Monday, June 14, 2004

who knew literary stuff could be oh so fun?

not me! until i went on this literary pub crawl! wheee! just back from it actually and it was so cool! first we went to The Duke and met up with the group upstairs in the pub, and these 2 actors were taking us around and they'd put on scenes from different shows and plays done my irish actors, they were so funny and realy good. then we went over to...are you ready for this....O'NEILL'S!!!! yeah baby! we've passed it for the past few days but haven't gone in, and finally finally FINALLY i got to go in...*sigh* so we each had a drink and sat around for 20 minutes (as was our alloted pub time on the tour) and i basked in the pub of my namesake (namesake...right? no? it sounds good.) and it was cooool. then we went over to The Old Stand, which was smaller and more private and i tried half a pint of Bulmer, which is a cider beer i guess b/c it tasted like apple cider a little bit! it was yummy, rachael really liked it, but she did not like the weird man at the opposite bar that was like falling off his chair to try and get a look at her...wasn't so fond of that..can't imagine why! and it was at this bar that jess decided to get 2 glasses of wine, which was fine except that when she got her 2nd it was time to go, sooo she pretty much had to chug her glass...hahaha oops!
then we went to...ah yeah, Davey Byrns, famous pub from James Joyce's "Ulysses",a nd SAmuel Beckett used to live above the pub there! neaat! and at the end of the crawl the tour guides did a quiz of all the questions that they had asked us throughout, and these old ladies were like, HARDCORE into winning the t-shirt that was 1st prize, like screaming out the answers. crazy people! it's just a t-shirt! and i tried half a pint of Stella Artois in Davey Byrnes and i have to say...not a all. ew. and i've heard from several people that it's very good, but i must disagree with you! my tastebuds no likey. and coors light is too expensive here..must find something else! wah!
yeah so pub crawl over, walked back to house...jess is pretty tipsy it's really funny.
ooooooo SPONGEBOB IS ON! hahaha yaaaaaay i feel like i'm home! except that someone keeps interjecting stupid comments! *snort*
alright then better get some sleep before the possible big first day tomorrow! adios!
no poem you already got one for today!


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