Thursday, March 31, 2005

it'll keep your face from getting any uglier

thank god it's the weekend. well, almost. i'm on duty tonight but other than that it's the weekend for me! wheehoo! it wasn't too bad of a week, i had the most to do today...sociology presentation followed by a sociology quiz and i thought both of them were going to be a lot worse than they were so i'm happy about that. i still hate doing presentations though, especially when people think they can send you their part of the presentation at 9am the morning of and think that i'll actually use it. i think not.
so...monday night i think kel came over and we hung out w/ steve for a while and then gummerson came in and told steve to hook up his army games b/c he wanted to shoot people - someone was angryyyyy.
tuesday afternoon jer came to pick me up and we went to see "hitch" and it was actually pretty good, the ending was really cute. then we went to go eat at ruby tuesdays (and i just realized now that we ate there on a tuesday...that's kind of funny.) and that was tasty. then we went to wal-mart b/c i needed some stuff and who do we run into?? jared and gumguy! pickin up some supplies for their room. we also saw nass! wal-mart's a popular place. headed back to CC and jer dropped me off. then what did i do. i believe i went over to kel's apt! i did, and we hung out for a while and then a bunch of the boys from upstairs came down to hang out (bus, greg, foley, gumguy, jared)...i think they came down b/c they thought kelly and i would bake for them, but we had nothing to bake. sorry! but they hung around for a while til like 1a i think. i headed back to smith to see what steve was up to, talked to him for a while then finally went to bed.
wednesday was kind of a long day, went to the gym after class, then dinner, then played the rocky video game w/ the guys and almost missed my night class. i was battling gummerson and looked down at my watch and it was 630p. so i ran over to class and we didn't get out until 915p...way too long. almost torturous.
back to smith, kel came over to "do work" but i don't think she ever actually did any. i finished up my sociology presentation work, beat gummerson in a boxing match - KO'd him actually, haha! kel went through another full game of mario and headed back to b.s. and i hung out w/ steve til he was done w/ duty then i went to bed!
today's been ok, did the class thing...asked dr. patterson what topics to do for my 2 papers i have due to him, and he decided to, instead of handing in 2 papers, just hand in one giant one of 12-13 pages. SUPER. get ready for a motherload of index cards when i'm getting ready to write that one. went to dinner w/ leah and kel, took a shower, and now i'm on duty. yay! bye bye.

Monday, March 28, 2005

in no mood for clever titles

because i'm sick and i've been sick pretty much since my last blog update! which was last saturday so let's get this over with.
sunday i started feeling crappy but not too bad, so i decided that i'd go into the city on monday and visit suzy and come back tuesday. bad move. i had fun but i probably should've stayed home b/c by tuesday night i was a mess. well first of all i almost passed out in the subway station on my way home, that was a pretty big sign that i was headed nowhere good. my temp hit 103.7 (which, my mom was quick to point out, is also a local radio bout that) and for the next couple days i was pretty immobile and my head was killing me and my mom was going through her whole nurse routine (she really is a nurse) thinking up all the wonderful things that could have been wrong with me and then telling me what they do at the hospital to cure you of them. thaaaaaaaanks mom. anyhoo i had the same symptoms that ashley had when she was sick for like 2 weeks, and i did not want to be sick that long so i called el doctor and told him what was up and he gave me some meds and told me i had a sinus infection...wha? i was hoping for something a little more severe than that considering how crappy i felt, but oh well.
sunday was easter and my mom made a huge delicious meal that i could barely eat :-( she made ham and sweet potatoes too, i'm so sad i couldn't eat them all. but it was tasty. then i packed up and headed back to school.
hung out w/ steve and he gave me 2 projects: a book to read and a movie to watch. the movie shouldn't be too hard to find time for but i don't know how i'm gonna find time for a book. we shall seeeee. then kel came over yaaay! and she eventually had steve set up the nintendo and once again schooled the boys. good job shepatone!
umm that's all for now b/c i really only updated to waste some time...i'm working on a sociology presentation that i really don't feel like doing but i have to! b/c it's due thursday wheeeee. bye bye.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

you don't sell the steak, you sell the sizzle.

