Tuesday, March 07, 2006

bloggy time

it's been a while since i updated, oops! actually not that bad, i forgot February only has 28 days so it's been like 6 days. no play-by-plays are necessary so i'll give a little summary!
last thursday we had a snow day, but not until after i'd already taken my exam at 930a of course. the rest of the day was a lazy one until about 7p when stacy and i headed over to 105 to party it up!! so much fun, i had such a good time :) then i went to applebees w/ stacy, steve, dave, lindsay, johanna, donny, and eric i think? there were a bunch of us, to get 1/2 price apps and that was tooooo b/c food is so good.
on friday morning i got bagels and worked on my life plan w/ stacy in the HUB til steve came back from belvidere. we took a little nap and then went out to eat at Charlie Browns for dinner! nice surprise for me! then we drove down to TCNJ to sleep over Emily's! we got ice cream from this little general store/dairy that makes their own ice cream-yummy! and we rented "red eye" - so scary. i thought it was good but had a weak ending though. oh, the reason we were at TCNJ is b/c steve was taking the praxis there early saturday morning so it was easier for him to sleep over there. so saturday he did that.
saturday night we ate dinner at steve's then went over to jana and don's to watch the north carolina vs. duke basketball game w/ jeremy and his parents. they're all huge duke fans so it was a rough game.
sunday i went home to do 4 loads of laundry, whee! and i was on duty? i think? yeah. and that was fine nothing really went on.
yesterday...classes, yoga was hardcore, gym was hardcore, shower was...not hardcore? dinner then did some work until my laptop gave me the blue screen of death adn we had a fire alarm which led to an incident that lasted til around 1030p. watched some Reno911 then sleepy time!
and now i'm off to the mall to meet up w/ my grandma and my cousin! adios!


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