Saturday, June 19, 2004

the big cheese

apparantly there is a really cool cheese store called that, and i think that's really funny! sooo let's see, everyone but jess left real early this morning to go begin their weekend trip, so jess and i hung out til around 11, then went out to start out museum day! first we went to the National Museum of Archaeology and History and that was very cool they had tons of artifacts from medieval dublin and viking times and stuff. enjoyable! stayed there about an hour? i think, then left and stopped at a little cafe for lunch, good food as always (people think they don't have good food here, i haven't been dissapointed once quite frankly), then we went over to the National History Museum..which was kind of odd b/c it was basically a huge room with 3 floors with tons of animals that were stuffed...and as much as i do enjoy freaked me out a little b/c they had all these animal heads on the walls...ew. soo we quickly went through there, and right next to there is all the government buildings, but you can't go in them but i saw them and they were purdy! and now i know where to go if i want to try and get with an irish parliament member! rowr!
then we went down to st. stephen's green shopping center, which is an inside mall but it's soooo pretty it beats any american mall i've ever been in! and ok, the only thing i wanted to buy was a little silver shamrock earring for where i have my upper ear pierced, and do yout hink i could find one? NO. so very annoying. but they have nice celtic knot type ones so i might go back and get one of those...but that was fun to walk all around. oh and also!!! there was a tattoo shop there and guess what?? no i didn't get a tattoo, but in the window they had the tattoo that i have been looking for. i couldn't believe it b/c i've never seen it in a shop in the states, but there it was, a little black rose. for like half a second i wanted to go in right then and there and get it done, but of course i did not. but i might go back and take a pic of it so that if i ever do get it i can show them what i want! yay!
then we came back to the apt and we're relaxin a bit...the cute RA paidraig came by and scaredt he crap out of us b/c the buzzer is really loud, but he was giving us info on the hurling match tomorrow that we're going to miss (*snort*) and he's really nice so that was fun...oh except that i did laundry yesterday and we don't have a dryer, so i had the laundry rack in this space in the hallway, sooo yeah my "unmentionables" were definitely just out there. AWESOME. boo. adios! OH wait we went in a dvd store and they had TWO steve mcqueen movies right out front. i was so proud. and horny. whoops! bye bye!

"we are for each other; then
laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life's not a paragraph" - since feeling is first...


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