good job self for waiting a week to update the blog. well i guess not a lot was happening or i would have found time to update.
i had midterms this past week so that kinda sucked, and my sociology teacher decided to torture us with a surprise group project due thursday...that's just mean. plus groups projects are such a pain b/c you can never truly do the entire project as a group.
i guess it was a pretty normal week...wednesday i had night class so i missed out on a trip to the mall w/ kel and ange, which is probably a good thing b/c i really don't need to buy anything. but my night class drove me crazy. patterson said he'd only keep us til 825p and we didn't get out of there til 9pm. i think that's the longest i've ever stayed in a night class and i never want to have to do that again. ever! and the people in the class drive me insane, in the worst way. this one adult student in the back talks about history like he lived through it...and clearly, unless he was born in the 1860's, he didn't live through the unification of germany or any of the events leading up to WWI or WWI itself! so shut up about it! oooo then somehow the topic of vietnam came up, i don't remember why, and he started talking about how he doesn't like when celebs get involved w/ war stuff (oh and this guy is a vietnam veteran, and i have nothing but respect for military people, i love them!) so while he was talking patterson was like 'oh and you're a vietnam vet, right?' and he guy goes, 'yes i was there...and a good time was had by all' ---> ummm excuse me?! i turned around in my seat and gave him my best meghan death stare and my best bitchy 'what the....excuse me?!' i mean you've got to be kidding me, no matter how you feel about vietnam i don't think anybody would say that "a good time was had by all"...what a moron. i told my dad about that (my dad's a vet also) and he just kind of shook his head dissaprovingly. but despite that guy's tendency to annoy the crap out of me, there was a funny part of class. patterson brought in a WWI helmet for us to see and as he was handing it to someone to look at he said: "yeah this is a real French WWI helmet...but be careful, if you put it on you'll probably have the urge to run away" hahaha. ah. too bad only like 3 people in the class besides me found that amusing. anyhoooo...
after class i filled out my march madness bracket but right after i did it i wanted to do a different one but steve wouldn't let me. i had illinois to win but only b/c i had no idea who was supposed to win and they have the best record so i just went w/ them. but then i wanted to change it b/c i didn't like how boring that was. but noooooooooo i had to keep that one. so anyway i filled that out and then headed over to b.s. to watch "mean girls" w/ some mean girls. ha...haha. k. so that was fun then kel came back to smith w/ me and we went down to bodei's room to play old school nintendo!! it took like half an hour to get the system to work - he was tired b/c steve just had a nintendo tournament program thing. but we finally got it going and jared and gumguy came down and we played nintendo til like 2am. well i didn't play b/c kelly was showing off her awesome gaming skills by beating jared and gummerson multiple times. and steve was studying for psychology while all this was going on. but that was really fun, i thought. hopefully steve will keep it in his room the rest of the year.
thennn i helped jared do his homework and went to sleeeeeeep and then it was saint patrick's day wheeeeee!
had class at 11a, worked out and then another class til 3:15p. went up to dinner w/ kel, then headed over to b.s. to get the holiday started :-) well for kel and i anyway. gumguy and jared came over before they left for a party, and victor and jose (and ricky and greene? i think i remember seeing them too) came by also. but that was at like 830p i think. kel, ash, and i headed out to the party they were all at around 930p (yay ashley for being DD!) and we stayed there for a few hours and it was a pretty good time we all enjoyed ourselves. back to campus and to b.s. but i only stayed there for a little while before i went back to smith, where i passed out into such a deep sleep that i didn't even hear the guys pounding on my door at 4am so they could get the movies they stole that i was harboring for them in my room. and they called my phone and i still didn't wake up, that's really odd. hm, i must've been pretty tired.
friday, woke up, brought gummerson his movies and recapped the night, went up to lunch w/ kel and ange, packed up my things and headed home for break.
today i had to go pick up kel and ange at school and drive them to newark airport for their flight to south carolina! kel's 21st birthday is on monday, they're gonna have such a great time i can't wait to hear about it :) drove back home and here i am. whee.
that's all for now kids.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

oh yeah, i think i read that in 'who cares' magazine...

