Sunday, September 26, 2004

weekend recap

vicky commented on my last blog and said she didn't know where i could possibly keep all these bags...well i will tell you where i keep them. you know how they make those shoe things that hang down in the closet and you can put the shoes in them...mine isn't for shoes. it's for my bags. *i am so ashamed.*
i had a pretty good weekend, believe it or not. i was on duty friday night which was fun, got to know some of the boys downstairs *WINK* no just kidding. on saturday morning i went home, did laundry, hung out w/ the fam, and at about 4 we headed down to Ridgefield Park for my baby cousin Jenna's baptism! mass was at 5:30 and it was really nice, Jenna was so well behaved! and my dad was the godfather which was sweet, and almost all of my relatives were at the mass...which was really really nice. i felt very connected as a family. after the mass we went to dinner (sooo gooood) and i got to catch up with my aunts and uncles and play with my baby cousins! my cousin billy was there with his wife and 2 kids, jessie and TJ is really young, like under a year old, i think, but he is HUGE. like he's the biggest baby i've ever seen in my life. so at one point billy was trying to eat something so i went over and was like, 'hey do you want me to hold TJ?' and he said 'yeah that'd be really great thanks' so he handed the baby over to me and i was so caught off guard by how heavy he was and i swear i thought i was going to drop him. but luckily i have huge hips so i just stuck out my right hip and he sat quite comfortably for the next 15 minutes or so. then he was too heavy and i had to hand him off. there was a couple sitting at the same table as my dad and i, and they were from the czech republic and they had a little daughter that they only speak czech too! but she learns english too b/c that's what everybody else speaks. SO COOL. i want bi-lingual children. someone find me a foreign husband. or a guy who works for the international department of stuff and speaks like 5 languages. FIND HIM FOR ME! yay! ummm so that was fun, went back to school and didn't do a whole lot until much later. talked to debby for a while, talked to kel, then bill decided to come visit at 230am so i hung out in the apartments w/ kel, andrea, bill, and this kid joe until about 430am and didn't get to sleep until 5am. woke up at 10am. brunch w/ the girls.
we decided that we did not want to do any sort of work right away. sooo we went to the mall! kel and andrea bought dresses for homecoming (they're going for real...i guess that means i have to go too?!?!) but that was fun. back to the dorm and kel and i watched some episodes of 'sex and the city', went to panera for dinner, brought panera back, watched more 'sex', then i came back here and did work!
hahaha just kidding!!! i did nothing of the sort. i wrote some letters, watched some tv (american dreams! wheee!) had yet another fire alarm that was caused by nothing, and now i'm here, writing the blog! so have i done any work? no. am i tired? yes. will i do any work before i sleep? chances are not good. bye byeeee for now.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

whaaaattttttt is going on.

sometimes things just confuse me to the point where i throw my hands up and say "hands! i'm confused." not really i just say "i'm confused." then i talk to my girls about it and they are also confused, then we're all confused and it's such a VICIOUS CYCLE! and apparantly it's taking its toll on me b/c i just tried to take the cap off my drink, but it was already off so i was just twisting endlessly wondering why the top wasn't coming off. ggrrrr.
anyway. what's been going on. leah sent me an awesome birthday card, and when i say awesome, i mean there was a picture of michael phelps in his speedo in it. and really can you get more awesome than THAT???? no. meow.
yesterday kel and i went to the mall, and debby came along with us. kel was looking for a homecoming dress, which she didnt' find but she (and i) bought some other stuff! hehehe oops! (vicky, i really need you to come back from italy and be the meghan-bag police. i've bought 3 in the past 2's unhealthy.)
so i was thinking about going to see vicky over spring break in florence b/c student universe had what i thought was $240 round trip tickets to rome! HELLO that's really a good deal. but as it turns out they were lying to me and they're really $400 round trip. which pissed me off to no end. so i can't go now unless by some miracle i find cheaper tickets. *sad face* but maybe now i can go somewhere else for spring break...b/c i never really go anywhere and i'd kind of like to.
the kids in that terrorism class are still pissing me off. i mean i understand they want to tell their viewpoint and make people aware of whatever they have to say, but 99% of the time it's completely irrelevant and has nothing to do w/ what we're talking about, and that annoys me. my 'social problems' class is so awful. my teacher puts hugh emphasis on the end of all her words. sooooOOOO allLLLL of herRRRR wordssss-UH sound like thisssssssssss-uh. no joke. annoyinggggggGGG-guh. my world geography class is equally as awful, but in different ways. we just split into groups and crap, it's so stupid. but there's a cute guy in it and ashley's in it with me so we write notes to each other about the cuty guy. hehe.
ok i guess that's all for now, there's dodgeball tonight htat i think i'll go check out b/c everybody said it was really fun last time...i don't think i'll play but it'll be fun to see anyway. byeeeee!

