it, and by some i mean like 5, and we ask them wheret he labour party is and the one guy is like 'oh nobody's here yet just sit and wait over there'. so we do. and about halfa n hour goes by...and another 15..and we decide to call the office. so i call and a guy answers and i ask him when mike is meeting us here and he says 'well actually can you come back to the office we aren't going to RDS today'. well surely i can! it's only a 35 minute walk!...but the weather was still realllly crappy so cat and i were like screw this, and after about 10 minutes of walking we got a taxi..i know, wimpy. but my feet hurt from my shoes and it was so crappy out so shut up! it's the first taxi i've taken!
sooo we get to the office and do some more waiting arond (obviously these people have no clue what an internship entails, but they're trying!) and a computer man set up our one computer...we will hopefully have another by monday...and showed us how to get into the database and update stuff. then he had to move the comp upstairs to where our "office" will be (we share it with 2 other women) and it seemed liket hat was going to take a while, so arond 1245 we went on lunch break, got sandwiches and sat in cat's apartment for about an hour (her apt is only like 10 minutes away from work) and got back to the office at around 150, which i thought was pushing our lunch break priviledges, but when we got back the ladies that work by the door were like 'well that was a quick lunch, why are you back so soon?' and we were like..um..b/c it was an hour...and they were like 'feel free to take more than that' WELL allllrighty i will.
so then we actually did some work, we had a list of candidates that just won and we had to make sure they were updated in the computer, so we were doing that. then we went on the website to see if they had contact info on there and see who did and didn't have what info...and that's when the giggle fit happend. now, i haven't had a giggle fit like this in a long, long, LONG time. and it's all cat's fault! these really bad pics of people would come up on the website, but i'd be looking down att he paper and i was writing down waht they needed (phone, email, address, etc) and i said 'what does he have' and cat goes 'everything'a nd i look up and she goes, 'including a purdy faaace' and he was like...the funniest looking man i've ever seen in my life, and i just started laughing really hard and i could not stop. but the other woman that was in the office had phone calls to make and such, and she didn't even bother introducing herself to us and she relaly wasn't acting like she wanted us there, at all. so i'm trying my best not to laugh, and i can't even read out the names to cat anymore b/c if i say anything i just laugh, i can barely breathe i'mt rying so hard. so cat lookso ver at me and sees how bright red i am and how hard i'm trying not to laugh, and SHE getst he giggles and now hte both of us are laughing at each othera nd finally i had to get up and get something to drink b/c i thought i was going to die! then i come back adn sit down and i'm ok for a minute, then we go to the next name and the woman's pic pops up......it was just too much for us.we just looked at each other and cracked up, it was awful! i honestly could NOT control myself in any capacity! i think finally i was too tired fromt rying to not laugh and it stopped, but it was craaazy. then we finished that task around 430 and it was too late to start calling people so we asked mike if we could go and he said sure, and as soon as we got outside we just started cracking up and i'm laughing right now b/c all i can think of is cat going 'including a purdy faaaaaace'. aaah priceless. but i do think the other woman in the office wants to hurt us. and she was calling people to talk at an anti-war rally that'll be going on here, but she was going out of her way to be like 'IT'S AN ANTI-BUSH RALLY...YEAH THE AMERICAN WAR MONGER'a nd stuff like that, which fine that's how you feel, but she knew we were american and i think she was saying that on purpose. so now cat and i want to go in on monday with like cowgirl hats on and pro-bush signs (She isn't pro-bush, fyi, we just thought it would be funny) and start talking in southern accents and be like 'you cayn't tra to tayke awaaay maaah guuun' and crap like that...and we were laughing about that on the way home too! anyway it was obvious the woman was trying to insult us as americans, i thought, but i guess considering the way we were acting i wouldn't have liked us too much at the time either! but for you anti-bushers reading this (lisa) check out www.dontcountusin.com it's run by the labour party and it's speaking against bush coming to visit ireland and whatnot, which many a people feel very strongly about, which scares me b/c id on't wnat there to be like and anti-american uprising or something just b/c he's here. and my roomie jess stole some anti-bush signs and has them hanging in her room..so as you can tell even though i want to talk about politics in the house, i will most definitely not b/c it's not worth the fighting! just AIN'T! mostly b/c i've seen what they've done to poor susan in the other house, who announced on the first day that she was a republican...which i dont' think is a crime but everybody was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ARE YOU INSANE BLAH BLAH BLAH. jesus, chill out.
and rachel's friend katie has arrived and we just talked for a while and she seems very nice and very ready to do some partying here in dublin, which is good b/c we want to go out to temple bar tonight and get jiggy with boys. or booze. or both. whatever! i think we're going to 'Q Bar' which apparantly very hip and trendy and probably really expensive, hence the beer rachel and i bought last night! yay! mmmmk now i'm ready for dinner so here you go and buhbye.

