Monday, November 29, 2004

fun thing

my friend claire sent this to me in an email and i thought it was cute, so here ya go, it's about real friendship:

1. When you are sad - I will help get you drunk and plot revenge against the sorry b*stard who made you sad.

2. When you are blue - I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you.

3. When you smile - I will know you finally got laid.

4. When you are scared - I will rag on you about it every chance I get.

5. When you are worried - I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be and to quit whining.

6. When you are confused - I will use little words.

7. When you are sick - Stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don't want whatever you have.

8. When you fall - I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass.

This is my oath...I pledge it till the end. Why?, you may ask. Because you are my friend.

Remember: A good friend will help you move to a new place........A really good friend will help you move a body. Let me know if I ever need to bring a shovel.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

and happy hunting.

tomorrow hunting season opens, which is apparantly a huge deal in Honesdale, PA (kelly's hometown), b/c when i was at her house yesterday there was stuff about it everywhere. even some lady on the radio said "and happy hunting to everybody!" then she introduced the "new" vanessa carlton song 'ordinary day'....which is not new. it's like 2 years old. kel is right on when she says Honesdale can be like the twilight zone.
anywaaay let's do a lightning round of my week. last i wrote was on lisa's birthday, which from what i hear was a smashing success!! whee! saturday (last saturday...the 20th) i went down to Toms River w/ my mom and we spent the better part of the day babysitting my 2 baby cousins and got home late that night, sunday...oh right, i was hanging out at home until i realized that i had a sociology exam on monday that i hadn't studied for, so i got my butt back to school and went over to kel's apt and wendy came over and we studied our heads off! we did such a good job and we rocked the exam. monday night i was on duty, good times. tuesday was steve bodei's 21st birthday! yaay! and pretty much everybody left for thanksgiving break so i was here alone and it was pretty slow. oh right, and on tuesday i lost the bet w/ jared b/c i didn't run. so now i'll be his slave for a day at some point in the future.
wednesday morning i was up early to pack and check the dorm and head hooooome. and lucky for me, my brother re-downloaded Sims on his comp AND my dad found our old N64...ooh so much fun!! hehe. got chinese food that night, mmmm.
thanksgiving!!! so delicious and awesome. started cooking around 10am, had the meal at 3p, so much food. turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, candied carrots, green bean casserole, biscuits...i know. we couldn't eat dessert til like 9 b/c we were all soooo full. but it was a nice day with the fam, we had fun. friday i didn't do too much, yesterday i drove to kelly's house around 5p and we went to dinner and then drove to hang out w/ bill and his friend nick at bill's lakehouse about 20 minutes from honesdale. that was really fun we had a good time :)
todaaay we got up early and kelly took me to her barn to ride her horse! she gave me a mini-lesson and i'm really sore now. stupid horse...kidding! then we headed back to school and i unpacked all my stuff, went to Mama's for dinner, hung out w/ kel, andrea and johnny for a little while, then back to smith for some work, a shower, and nooooow i believe it is bed time. so there you have it, a quick recap of the past week...break was way too short and i can't wait for winter break when i can really relax...this whole break i kept thinking about all the work i have to do coming up...anyhooo i hope everybody had a good thanksgiving break, byeee bye.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Yay for Lisa's 21st birthday! She should have gotten her second wind by now and is probably on her...oh i would have to say at least her 13th drink. keep up the good drunk work, lis.
so obviously...i haven't written all week, but that's ok b/c now i can just give a brief recap and you will all love me for it!
basically the week was all class class class, i went running every day (!!!) and i'm really enjoying it...i've had to expand the loop i've been doing b/c the regular loop i was doing just became too easy! and i reversed it so now i'm running up the hill instead of down. i was on duty last night which was...a disaster. people were crazy loud and, i assume, crazy drunk. but whatever, kids gotta have their fun sometimes. and there was the always fun 4am knock on my door b/c someone locked himself out of his room. joy of joys. but hey, that's my job and the money's good so i can't complain!
ummm let's see....i think monday night? was it? i think it was monday night that i was, in fact, locked IN my room. yes that's right, locked in my room. i was getting ready for bed and i went to go into the hallway for something and realized... oh hey, my door won't open! hahaha...ha...ha? scared! i got really freaked out for a few seconds but then i remember that we have had to kick in my door before, so i wouldn't be stuck in there for long. so i called manny (other RA in my dorm) and he came to try and help me but the door wouldn't open from the outside either, so i called the RD on duty, meredith, and she came over and got security to kick the door into submission (didn't have to kick it open this time, apparantly a few good kicks were enough to get it back into shape..for now.). so that night and the next day i had to leave my door OPEN. and the maintenance people didn't come until like 330p, but it turned out that, surprise surprise, the door still didn't work. before i closed it i tested it and, yet again, it wasn't working. so i called Colleen (RD in my building) to come check it out and she brought her tools over and it was a whole crazy thing...long story short, the door/lock guy had to come back to campus (after having had more than few drink at his house) to try and fix my lock, but it STILL WASN'T FIXED. finally the next day it was fixed for good, and hopefully will stay that way for the rest of the year.
this morning i was supposed to help do some online survey for the freshman but the server wasn't working so that was a waste of time, and i was home by 1230p to do a whole lot of nothinnng which i love. and now i have to take my brother back to school b/c there's a school play going on!
oh and i got a postcard from vicky this week from greece (i also got one from kristin last week) so that was fun! and a little package from kate that had a great mix cd in yahoo for friends sending things in the mail! it's so fun :) bye bye.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

