Tuesday, June 22, 2004

obsessed with the bens!

and by the bens i mean 'ben kweller' and 'ben folds five'...i can't stop! and i know i'm like 10 years behind on the ben folds five, but i think that's ok b/c i love them now and that's good! and i just re-read my last blog and i feel like i wrote it like weeks ago...
right sooooo today..what happend today. well first of all last night i could not sleep. i was listening to my best dublin mix and i just went on this whole train of thoughts and i couldn't fall asleep after that b/c it just made me thing too much. so i got up and wrote vicky an email to explain the inner monologue that had been going on, and that was helpful, whee!
i'm getting very like..restless in this apartment. my family comes on friday so i'm pretty excited about that b/c they'll be all excited and i can show them stuff and we can hang out aaaah. and i can show them my hot teacher man and point out the 'gone with the wind'ness of it all...ah.
right so today...office, called some people, took lunch, came back and cathy asked us to help her make some 'placards' for the anti bush rally. i honestly have never felt so like...unamerican and unpatriotic in my life. it was awful. but there was nothing else to do so i just did it. and we're doing more tomorrow..........yay. but we also talked to cathy about the irish school system for a while, which was interesting, and she told us how she'd been to the u.s. a few times, liekt o florida, and didn't understand how all these kids were travelling to florida and affording hotels and fancy cars...she didn't sound very positive about it. and said she thought american was the worst service country ever...and i wanted to be like 'welll honey ireland isn't known for it's service either' but other than her more than slightly obvious anti american views she's not a bad woman. and she took us and our placards over to the Dail to put them in someone's car, but she said later in the week or next week she'd show us around (those are the gov't buildings) and i got really excited about THAT let me tell you!! and we get to sit in on a members only meeting debate thing...ooh the excitement builds.
then kat and i went to class, where eamonn had a german man talk to us about ireland's economy and how and why it's changed so rapidly..and the whole time he was talking the only thing i could think of was the three little pigs from 'shrek' and i almost bust out laughing.
when we left class it was pouring rain and really windy, and it still is...disgusting out. and cold! came home, had dinner, watched 'keeping the faith' which was so funny...i heart edward norton. even though he played a priest and it was so like..forbidden...but he was one hot priest. rowr. we booked our scotland day trip, but we have yet to book where we will eb staying in scotland...so perhaps tomorrow we should take care of that... yeah.
and we decided tomorrow night if the weather is a little better, we'll go over to O'Neill's for dinner and drinks b/c we need to see some new people and possibly meet some trinity students b/c it's right next to that.
uh...yeah i got very sidetracked during this blog b/c people kept iming me so now i'm really tired and i'm gonna go ahead and just sleep! but first, your daily dose of e.e. cummings...i know you love me for it.

"Fame is my name. I dwell among the clouds,
Being immortal,and the wreath I bring
Itself is Immortality. The sweets
Of earth I know not,more the pains,but wing
In mine own ether,with the crownéd crowds
Born of the centuries." - Fame Speaks


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