"O sweet spontaneous
earth how often have
fingers of
prurient philosophers pinched
,has the naughty thumb
of science prodded
beauty" - O sweet spontaneous...

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

hooray for socialists!

Finally had my first day of work today and it only turned out to be like 2 hours b/c the guy had nothing set up for us, no comps or anything. but we found out what he wants us to do! b/c of the recent elections there are a lot of new people that have been elected to the labour party, but the people in dublin don'tk now who they are. so cat and i are going to have to call all of them and get their contact information and such, and after we get all that we get to update the website! yahoo! but even better, there has been a call for a recount between 2 people here in dublin, and tomorrow cat and i are going to the DPS (i forget what that stands for..i guess i better find out before i try to walk there) and i guess helping them recount? or something? i'm not really sure but we will be where the recounting is! neato! the labour party building is kinda rundown, they could use some new carpets and wallpaper...but we'll have our own desk and stuff so that's fine.
so after that cat and i went to get some lunch and went back to 4 sussex (the other girls' apt) and hung out there, watched 'bridget jones diary' (how much do i love colin firth...so...so...much! i want to marry him! please?) then i headed back to my apt.
the other ladies got back and we all made dinner and ate together, very nice, and now we're hanging out in the living room!
it is Bloomsday here in dublin though (and no, it's not a day devoted to Orlando Bloom...i know, i was sad too.) so there were people riding around in horse drawn carts in like...1900's clothes and stuff! b/c that's when james joyce's book 'ulysses' is set, and bloomsday is about the character leopold bloom fromt hat book, and in the book it talks about how he goes all arond dublin on june 16, 1904 i believe. kinda cool so there's lots of stuff regarding that going on tonight. but tomorrow night is temple bar night! so psyched for that!
And to my CC readers, i found out i'll be RA-ing in Smith this year...and i'm happy b/c i get a full single to myself, but i'm in 312..3rd floor...Reeves freshman year flashbacks! eep! so that'll suck moving in and out..and walking to my room whenever i want. yippees. and how do i feel about working with all the little froshies...i know one person who is happy about it...KELLY..hehehe. but i guess i'm gonna have to be somewhat of a bitch...but i'm good at that so i don't really care. but i can be cool too b/c i want them to like me..hm. well we all know i know what it's like to be a crazy freshman, so i can totally relate.
lastly, i found some songs on this comp by 'ben folds five' and i REALLY like it, like a lot. one song in particular called 'luckiest' and i suggest you all go download it..well girls mostly b/c it's so sweet and i almost cried and i kind of want to play it at my wedding. or it would be good for A wedding. i think.
and here is a blip from possibly my most favorite e.e. cummings poem, "anyone lived in a pretty how town...", enjoy!