Monday, September 20, 2004

le weekend

Friday: don't remember what i did...what did i do...i really can't remember so i guess it wasn't anything exciting. oh wait! kelly took me to chili's for my birthday friday night, wheee! it was so good we ate so much mmmm. then i hung out in kel's room for a while and we watched 'keeping the faith' and it felt like we were roomies again! i miss! then i headed back to smith and blah blah boringness. but someone did call me from reeves asking me to tell the person next to them to be quiet and i was like 'well i'm in smith so you should call the operator and ask for the RA on duty in reeves. then i thought it was matt playing phone tricks on me so when my phone rang 2 more times i didn't answer it. oops. if it was you - sorry! slept, up on saturday to go to brunch w/ the girls, which was dissapointing. i was going to go home but apparantly the power was out sooo i vetoed that idea. saturday night i went out to dinner w/ my grandma, aunt, mom, and bro. that was fun. back to campus! i was on duty (yay.) so kelly came over to visit me at the tail end of her "flood day" (you know what any day good enough to get a day named after it means..) and she hung out here for a while, we ordered some food, fun times! then andrea came over also and a bunch of people were hanging out in my room! yeah i know! never happends, so fun when it does! lots o' people, lots o' fun, bryce even came over to visit! went to sleep around 2a, and in the middle of the night again got a call from that kid in reeves asking me to tell the people to be quiet, HELLOOOOOO i do not live in your dorm!
sunday: brunch w/ the girls and matt! he was the only guy at this table of crazy ladies, lucky him. then i headed home for a couple hours to hang out with my dad - we watched the yankees game and the giants game and i ate oreos...mmm. i haven't had them in sooo long. that was fun then back to school for dinner and on duty...again. not as fun last night, but matt came over to smith and he hung out for a while, debby came back from her scandalous vermont weekend, and dani bought NINTENDO! so if you don't know where i am, there's an ok bet that i'm down there playing that. b/c it's so very fun.
ummm duty was boring though, went to sleep before 2a, and was awakened by the construction yet again. and it was so weird b/c i woke up RIGHT before the guy turned on that big machine and it made me cringe and i had to flop out of bed and shut the window and couldn't really fall back asleep. of course. anyway here i am. monday morning. booooo. and i have to get ready for class soooo bye bye.

Friday, September 17, 2004

2 decades ago...