jew boy fireman lies! he said 'ladder 49' wouldn't end the way it did, and all of us were bawling. but it was pretty good, i love joaquin phoenix. i kinda want to watch it again but w/ my dad so i can ask him if all the firefighting scenes are accurate. hung out there for a while and headed back to smith where i ran into jared outside...well didn't literally run into him but you know what i mean. went upstairs and hung out in jared's room for a while, saw all the drunkies getting back from their nights - i wasn't jealous, i swear! ok maybe a little.
stayed up late, got up early, went to classes and then jeremy came to get me and we went to see "the pacifier". feel free to laugh, but it was so great. vin diesel is hottt but the movie was actually pretty cute, we enjoyed it. especially since all the movies we've been seeing recently have been pretty serious and dramatic. then we went to eat at Enzo's Pasta&Grill where we've never been, i love going to new restaurants! it was really nice...oh and while we were there jeremy laid out his life plan for me, which included me having a high-ranking government position later in life. we'll see how that pans out.
back to school and kel said she and ash and suz we're going to the mall so i decided, hey, why not?? so we went to rockaway mall for a little while...i only bought 2 tops from express so i didn't cause too much damage. i think the best part of the trip was the car ride there and back b/c we really did a lot of talking about different things and it felt good to get it out there and discuss.
back to campus aaand what happend...what the..what did we do...oh i know, we went to dodgeball!
dodgeball is super fun. there weren't as many people there as usual and it was basically 2 teams playing each other over and over, but one of the teams was almost all (if not all) smith boys and the other team was um...i guess you could call them mcgees. so we were there for a while and the whole time ashley was like 'ooh that looks like so much fun! i want to play i want to play!' so finally she decided to make a move and go join the smith team!! and she rocked, she even got the last guy out on the other team in one of the games. good job ash!! kel and ash came back to smith with me and we hung out for a while, then they headed back to b.s. for the night.
i think i just hang out in my room the rest of the night...steve, manny, jared, and gumguy came to visit me, then i went to sleeeeep.
friday....slept in, dad came to get me and i went home for a few hours to do laundry and hang out, went back to school around 430p and went to the gym to workout. steve was there and we talked about the latest RA selections which are...interesting. up to dinner w/ kel and ash then back over to b.s. to watch "starsky and hutch" - really funny, i love ben stiller so much. back to smith, hung out w/ steve for a little while just watching tv...he finally got a new phone! it's the same as mine, copycat. but good choice! then called it an early night b/c i didn't know what time i'd have to be up today to go see the girls in their horse show up at the barn.
never made it up to the barn b/c they had to start earlier than expected, so instead i went and got a haircut at that nail place next to panera, where apparantly the owner is a mini-mao. he was so bizarre, the entire time he was just walking around staring down his little chinese workers making me really nervous! then i heard the guy on the phone w/ one of his workers and he was like yelling at her to come in early. so about 10 minutes later this white girl w/ cornrows and extensions walks in and the chinese man runs over to me and is like 'ok your turn your turn!' and before the girl even has herself settled i'm in the chair and he's like yelling at her to go cut my hair. wow that was awkward when she came over i was like ' you need a minute i can wait' and she just gave me this look like 'i hate it here so much'. but she was nice and she did a good job cutting my hair.
drove home aaaand hung out w/ dad and alex, dropped off alex at a friend's birthday party, then went out to dinner w/ dad...and at a place you can only find in a town like blairstown..."Cockadoodle Do!" - i kid you not. we haven't gone there in forever and it was really tasty, i actually really like it there.
umm then came back home and here i am. and that's sleepin here tonight and then hanging out here tomorrow til my mom gets home from new orleans, so i'll be back at CC kinda late.
zip it up and zip it out.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

