Wednesday, June 16, 2004

hooray for socialists!

Finally had my first day of work today and it only turned out to be like 2 hours b/c the guy had nothing set up for us, no comps or anything. but we found out what he wants us to do! b/c of the recent elections there are a lot of new people that have been elected to the labour party, but the people in dublin don'tk now who they are. so cat and i are going to have to call all of them and get their contact information and such, and after we get all that we get to update the website! yahoo! but even better, there has been a call for a recount between 2 people here in dublin, and tomorrow cat and i are going to the DPS (i forget what that stands for..i guess i better find out before i try to walk there) and i guess helping them recount? or something? i'm not really sure but we will be where the recounting is! neato! the labour party building is kinda rundown, they could use some new carpets and wallpaper...but we'll have our own desk and stuff so that's fine.
so after that cat and i went to get some lunch and went back to 4 sussex (the other girls' apt) and hung out there, watched 'bridget jones diary' (how much do i love colin! i want to marry him! please?) then i headed back to my apt.
the other ladies got back and we all made dinner and ate together, very nice, and now we're hanging out in the living room!
it is Bloomsday here in dublin though (and no, it's not a day devoted to Orlando Bloom...i know, i was sad too.) so there were people riding around in horse drawn carts in like...1900's clothes and stuff! b/c that's when james joyce's book 'ulysses' is set, and bloomsday is about the character leopold bloom fromt hat book, and in the book it talks about how he goes all arond dublin on june 16, 1904 i believe. kinda cool so there's lots of stuff regarding that going on tonight. but tomorrow night is temple bar night! so psyched for that!
And to my CC readers, i found out i'll be RA-ing in Smith this year...and i'm happy b/c i get a full single to myself, but i'm in 312..3rd floor...Reeves freshman year flashbacks! eep! so that'll suck moving in and out..and walking to my room whenever i want. yippees. and how do i feel about working with all the little froshies...i know one person who is happy about it...KELLY..hehehe. but i guess i'm gonna have to be somewhat of a bitch...but i'm good at that so i don't really care. but i can be cool too b/c i want them to like well we all know i know what it's like to be a crazy freshman, so i can totally relate.
lastly, i found some songs on this comp by 'ben folds five' and i REALLY like it, like a lot. one song in particular called 'luckiest' and i suggest you all go download it..well girls mostly b/c it's so sweet and i almost cried and i kind of want to play it at my wedding. or it would be good for A wedding. i think.
and here is a blip from possibly my most favorite e.e. cummings poem, "anyone lived in a pretty how town...", enjoy!

"someones married their everyones
laughed their cryings and did their dance
(sleep wake hope and then)they
said their nevers they slept their dream"


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