i was just a little baby! last night i went out to dinner w/ the fam to jointly celebrate my birthday and my mom's birthday! it was yummy i love going out to eat. and my mom gave me a huge box of jelly belly's...mmmm. so gooood. i also got a really fun package from lisa in the mail - she is so awesome at those things, i swear. where she gets the time i'll never know.
let's see, this week was pretty basic..i was on duty monday night, that went off without a hitch i'm glad to say. went to claaass did some stuuuff. on wednesday i went home cuz it was mom's birthday and we had a great dinner and birthday cake (that i made...well i did the icing. and candles.) then i headed back to school.
on thursday (birthday!) my dad called me at like 830am, i can only assume b/c he wanted to be the first person to say happy birthday. which he star dad! then vicky called me from italy and we talked for a while, so fun :) she was on a payphone on a corner and i could hear all the little italian cars and trucks putting by hehe! then i went to class, blah. including world geography, which is just turning out to be a nightmare. i think every class we're just going to split up into groups and answer chapter review questions. and i'm sorry but that's just not gonna do it for me. it's a waste of time and i really don't want to have to deal with that all semester! grrrr! anyhoo then history of england I, which was really good b/c patterson talked about ireland a little and i know all about that so i actually contributed in class (*gasp* shocking, i know.) and i was speaking up and everything. baby steps. i went back up to my room when class was over and got a birthday text message from lisa! which was cool b/c i had just gone to the mailroom and gotten her package. then kristin called me from italy! wooo! that was super fun too b/c i haven't talked to her in forever. oh i also had a voicemail from kate! who i haven't talked to in longer than forever and i was so happy she left me a message, i have to call her back soon.
then out to dinner, like i said...then back to the dorm for the rest of the night, trying to keep some order in here. which was fine until people started coming back from wherever they were (dance/parties) and it got a little loud. but i went to sleep and at like 3:30am i bolted awake b/c somebody either banged on my door or on the door to the room next to me and scared the shit out of me - my heart was beating out of my chest i was so startled. but by the time i got out of bed there was nobody in the hallway and i went back to bed. only to be rudely awakened at about 7am by the many trucks and construction equipment outside my window. OH YEAH. let me tell you how happy i was about that. *angry face!* so i couldn't fall back asleep. so really i didn't get a lot of sleep last night, which is annoying. but i'm guessing these guys don't work on saturday? so i should be able to sleep uninterrupted tomorrow.
anyhooo that's it for now. OH wait, lisa bought me an e.e. cummings poetry book (SO AWESOME...ehhehe) and 2 nicholas sparks books, including 'the notebook' which i can't wait to read and bawl my eyes out at. and lots of stickers. hehehe. bye!

Monday, September 13, 2004

sooo you know more than the prof, do you?

that's how some people act...honestly i don't really care, but there are things i'd rather do than sit in class and listen to other people talk...quite frankly i don't learn anything except that you don't like how things are run and you feel rebellious towards the government (good for you! keep it up. i'm sure you'll make a change someday!). but it just seems like they want to get into a cockfight w/ the prof and i feel like it's a waste of time sometimes. that's allll i'm sayin.
my weekend was quite slow so there's no need to go over the details of thaaaat so much. the dorm was quite for the most part. i talked to my girlies over in italy a couples sounds like they are having so much fun i wish i could go visit them! and a big yay to that club vicky went to that was playing bon jovi!!! so awesome. and vicky also hinted that something possibly birthday related is in the mail for meee! woo! what else.
on sunday i went to brunch w/ kel and andrea, then we went for a walk and i went back to b.s. for a little while and hung out. then back here to do some yoga. i did a lot of reading this weekend, which is always hard for me to get into when i first get back to school. i can't focus on it very well.
this morning when i woke up there was a huge cicada bug trapped in my window screens, and i didn't know what i was so i was hearing the buzzing of it trying to fly while iw as waking confusing. and im' sure you all care about that...but anyway it was really gross and i was terrified it was going to find it's way into my room! but it made it's way out so i didn't have to call somebody to help me. mmmk.
i have reading to do and i'm on duty sooo that's all for now. oh wait! on saturday night i drove kelly, andrea, nass, and bagels to wendy's new apartment for a little shindig she was having! and that was fun except that wendy's cat, tipsy, has killer claw nails and has apparantly been badly abused b/c all it wanted to do was attack me. but i'm determined to make that cat like people. so i told wendy i'd go over and play with it if she bought it nail caps or something. anyhoo the apartment is really cute and we stayed there for a few hours, then i drove us back to campus and kel, andrea and bagel went back to b.s. and i headed back to smith for the night. yeah i think that's the night i went to bed really early b/c i was so tired.
k that's all for now!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

3 years.

it's hard to believe, but it's the 3rd anniversary of 9/'s really sad and depressing so i'm not going to go into a whole thing about it. but i'm watching them read off the names on tv and it's really hard for me not to break down. we all remember where we were when it happend and i hope we never forget.