you is talkin' loco and i like it

tuesday....didn't do all that well on the sociology quiz, i'm kind of slacking off this semester and i don't know why. i think it's b/c i'm taking one less class so i feel like it's ok if i slack off. dropping that one class was probably a bad idea now that i think about it. even though the prof probably would have been my worst nightmare. oh plus it was blizzard-like out after monday being gorgeous, so that sucked. after the quiz i went up to lunch w/ steve and ashley and kelB ended up coming up there! and we were all up there for a while and found out that school was closing at 330...whatttt the hell! why couldn't it just close at 2p! but no, i had my class and patterson actually kept us for a while despite the weather. went to the gym, ran on the treadmill and my hips hurt today from that, wheee. then what..oh, kelly told me that they were ordering chinese food, so i headed over to 102 and a bunch of us all ordered food in but instead of getting something i always get, suz and i decided to branch out...and we were not rewarded! whatever the heck i got was like, deep fried and disgusting and i could only eat 2 bites of it and i felt sick, so that was pretty dissapointing.
ummm and thennn kel and i decided to get rid of some of the extra beverages that were lying around the apartment...i mean really they were just taking up space ;-) we had another good talk with ashley, made pizza and muffins (have you noticed a trend yet?) and then gumguy, jared, twin jared, and steve (i knooow it was crazy! kelly and i were so surprised to see him) and they were there for a while then they were heading back to smith so i left w/ them to brave the frozen tundra outside.
got back to smith and i headed down to bodei's room and found out that there were blair kids (blair wrestlers no less) hanging out in someone's room on my floor! turns out the guy was a freshman my senior year and we ended up talking for a while all about blair...which was apparantly so annoying that it drove steve out of his own room...sorryyy. but that was really cool b/c i hadn't seen a blair kid in so long. so he and his friends left and i went down to jared's room to say hi and he and steve were teasing me so i got mad and left (complete with door slam, how dramatic) but it all ended up alright. and i went down to visit manny for a little while and talk to him about some stuff, then sleeeep at like 4a. then i woke up at like 755a..whyyyy. and i couldn't really fall back asleep.
1230 class, watched a movie which meant i slept (see the slacking?!), then class at 2p, which was just review so i brought my laptop and pretty much talked on aim the whole time (s...l...a...c...k).
after that class kel came by smith to pick me up b/c we had to take ashley to the hospital! she's been sick for a while and finally decided to get to the doctor and get herself checked out. we got there around 330p and didn't get back to campus until about 9p..eeee. slowest moving ER i have ever seen in my liiiife. but kel and i left for a little while to get something to eat and bring ash back some food so that broke up the time. plus kel and i entertain ourselves so easily b/c we make fun of everything and we laugh at the stupidest stuff so the time didn't pass as slowly as it could have.
aaand now i'm here, showered, and now i'm going over to 102 for "ladder 49" oooo! firemen!

Monday, March 07, 2005

zip it up and zip it out

batmitzvah! quite a night, let me tell you. we were all decked out, not quite pimp and ho, but we looked pretty hot if i do say so myself. i know there were a few pictures taken but i haven't gotten them yet...when i do they'll be up on my photos page. people brought gifts for kel, even baked her a star of david cake! a bunch of people were over, we had music playing which led to some people dancing on the coffee table, overall it was a fun night i think everybody had a good time. headed back to smith at some point, not really sure what time?
headed home sunday afternoon, did my laundry and caught a nap...i always nap when i'm home, i never nap anywhere else. made pasta sauce and meatballs for brother had his 2nd driving lesson, only one more til he gets his permit! exciting. my grandma and aunt and little cousin came out to the house for a quick visit, so that was nice too. headed back to school and now that i'm thinking about it i feel like sunday was a really long day. b/c i got back here and put all my stuff away and just did whatever, and then at like 10p kelly came over and she was going to study, but gumguy wanted to celebrate the end of wrestling season (which kelly did promise him we would do when he got back from nationals), so we (me, kel, jared, gumguy) headed over to b.s. for a couple hours for celebrating! that was pretty fun, i thought, and kel and i made popcorn (on the stove not the microwave! and we didn't burn the place down!) and just hung out for a while. headed back to smith, hung out w/ jared (i have no idea where gumguy went...he just dissapeared i never found out where) then went to sleeeep.