i lost an earring!!!

whyyyyyy did this happen??? i'm so sad. i don't know how i lost it :( hopefully i wasn't walking around w/ one earring for too long.
today i was over at Blair for Peddie Day and it was freeezing cold. and if i ever forget all the thing's money can buy, i know that all i have to do is drive over to Blair and i'll be reminded. sooo muccch money. everywhere. my little saturn felt so out of place! i was parked inbetween an Escalade and a Lexus SUV. and all the girls there looked like they were made with cookie cutters, it was kind of disturbing. and i didn't really see anybody i knew...and the people i did see i didn't want to talk to. but oh well.
the past week nothing really happend i don't think??? did it? perhaps. i don't think so though.
i went home yesterday and kristin called me from italy! woo! that was so nice i haven't talked to her in forever.
oh the 11th was veteran's day! yay dad!
ok i'm drawing a total blank on the week, sooooo ok goodbye for now!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I miss my girls! There's Lisa, Me, Kristin, and Vicky :) That was taken at the very end of summer at lisa's ski lodge of a house...kind of random to put in here, but i'm missin them so much!! Posted by Hello

Monday, November 08, 2004

Bobble-Head Teacher

My "Social Problems" prof talks she looks like a bobble-head doll!! It's so annoying.
anyways, friday night i saw "the incredibles" and i loved it!! so great and very funny, i recommend it! Went to sleepy, and on saturday jeremy, kel, and i took the saturn to dover and caught a train at about 10am, were in the city around 1130a and we met some of jeremy's friends for lunch at this diner type place...except that it was hideously overpriced. which i guess is what you'd expect at a place 2 blocks from Times Square. after that we walked over to the theatre at about 130p and found our seats, which were good! left of stage but only 4 rows back. The theatre was really nice it had that older look to it. The play was ok, not the best i've seen but it was fun to see anyway, then afterwards we walked around a little bit and checked out Times Square, and we figured out that there were so many people b/c the Marathon was the next day! Lots of people running around in spandex...yes it's as disturbing as it sounds.
the train ride back took FOREVER, the longest train ride of my young life...not really, it just felt that way. stopped at panera for food, then back to campus, chock full of drama.
sunday i headed home for the day at around noon, did laundry and such. oooh and my dad found a little baby mole! SO CUTE!!!! awww and i was holding it and stuff and it was so adorable i wanted to keep it, but when i was holding it in my hand it suddenly got this jolt of energy and started running up my arm, and i squealed and brushed him away and my dad and brother were laughing histerically at me. wellll at least they got a good laugh out of it. i was just afraid he'd climb up into my shirt or my hair or something and i'd be running around the yard like a crazy woman. luckily that was avoided.
watched some football w/ my dad, had some dinner, and drove back to school around 7p. walked to the hockey game around 830p and stayed for an was mucho frio in the arena, so when the 2nd period was over, jared and i walked to his car and took a Dairy Queen run, then i went over to B.S. to visit kel and the girls for a while. headed back to smith to help out with a um..situation, which ended up last til about 3am. wooooo. part of the job i guess.
slept like crap b/c i'm getting sick, and this morning i went down to get all the goodies for.....REGISTRATION!!!! da da daaaaaa! i have 4 classes i'm definitely taking, but the other 2 are a toss up. and as of right now i only have 1 class on tues/thurs. and i don't like that. b/c i'd go crazy. i also figured out that i think it's possible that i could graduate a semester early...i really think i could do it but i have to think about it and ask my advisor about it, my mom is really gung ho about it and wants me to go for it, my dad isn't sure yet, but i figure if i could save my parents the money of a semester, why not. plus then i could get going on grad school earlier possibly. or work that semester and summer and make some money towards grad school.
tonight i have an RA/RD meeting at 930p..wooo. it's supposed to last about an hour but i feel like they always end up being longer - oh right, that's b/c they do. whoopieeee. alright, gotta do some work, i have been slacking off big time. bye bye.