i started class this week, which was really weird.i kind of forgot that was the reason i was here. and apparantly centenary doesn't like to have small classes anymore, b/c almost all of my classes have over 30 students in them, one with 45. whaaaaaat. not cool my friends. but the classes seem like they'll be ok, no big surprises or anything i'm not used to.
there are people i know i think in every class, also a good thing.
last night jeremy came to visit and we went to see 'the bourne supremacy' - sooo good!!! matt damon - so hot! but the movie was very good which i was happy about since i love the first one so much! then back to the dorm where it was quiet..i'm waiting for the night when it just all blows up and everybody is running around like crazy people. well i guess i'm not waiting, more like dreading. i hung out in steve's room watching football (blue turf! BLUE! neat.) until about 2am, then back to my room to sleeeeeep. oh and apparantly jeremy and his roomies are having an "underwear party" the end of this month that he wants me to go to. but i told him i wasn't sooo sure how comfortable i was with walking around in underwear at a party with strangers.
alrighty that's all for now. byeeeees.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

thank god for classes.

i can't tell you how happy i am that classes start tomorrow. i mean don't get me wrong, getting up at 7am and spending the day doing stuff for freshman was a BLAST...but i'm glad that i get to do stuff that pertains to ME now.
sooo let's see. today was laptop day for the little froshies, so at the crack of dawn i was over in the tech building helping set up. and it ran so smoothly! no i'm kidding, it didn't. the boxes of laptops weren't all in the right rooms, there were random laptops everywhere, but i have to say that Room 101 was really awesome and we pulled it together! so we did for about...4.5 hours. then i took a walk over to Wash w/ stacey and checked out her room, very blue, very cute. then we met up with some people at lunch under the tent.
oh my dad also came by today to give me a fun chair from target (the one everybody has, except mine is pink!) and a mirror. so anyway kelly asked me if i wanted to go to old navy, and since i haven't been off campus since....well a while, i said sure and a whole group of us went. old navy is awesome i love shopping there! $5 teeshirts. $5!!!!! who can beat that?! so that was fun, but kel and the other girls wanted to go out to eat, but suz and i didn't so we came back to campus, i went upstairs and collapsed in my brand new chair..soooo comfy.
last night was my first night on duty, and it was pretty slow, i expected more trouble but i guess a lot of people went off campus. smart choice. but i kind of realized that i've done absolutely nothing to get ready for classes, soooo perhaps i should get on top of that?? like make sure i have all my books?! hhmmm. yeah i'm gonna get on that.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

um...yeah i don't know.

i'm sooooo tired right now. the freshman moved in this morning like it was their JOB...well i guess today it was. and it was MY job to help carry their crap up all the stairs and check them in and act painfully nice to the parents that were asking me silly questions! but oh well.
uhhh....yeah honestly i have no clue what to put in here b/c i don't even know what i wrote last time. steve and i did bulletin boards last night (last minute, as is my style.) and they're really good! and informative, i love it. and i just finished doing the bulk of my room cleaning, and discovered that a lot of flying bugs get into my room. why is that. WHY?! i hate you all, stupid flying bugs. all 500 billion of you.
i can't decide if i'm hungry or if the caf food made me my stomach is like..lurching. i bet you it's from the food. OH WAIT...ok, so after all the freshman got here, arianna and i took the golf cart out for an illegal spin, mwahahahah. it was so much fun! then we ran into bryce (no, not literally) and he asked if we were going to the soccer game, we said sure, and we drove over there with him to see the last 25 minutes or so of that...our team lost but 2 of the ra's in my dorm are on the team so i felt like i was supporting my little team of ra people! plus it was fun kind of..but i don't really get soccer so it was kind of confusing. but that's ok.
ok that's it from me b/c i don't think there's anything else interesting going on at the moment! although kelly did drunk dial me about 15 minutes ago asking me if there were any freshman boys here for her. of course there are kelly, of course there are.
ciao (that's for you people. yeah you two.)