Monday, July 21, 2008

Veggie Burger Variations

Is it just me, or are there about a million ways to make a veggie burger? I've made so many different kinds and I really do love them all, but most recently I tried a burger from the "Student's Go Vegan Cookbook"- it's a black bean burger with corn relish - oh mama it was tasty. And of course I've taken a picture to document the delicious dinner:K now realizing I should've taken a close-up...but seriously they were tasty. And ok you obviously see there is a lot of white space on the plate, but I did make a side of spinach and I didn't know what else to cook...looking back, I probably could've made some baked potato fries or something but...honestly it was a very filling meal on it's own, so maybe next time just smaller plates. And I'm liking how the stems on those couple pieces of spinach down at the bottom look like dollar signs. Hah!

Black and White Cookies, oh my.

So as I do many weekends, I drove out to the boy's apartment with no idea what we'd be having for breakfast/lunch/dinner the next few days. Sometimes I'll look up recipes and go out there with ideas of what to make, sometimes he looks up stuff...then we go food shopping and start the cookin'! I love it, especially when he picks the food, for some reason it's more fun for me that way.
Anyway, unlike the weekends where it takes a while to figure out what to make, he knew what he wanted from the second I got there;
and what he wanted was Black and White Cookies. Apparently at a work outing at the Meadowlands Racetrack that week they were being served, and he couldn't get them out of his mind. So he looked up a recipe on vegweb and before you know it we were feasting on these babies:
Heck yeah! Oh man they were so good. Here's another look at one:
Oh man...go make these, they're really fun and reminded me of childhood! Oh and I have to mention that the beautiful icing job was done by the boy - great attention to detail when it comes to baked goods.

So that's it; the black and white cookies! They're so tasty and make me so happy that my boyfriend can pick a random food and there's a vegan recipe out there for it! It will make his ultimate full transition to veganism much easier ;)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hot Curry and Cinnamon Buns

I thought I'd post a couple food pics from recently...

Hmmm what's hiding inside this little treasure?! How cute is that?? I love food that comes with fun presentation.

Curry! Unfortunately, I thought I could handle the "hot" version...boy was I mistaken. It was waaaaay to spicy for me.

Oh and there is the brown rice it came with! Again, love the presentation! But next time I know only to get medium spice.

And here are the cinnamon buns we made the other day!

They were sooo tasty. It was my first experience with rising dough and rolling it out and all that jazz - it was really exciting and I was proud of it! Someone certaintly thought they were delicious. But someone else commented that they were "not very crispy." Well fine then, you don't have to eat them, more for me! I also made vanilla icing to put over the top. So good.
K that's all for now!