i had to sit in on 2 RA candidate interviews in the morning, that was good, i wish i could've sat in on more. then i had class at 1230p and i definitely fell asleep like 10 times in it. it was baaaaaaaad that never happends to me, only 1 other time i think i've felt that way in a class, i literally could not keep my eyes open. steve even noticed that i was definitely passed out a couple times. and i felt so bad b/c i sit up in the back but i sit in the profs line of vision and he must've seen me. i just couldn't handle that today. then i was scared i was going to feel that way in my 2p class so i brought my laptop...and made it really obvious that i was not using it for notes b/c i use a notebook in that class, so i had my notebook open and then i'd be typing on my computer inbetween writing notes in it. haha oh well.
went for a walk to Dunkin Donuts with kel and ange b/c it was so gorgeous out, went to the gym for a little while, up to dinner w/ steve, shower, and then started working on these questions i had for my sociology class...which was ridiculous. b/c there are all these questions to answer and then we have a quiz tomorrow! what's with that?! and the prof really gave us no direction regarding what would be on the quiz, so that should be fun tomorrow. aaaand now steve wants me to help him study for the quiz, even though i don't see the point b/c we have no clue what's going to be on it!!!
bye for now.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

...but 7 drinks later there i was, sitting in a puddle and making out with some kid named Lippy...

i'm sure you can guess who that statement came from.
left off at...i was going to see "sideways" with jeremy. the movie wasn't bad, i thought the acting was really really good, but i'd say wait to see it til it's out on dvd or on tv or whatever. it was kind of slow moving at times also. but worth seeing at some point. went to panera and got dinner to bring back to my room, yummmmm.
on duty it was a pretty slow night overall, jared came down and watched tv with me to keep me company and then steve came down later also, then after 2a i went down by steve's room and hung out there w/ him and jared for a while watched some weird show on on mtv where these "duds" get "studs" to tell them what to do during dates, but they have to do weird things or get their dates to do weird thing they had to do was shake around in their chair for a minute. and they get money for each challenge...then at the end of the night if they get invited into the girl's house they win the money they got from challenges plus $1000. so basically, if the girl's a ho you win money! yay! then some show where they take crazy things that happend and put them in slow mo and play them over and a cop that was giving some guy a ticket and was hit in his butt by a car going past. stuff like that, and the narrator made the worst jokes and puns ever. theeeen i went down to my room and i was going to go to sleep but i wasn't really tired so i went downstairs to jose and victor's and hung out with them for a long time. apparantly i don't have a key phrase of my own, such as "whoop whoop" or "what do you want from my liiife?" or "you would" so jose tried to come up with one for me and it's kind of ridiculous. and makes very little sense. i'll reveal that in my next blog title.
ummm went to sleep late...or really early depending on how you look at it, woke up and went to horsey practice up at the barn and rode gigi...again. she's really not so bad but she's so annoying to tack up, she goes crazy and gets jimmy legs and she actually ended up kicking me in the knee - not so fun and kinda painful. but i had a really good lesson on her anyway.
stopped at wal-mart and dropped off some film...which when i got back was really dissapointing. it's film i've had since the beginning of this year (meaning...september '04) and they just weren't good pics. but there were some cute ones of ellie and nick (my niece and nephew!). back to the dorm and then over to kelly's for a little movie/magazine time. we all watched "bend it like beckham" and ate popcorn and then made a huge fun song playlist. then time for BED b/c we had to leave at 630am this morning!!
Horse Show! on the road by 7am and at Briarwood before 8am, long day of horse-showing. but it wasn't as cold as i thought it was going to be, and sunny so that was good. except that i think i got a little sunburn on my face. surprise, surprise. almost couldn't find boots for me, but steph let me borrow hers and i found the little horse i was riding, Tucker, and he was so cute! but unfortunately also really small and apparantly half dead. he could not have been any slower. by the end of the class my legs were like jello from squeezing him so hard to try and get him to go faster. but it all turned out ok b/c i got 2nd place! wheeee! really psyched about that, i knew i could do better than the last one and i did. team dinner at mama's..mmm pizza. back here and i'm showered up and now have to get ready to go to kelly's pimp and ho batmitzvah. kelly's becoming a woman and i really can't miss that, now can i.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

um excuse me are you almost done with this machine...