"someones married their everyones
laughed their cryings and did their dance
(sleep wake hope and then)they
said their nevers they slept their dream"

Monday, June 14, 2004

who knew literary stuff could be oh so fun?

not me! until i went on this literary pub crawl! wheee! just back from it actually and it was so cool! first we went to The Duke and met up with the group upstairs in the pub, and these 2 actors were taking us around and they'd put on scenes from different shows and plays done my irish actors, they were so funny and realy good. then we went over to...are you ready for this....O'NEILL'S!!!! yeah baby! we've passed it for the past few days but haven't gone in, and finally finally FINALLY i got to go in...*sigh* so we each had a drink and sat around for 20 minutes (as was our alloted pub time on the tour) and i basked in the pub of my namesake (namesake...right? no? it sounds good.) and it was cooool. then we went over to The Old Stand, which was smaller and more private and i tried half a pint of Bulmer, which is a cider beer i guess b/c it tasted like apple cider a little bit! it was yummy, rachael really liked it, but she did not like the weird man at the opposite bar that was like falling off his chair to try and get a look at her...wasn't so fond of that..can't imagine why! and it was at this bar that jess decided to get 2 glasses of wine, which was fine except that when she got her 2nd it was time to go, sooo she pretty much had to chug her glass...hahaha oops!
then we went to...ah yeah, Davey Byrns, famous pub from James Joyce's "Ulysses",a nd SAmuel Beckett used to live above the pub there! neaat! and at the end of the crawl the tour guides did a quiz of all the questions that they had asked us throughout, and these old ladies were like, HARDCORE into winning the t-shirt that was 1st prize, like screaming out the answers. crazy people! it's just a t-shirt! and i tried half a pint of Stella Artois in Davey Byrnes and i have to say...not a fan...at all. ew. and i've heard from several people that it's very good, but i must disagree with you! my tastebuds no likey. and coors light is too expensive here..must find something else! wah!
yeah so pub crawl over, walked back to house...jess is pretty tipsy it's really funny.
ooooooo SPONGEBOB IS ON! hahaha yaaaaaay i feel like i'm home! except that someone keeps interjecting stupid comments! *snort*
alright then better get some sleep before the possible big first day tomorrow! adios!
no poem you already got one for today!

They lied to me! Wah

Soooo...didn't get to see The Thrills. and i'll tell you why. b/c they just weren't there, even many people told me that they were goign to be there and hadn't been on stage yet, we were there, they were not. so we listened to these other bands play and they were alright but we left around 11 when it was obvious that the thrills would not be arriving :(
today has been pretty laid back, we went to newman house (the ies center) at 930 and found out where we're interning! i am interning with the Labour Party, which is apparantly the very left wing/socialist party...innnnteresting. but they're the most powerful and just won lots of seats in the election so that's cool. the office is about 15-20 minute walk away, not bad. i called there today b/c we were supposed to, and the guy wasn't there and his secretary said that i shouldn't go in today and call back tomorrow...so i left a message on his voicemail but i doubt he'll get back to me. i'm working with this other girl cat, she lives in the house of 8 girls, she's from texas. sooo we will see how that turns out..hopefully well!
then we stopped at Tesco (food store) on the way back and got a few things, came back here, and now the other girls have left (rachael and caitlin went to the tourism office for some info, jess has to go stop by her workplace) and i'm wating for our RA, padraig, to come by b/c we're having some apartment issues at the moment. this one light is out and it's way up high like hanging from the ceiling so none of us can reach it or want to try to b/c it looks fairly dangerous! and rachael's shower doesn't get hot...but it's a weird box thing that you control the water from so we might just be stupid and not being able to figure it out. oh and our tv's sounds goes off randomly late at night...and comes back like an hour later...so odd. anyhoo i think i'm gonna go clean up my room a little, still haven't totally cleared out the suitcase. and tonight we're going on a literary pub crawl! yahoo! education and yumminess all in one! although i have to say i realllly do not enjoy paying E3.40 for a beer. at all. what is the remedy to that? i don't buy any yaaaaaaaay! boo.
and my aunt donna had a baby girl yesterday! jenna lynn, awwww! i heart babies.

"may my mind stroll about hungry
and fearless and thirsty and supple
and even if it's sunday may i be wrong
for whenever men are right they are not young" - may my heart always be open to little...