Friday, November 05, 2004

the killers - hot fuss

obsessed with the album!!! you should get it and see if you're obsessed with it too. then we can obsess together! or you'll hate it and i'll be like....ah damn.
anyhoo let's start this recap, i honestly don't know how i manage to NOT write in here all week, i don't do it on purpose, i swear.
so monday night i met andrea and kelly in the gym and we ran stairs and did LOTS of exercise, and after we'd been going for about half an hour, jose and victor found us and made us do more stuff. suicides, indian runs, jumping jacks, pushups, you name it, we did it. it was really fun i love working out w/ people! then bob the builder and jared came in the gym too and we were all in there for a while...til like 1130p or something crazy like that. showered, bedtime, TUESDAY.
3 classes, voted, eye doctor appointment at 4, home for din dins and to see the new explorer! which is really nice...despite the fact that i am against it's gas guzzling ways. but it's good for the winter so dad pulled the trigger and my mom can drive it around. and perhaps i can drive it around...road trip anyone? then back to school and on duty. which was pretty uneventful from what i remember. oh no wait...i think that night we updated the website. yes we did! and jared scared me b/c he hadn't eaten in forever and he was acting really weird b/c his blood sugar was super low, so i made him drink some orange juice. oh also, obviously, tuesday night was election night, so i spend most of the night watching the results come in!
wednesday, 3 classes..surprise surprise. went running w/ kel after we got out of social problems early, that was fun. class at 5..OH then kelly and i went to go eat at Panera! sooo goood. ah. i love when we eat there. theeen over to her apt for a little while to socialize w/ the girls and hang out. thursday...3 classes, got my history of england midterm back, aced it yaaay! then gave my dad a call and he suggested we go out to CB's for dinner! so met him there about 530p and we had a great dinner and some good conversation, yay dad :-) then back to school at 7 once again to be on duty (i covered for manny b/c he had to escort in the date auction) ...and thursday nights i think are the worst nights to be on duty. i hate them. but jeremy came to visit me so that was fun and he hung out here through 'ER'. then i had to yell at some drunk kids, nothing new. didn't get to bed til like 3am for some reason.
today got up, went to lunch, went running and did some other workout type things and here we are. my sunday blog should be better than this one b/c tonight i'm seeing 'the incredibles' w/ jer then tomorrow i'm going into the city w/ jeremy and kelly!!! i love the city! i wonder what famous people i'll see...b/c as you know i always see some sort of famous person when i'm in the city. so we shall seeee! adios!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Recap De La Weekend

Hello! Let's get this ball rolling. Friday! Got up and met my mom around 1p, was supposed to be earlier but due to some residents being ridiculously loud i didn't get to sleep until about 4am and i needed some extra sleep. Went to the P-burg mall w/ mom and we hit up H&M in a big way. i love that stoooore! new sweaters, aaaah. now if it would only get cold enough to wear them, that would be nice. hung out there til around...430p, then i drove to jeremy's house! we went out to eat at a tai food so good. i LOVE tai food. i think it might be my favorite ethnic food of all time. ah man it was so good. then we went to go see "the motorcycle diaries" - amazing film. south american is so beautiful!!! after seeing the movie all i wanted to do was go visit there and hike around like the guys in the film did. and the main dude, gabriel whatever his name is - incredible. and hot. and i love subtitled movies, they're so sexy, ya know? they are. especially this one. go see it. awesome.
back to jer's house for a little while to hang out, then hooome i went.
saturday morning up around 9 and out of the house by 10a w/ my mom to go down to Bergen County for a haircut thanks to my cousin nicole! and i think it turned out great i really like it! then we drove to ledgewood to meet my dad and bro (alex saw 'the grudge' with a girl friend of his!) and went shopping at 'kohls'! which is a great store i can't believe i've never been there before. bought jewelry and some christmas gifts (i know! go me.) then we all went to eat at Ruby Tuesdays...mmmm. then home!
watched 'the bone collecter' w/ my dad...which wasn't as scary as i thought it would be, and hello, denzel is in it. and we know how i feel about him. theeeen SNL where they made lots of fun of ashley simpson - mwaha. i don't like her at all. and johnny damon was on it - booo.
tried to sleep late on sunday but the fam is way way too loud so i was up around 9, but as it turns out that was ok b/c i took 2 naps later! dad made french toast..mmm. have you noticed that food was an important part of my weekend?! i love good food. so just kinda hung around the house, had dinner and headed back to school! oh and talked to vic online b/c she's back from greece! still in italy though.
back to school...whee. went over to b.s. to see kel for a bit, back here to sleep. todaaaay i had a presentation at 2p...oh we had our RA group photo this morning at 1130ish too. the presentation went well i guess, better than the last one. then i went to the boys soccer game for a while, then dinner, then class...then not a lot! hence the blog writing!
tomorrow is the election, i'm sooo nervous!!!! and i have an eye doctor appt at 4p so i'm going to vote directly after that! yaaaay voting! you better vote. i'm watching. bye now!