Saturday, June 12, 2004

4 miles, but so worth it.

So today turned out to be Guinness Storehouse day! we meant to be out of the house aroud 10 but we didn't get up til 930 so we were out by around 11...oops. we walked to the dublin tourism place and bought the storehouse tickets, and got on a bus that we got off of too early and still had to walk like 15 minutes...i won't say who's fault that was. *hiss*
the whole place was sooo awesome it has 7 floors and it takes yout hrough all the steps of making guinness and on the 5th floor there are places to eat so we had lunch, very good. then we went up to the Gravity bar ont he 7th floor, the highest place in dublin, and we got our "free" pint of Guinness..deliciousness! and the view was awesome, you can see the ocean and everything. then we wanted to see christchurch and st. patricks but they were closed when we got there so we just continued our 4 mile, yes, 4 mile, walk back tot he house. and once again i am exhaaaausted. i think i'm going out with jess to get some food at the grocery store and possibly a pizza for dinner, but all that walking is really exhausting.
we stopped in st. stephen's green on the way back and sat on the grass for a while, and all these little kids were walking by with their little green Shrek ears on, it was so cute! and there are so many good looking irish men,a nd they dress so well. american boys, take note. ;)
so tomorrow i believe we're goign to try and hit up christchurch and st. patrick's for tours, then go to trinity college for a tour of that which should be awesome...and see the book of kell's! wheee!
alright that's all for now then, just wanted to update on the things i've been seeing/doing so far :)

"love is a place
& through this place of
love move
(with brightness of peace)
all places" - love is a place...


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