Sunday, June 13, 2004


Hurling is so awesome! it's on tv right now and we've been wanting to see a match, and when we got home it was on! the stadium is in dublin so we're hoping that while we're here we'll get a chance to go see a match live...although i know they're in the playoffs so i think we should look into that soon.
last night the mtv movie awards were on here, and i have to say...not too impressed. at all. in fact i think i may never watch them again b/c they're so stupid. that is my mtv movie awards rampage! voila!
right so we were all up til like 2am this morning, and we found this show on mtv ireland and it's called 'dirty sanchez' and it's like...the hardcore version of jackass. it's this bunch of guys and they literally just go around finding things to do that will cause themselves the most pain...it's ridiculous. and apparantly you can show full frontal male nudity here, and let me just say that's a bit startling when you're not expecting it. but anyway they did lots of weird and stupid things, like one guy had safety pins all down his arm thent he other guys pouring lemon juice on it and salt after that, then another guy ripped them out. yeah, what? another guy stood on the edge of these cliffs with a fish hook through is ear attached to a big log, and they through the log off the cliff and the hook um...well you can imagine what happend. ew. needless to say, 'dirty sanchez' will not be on my list of must watch shows while i'm here! but there is going to be a show where men have to live as women and it looks really funny.
sooo this morning we were out of the house by 925 and got to St. Patricks right as it was opening, awesome timing. St. Patrick's was sooo beautiful it was really awesome,a nd while we were there, the choir boys were practicing for mass and it was just so incredible and kind of overwhelming. they sounded like little angels they really did.
After that we walked down the street to Christchurch Cathedral but apparantly the website lied to us b/c it didn't open til 1245 and we were there at like 1110. ggrrr. so we walked to trinity college and took a tour which was really fun! our tour guide, owen (possibly the thinnest man i have ever seen in my entire life!) did a really good job and told some good stories. then he ended the tour in front of the book of kells, which we went in to see, very very cool. and so beautiful! definitely just stared at it for about 10 minutes. then we went up to the Long Hall in the library...wooooow i couldn't believe it. it was great, we sat in there for a while to rest and i got all nostalgic and thought about all the history and people that had been in there...ah.
theeeen what did we do..ah, lunch! at the "bad ass cafe", where sinead o'connor worked in the 80s, apparantly. but it was yummy and cheap so wheee! and we were near temple bar (an area of dublin...lots of bars/clubs/restaurants) so we walked arond there for a bit and we saw what we think was a hen party...a hen party is like a bachelorette party...but there were all these women wearing bunny ears, pink bunny shirts with their names on them, and yellow underwear outside their jeans. yes, you read that correctly. so, so, odd.
then we went back to christchurch and walked through there...not nearly as impressive to me as st. patrick's, but christchurch has a crypt which was very neat to walk through. then we walked through merrion square, past fitzwilliam park or square or whatever it is...oh but merrion square was cool b/c on the gate all around the park there were painters selling their work, and they hang all the paintings ont he fence. apparantly they do this every sunday so i might go back and check that out next week.
and now i'm back home after many miles of walking and doing many touristy things! yahoooo!
tonight jess and i might go to a bar/club called "whelan's" b/c there are going to be a bunch of bands there, including 'the thrills'!!!!!!!! who i love, in case you didn't know :) they rock. and the tickets are 10E so that isn't bad at all!
um...right...yeah i guess that's all! hopefully i get to this concert tonight andi will let you know how that goes :)

"if you like my poems let them
walk in the evening,a little behind you" - if you like my poems let them...

Saturday, June 12, 2004

4 miles, but so worth it.