...b/c lafawnduh is waiting to use it.
that's right...kip made a guest appearance in the weight room! i didn't speak to him personally, but kel said she talked to him. luckyyyyyyyyy!!
so lis and i decided that my spring break 2005 will not be based in Winston-Salem b/c she has all this formal sorority stuff to do that weekend, and she's so busy all the time, so i cancelled those tickets :( but i plan on making a trip down there over the summer b/c lisa's going to be living in a house w/ some of her friends...roadtrip, anyone?! i also have to go up to Burlington, VT over the summer b/c vicky will be living up there...another roadtrip! sorry kristin, i don't think i'm going to get anybody that will want to drive out to missouri with me or i'd take a road trip to see you too.
leah came over the other night to hang out w/ me, jose came up for a while but was a little um..."out of it". and he conned me out of like half a container of orange juice! jackass. what else did i do that night...hung out w/ jared and steve, made jared EZmac b/c he didn't feel like making it himself...that's right, didn't feel like making ezmac...then gummerson came back from practice w/ this huge suitcase that they keep their scale in! it was so bizarre it's like a huge black oldtime hard suitcase and the scale fits in there so you can take it anywhere. i was pretty intrigued by it. anywaaaay.....
yesterday during the day was pretty normal, went to american civ II we watched a video on the 1920's which was interesting and made we want to go talk to kip about looking into time travel. western civ was ok except for this one girl who talks all the time and delays the beginning of class w/ her comments...grrr. then to the gym with shepatone! which is always a good time. up to dinner w/ leah, and were later joined by jared, steve, ashley, and nass!!! crazy! so finally ash and nass met steve and jared so now they know who i'm talking about when i talk about them.
ummm went to night class which was really long, and right as patterson was ready to finish class people just kept asking him questions about stuff and we didn't get out til 9p. colleen, my RD, had pizza for all the Smith RA's so we got together for that and then headed over to the RA selection meeting thingy about 930p and didn't leave there until about 1130p...yeaaah took a little longer than i'd like and it was kind of tedious and seemed like people were just saying what they thought we'd want to hear and it was played out after about 15 minutes. and only a couple people really stood out...we have such a good staff this year and so many people are leaving, it's making me nervous for next year.

after that meeting i made steve go over to b.s. with me for a minute to say hi to kelly! she was pleasantly surprised b/c he's never been to her apartment before so we stayed there for a little while then headed back to smith. what happened there...not a lot, finished up some homework, gave away some food, hid some stolen food and dvd's, got in bed around 2am. and nothing much has gone on today yet, but jeremy is coming this afternoon and i believe we're going to see "sideways" and then bringing back some dinner to my room b/c i'm on duty tonight. so i'll let you know how that goes!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

snow day!

oh wait, nope, just kidding, there was no snow day. b/c centenary likes to be unique and that includes being the only school in the county open today! super. i can't believe classes weren't cancelled, it snowed like crazy last night! well actually we had a "delayed opening", something i haven't had since middle school. classes started at 11 and that's when my first class is. whee.
sooo yesterday i went to the gym w/ kel then went up to dinner w/ leah, steve, and jared. theeeen i took a shower and i was getting ready to clean up my room and i got a phonecall from...vicky!!! in italy!!! aaah i was so happy i can't even tell you. so we talked for about an hour i think and that really made my day i miss her sooo much. cleaned up my room...i think i want to move it around but i'm not really sure how, i'm tired of it the way it is. i need to get my bed tightened too, it's too squeaky and wobbly (it was like that when i got it...get your mind out of the gutter) and people are always making fun of me for it!
headed over to B.S. in the blizzard and hung out w/ kel and ashley...we had some really good talks about a lot of different things - kelly even closed her laptop for know it's a good conversation when she does that! oooo and we made blueberry muffins, they were so tasty. and that was pretty much it, we didn't do a lot just hung around and relaxed and talked about how there was no way in hell we'd be having school the next day. little did we know....we also wanted bodei to come over, but he was a loser and didn't! he could've done his Kip impression for Ashley, it's so hilarious he's so good at it. he and jared talk to each other in kip and napoleon voices, and one night they had me put my hair up in a side ponytail and be deb from the movie, it was awesome. anyhoo...
back to my room and passed out. my classes were such a waste today too. sociology we didn't even really do anything and in history of england people were constantly talking about stupid stuff and delaying the beginning of class! which meant we had to stay longer! shut your mouths people!
sooo i think that's about it...i have to try and figure out my spring break plans b/c my dad went ahead and used our credit card Airmile thingies on an flight for me to visit lisa at Wakeforest, but he didn't really check w/ me about the dates so it's kind of a mess right now! i'm going to try and call the people and see if i can get it changed and if not...i will have to figure something else out! yay. latas.