Friday, June 25, 2004

We are family!

ooooh i am so happy my family is here!!!!! :) :) :) :)
woke up this morning mad early to go over kat's and finish our damn spreadsheet, and it turns out the guy couldn't get over tot he office and just wanted us to email it to him. ummmm coulda done that last night, jackass.
mom called my cell around 1030 to say that they were at their hostle but they couldn't check in til 1...ouch. so i went over there from work and found them all in the lounge sleeping,awwww jet lagged fam! so i said hi and my mom and i talked for a while, then went down to see if their roomw as ready, and it was yay! so everybody moved into the teensy room and fell asleep again while mom and i went to get some lunch and i showed her temple bar. back to hostel (hostle?) and my mom fella sleep for a little while too, then around 5 everyone got upa nd moving and we walked (Slowly) to a restaurant near my house and ate there, good times! then to my house to show them around, and they fell asleep again hahaha, and then they went off back to their little room, i'm sure to ,once again, sleep!! but i'm going over there in the morning to meet them and perhaps to a hop-on hop-off tour b/c it hink that's the best way to see pretty much everything...which is always a plus, but they might not want to do that tomorrow depending on how tired they are..but i am so happy! but also sad b/c my dad isn't here and i wish he had come to visit...although i think 10 days would be too long for him...
ooooh tomorrow night we're gonna go to a pub and i'm so making my brother drink! heheheheh! not a lot but at least one beer..he won't like guinness so he'll have to try something else. bulmer's maybe...hmmmm.
but now I'M really tired b/c i got up so damn early for no good reason.a nd i keep waking up like an hour before my alarm and that reallllly makes me mad. so i don't have to get up til around 9 tomorrow and hopefully i'll catch up on sleep! it's only 920 right now and i feel like i could go sleep.....
anyway, so happy to have familiar faces around me :) i wish more people could come visit me! night night!

"Do you believe in always,the wind
said to the rain
I am too busy with
my flowers to believe,the rain answered" - you said Is


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