So today turned out to be Guinness Storehouse day! we meant to be out of the house aroud 10 but we didn't get up til 930 so we were out by around 11...oops. we walked to the dublin tourism place and bought the storehouse tickets, and got on a bus that we got off of too early and still had to walk like 15 minutes...i won't say who's fault that was. *hiss*
the whole place was sooo awesome it has 7 floors and it takes yout hrough all the steps of making guinness and on the 5th floor there are places to eat so we had lunch, very good. then we went up to the Gravity bar ont he 7th floor, the highest place in dublin, and we got our "free" pint of Guinness..deliciousness! and the view was awesome, you can see the ocean and everything. then we wanted to see christchurch and st. patricks but they were closed when we got there so we just continued our 4 mile, yes, 4 mile, walk back tot he house. and once again i am exhaaaausted. i think i'm going out with jess to get some food at the grocery store and possibly a pizza for dinner, but all that walking is really exhausting.
we stopped in st. stephen's green on the way back and sat on the grass for a while, and all these little kids were walking by with their little green Shrek ears on, it was so cute! and there are so many good looking irish men,a nd they dress so well. american boys, take note. ;)
so tomorrow i believe we're goign to try and hit up christchurch and st. patrick's for tours, then go to trinity college for a tour of that which should be awesome...and see the book of kell's! wheee!
alright that's all for now then, just wanted to update on the things i've been seeing/doing so far :)

"love is a place
& through this place of
love move
(with brightness of peace)
all places" - love is a place...

Friday, June 11, 2004

Hello, Dublin!

I'm back from a day of orientation and walking around, and my feet feel like they're gonna fall off, so i'm realllllly happy to be sitting down and updating the blog!
my trip over was oooook, i hate planes. but that's alright, i couldn't sleep at all, even though i took dramamine, and i was in the LAST ROW of the airplane. yeah that's right. last row. then we got off the tarmac at paris airport and had to take a hot crowded shuttle to the terminal that appeared to be a warehouse. but luckily it wasn't! we had to go through security again and i found where my flight was and they stopped me to look through my ENTIRE bag and took everything out and were looking through my stuff, then some french dude came up to me and was like 'need you passport madam' and he took it into some back room...god knows what he did to it :/ so after that i got on my next plane which was pretty tiny and looked like it hadn't been refurbished since the 80's.
as we were coming up to dublin i could see all the irish fields and it was soooo beautiful i got so excited, then i saw a bunch of sheep running around and they looked so tiny it was funny. then i landed, whee, and went through customs and the little irish man asked me how long i'd be there, and when i said 7 weeks he didn't ask for a visa or anything, and other girls in the house said they had to show the ies visa stuff and these little papers they made us fill out on the plane. weird.
then i met cecil, a french girl who is interning for ies paris in ies dublin, and she took me out to the taxis, and i caught a taxi which was really a minivan, and a really nice man drove me to my apartment! i sat up front b/c i readt hat's what you're supposed to do, and we talked the whole time and it cost a lot but whatever!
then i met one of my ra's, padraig, and i met 3 of my other roomies, the 4th willb e here next week, she's a friend of rachel's (my one roomie). the others are jess and caitlin. caitlina nd i share a room and jess has the single. we have a really nice living room and kitchen, it's lovely!
later on in the night we met with the other interns adnt he 2 other ra's, iain and patricia, and they took us to a pub/lounge to hang out hahahah, let's see THAT happen in america. i think not. so we hung out there for like 3 hours, but i didnt' drink b/c i felt so jet lagged i didn't want to make it worse, but i think we're going there tonight to hang out, and i will be having me a guinness. or two. ish.
todaaaay we met with our ies administrative people adn they went over a bunch of stuff and took us to a nice lunch (including a glass of wine, mwahaha), and i got my cell phone! and guess WHAT! the person who had it before me left a credit of 60 euros on it! i'd like to give a big YAY to whoever that was. b/c i won't have to top up for a looooong time, and that makey me happy :)
you know they can curse on irish tv? my roomies have mtv on and they're saying f*ck and not bleeping it! whadda know.
right back to today, after our lunch we walked around Grafton Street which is a big shopping street, it was so fun! didn't buy anything but i know where to go if i want to! we eventually made our way over to Trinity College adn walked through it, we're goin back to take the tour at some point and see the book of kells! then we stopped at the stephen's green mall, which is so beautiful! it looks like a big green house, very pretty. then we walkd back through st. stephen's green and allll the way back to 88 leeson st. yay!
at lunch we sat with some girls fromt he other house and they were relaly cool too, we had some neat discussions about culture differences and stuff it was cool. so maybe they'll meet us at the lounge tonight, who knooooows?
right so that's the update for now, we find out about our internship monday at 930am, and one person will have to go right from there to their place, but he wouldn't tell us who. why? i don't know. and another person won't have to go for another week b/c the internship guy has been sick or something. so that should be interesting!
hopefully this weekend we'll get to the guinness storehouse, i think tomorrow might be the day!!! heheheheh! hehe! he!
right. ok then i'm going to sit on the couch for a while and relax the tired feet. and i can't find my ee cummings website. so when i do you shall have a poem! adios!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I am here!

