Monday, July 21, 2008

Veggie Burger Variations

Is it just me, or are there about a million ways to make a veggie burger? I've made so many different kinds and I really do love them all, but most recently I tried a burger from the "Student's Go Vegan Cookbook"- it's a black bean burger with corn relish - oh mama it was tasty. And of course I've taken a picture to document the delicious dinner:K now realizing I should've taken a close-up...but seriously they were tasty. And ok you obviously see there is a lot of white space on the plate, but I did make a side of spinach and I didn't know what else to cook...looking back, I probably could've made some baked potato fries or something but...honestly it was a very filling meal on it's own, so maybe next time just smaller plates. And I'm liking how the stems on those couple pieces of spinach down at the bottom look like dollar signs. Hah!


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