Hey guys just a quickie to let you know i've arrived safely in my really fun dublin apartment...more thorough blog with travel stories to come!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Big Ol' Jet Plane

The next time i write in the blog, i will be abroad!! Very exciting, now if only i could find a way to not have to take those pesky planes...how about walking on water? it's only 3000 miles! Anyhoooo i'm very excited! and thanks to vicky i have one more awesome mix to listen to b/c she drove it all the way to my house last night yay! and she made my number of mixes an even 10, thank god. we know how i can be with the numbers. well i still have some last minute stuff to do and i don't want to do it! but i must!
i'm going to miss the states and i love youuu :( but you'll be getting fun irish things from me in no time (by fun irish things i most likely mean postcards...but act excited anyway!!) and keep checking the blog for updates!

"All in green went my love riding
on a great horse of gold
into the silver dawn." - All in green went my love riding...

Monday, June 07, 2004

No! Not the gumdrop buttons!

aahaha i love shrek. and shrek 2! go see it i promise you'll laugh, and if you don't then you either have a heart of stone or were asleep during the whole thing.
soooo i'm leaving in t-minus 2 days - the dramamine is at the ready! i called air france today to confirm my flight, and i felt really bad b/c when i make official phone calls like that i get nervous and i say 'ok...mmhmm...right' a lot while they're talking, and i guess the woman thought i was being really rude or that i had something important to say, and every time i said 'ok..mmhmm...right' she would stop talking and i was kind of like...'ok i see' and i didn't know what to say! so i think she thought i was being extremely rude. then at the end of our lovely convo she was going through her 'well thank you for calling air france and - ' and i said 'oh thank you' but i guess she had more to say in her little schpiel and thought i was interrupting her, and she kind of hung up on me. which i thought was rude. so i guess we're even in the rude department! :/ anyway my flights are a go...wheee! and i spent at least 15 minutes today looking up AirBus (the kind of plane i'll be taking) and trying to find where my seat will be...it's way towards the back. i'm in row 41 in the middle but on the aisle which i guess is good. anyway vicky says sitting in the back is safer and i am all for plane safety! plus maybe the people in the back will end up being the coolest and we'll all be bestest traveling buddies! or not. whatever! but i looked up my flight again today to see if there were tickets still for sale, and there weren't! so i guess this will be quite the full flight. maybe i'll make friends with some french-speaking people! and they WON'T hate me b/c i'm american and attack me, right??....eeeeep! no i'm just kidding, that's an awful stereotype don't take it seriously!
what else. last night vicky and kristin and i went out to dinner at Charlie Brown's, which was so yummy! but our server was in an AWFUL mood, which i can relate to...sometimes working sunday nights is just not cool. but at any rate, she seemed like she hated us (maybe it was b/c SOMEONE insisted on getting more water...kristin! how dare you.) then she said they didn't have any coconut shrimp left, but they did have the regular fried shrimp...innnnteresting. and dissapointing. then after some great dinner banter and making fun of vicky time, we went to Rita's for yummy italian ice! and gelati's! unfortunately there were some grade A hackettstown hicks there...well i don't know if they were all hicks, but the one with no teeth and his shirt pulled up over his bulging belly certaintly was! and his underwear was sticking out...so nasty. and kristin was going on a tirade about how nasty and disgusting he was, and the dude in front of us turned around and laughed in agreement with the things she was saying, so it wasn't just us being mean! so he was nastified. so we got our Rita's and went back to panther valley (i left my car there so we could all ride together) and we sat there for a while talking, and i do believe that we witnessed a drug deal. maybe not but it totally looked that way. the one guy was just sitting there in the lot by himself for like 10 minutes, then 2 guys in an SUV came in the lot, pulled up next to them, kristin said she saw them hand him a piece of paper, then they both left! and went the same direction! yeah. sneaky stuff. there was also a big RV behind us and the lights kept going on and off.so many strange things happening in the parking lot at panther valley! who knew?
then home and today i went for a walk with mama, cut the grass, got a call from sam :),ate dinner and HELLO! now i'm writing my bloggy! looks like it's gonna be a slow night, which is fine, i'm glad for the down time before i leave for my 7 weeks of whirlwind irish-ness! hehe!
i think i found something i'd like to do at the end of my blogs...i really love e.e. cummings, the poet soooo i'm going to get all deep and artistic and put quotes from his poems...or entire poems (they're just that good.) in my blog :) you don't have to like it, i'm doing it anyway!

"2 little whos
(he and she)
under are this
wonderful tree

smiling stand
(all realms of where
and when beyond)
now and here

(far from a grown
-up i&you-
ful world of known)
who and who

(2 little ams
and over them this
aflame with dreams
incredible is)"
- 2 little whos...

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Day in the Big Apple

Ok so i know this is totally unrelated to any Ireland stuff, but it was fun so i'm writing about it anyway!! Vic and i caught the 10am train into Penn Station, then hopped on the subway (after asking a few natives for directions....oops.) and 3 hours after we had gotten on the train in dover, we were at yankee stadium...wheeeee. actually that part sucked, but back to penn station. when we walked out of the station i spotted a quasi-celebrity...the dude that used to be on that mtv show 'together' about the fake boy band, i think he was "the sensitive cute one" or whatever, and now he hosts that show on TLC "while you were out"...yeah saw him! haha! but there is a much better celebrity to come. oh yeah.
So we get to the stadium, pay way too much for hot dogs and a drink, and watch the boys warm up...my passion for derek has been rekindled :/ sorry, i can't help it! but vic likes the old guy with gray hair (tony clark)!! actually he's really good looking, way to go vicky. anyhoo this woman from the broadway show "wicked" sang the national anthem..it was ok, nothing too impressive, but what WAS impressive was when 10 minutes later she came walking into our section of the stadium, and who was with her? well here's how it went:
Me: oh look, there's the woman who sang the anthem.
Vic: huh that guy with her looks like taye diggs.
Me: oh my god i think it IS taye diggs!
Vic: no...no it's just someone who looks like him.
(taye turns and faces where we are sitting, merely 10 feet away from us!)
Vic: oh my god he is so hot.

and vicky and i get very excited, although vicky didn't show it as much as i did...but i figure hey honestly, when will i see taye diggs that close to me again. never! so wheeeeeeee!!!!! that was so fun but they only stayed there for like 10 minutes then i guess they moved to better seats...although ours were pretty good.
no more celeb sightings after that, sad, i know. but the yankees won 5-2 and we stayed to watch mariano work his magic! oooh and inbetween one of the innings they showed a paul o'neill montage on the screen...*sigh*
then we packed onto the 4 train with many other yankee fans, got off in manhattan, hopped on the PATH, got off in jersey city (which scared me more in 5 minutes than nyc had all day...creepy jersey city!) and caught a ride back to the country with mr. lombardi! a woo hoo!
so it was a fun day despite the excessive travel on public transportation (and lack of subway prophets)! and derek is hot i don't care what you say!

for some blogging that is ireland related: i'm not rooming with 7 other people, only 3 others *phew* and i leave in less than a week...and i'm very nervous but i bought dramamine so i think i'll be all set for that plane ride. all i want is to take off, eat my little plane meal, perhaps watch a movie, then drift in to sweet dramamine slumber! yay!

mmmmmk that's all for now...hm i don't have a clever thing to end my blog with sooo we'll just leave it at that :) adios.