Monday, June 28, 2004

the blair greed hat? oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKY!

which is apparantly what my dad says i was wearing when i told him i wanted to go to brussels for 3 days my last week here :( i'm sorry! being around all those rich people must've rubbed off on me more than i thought! dammit!
anyhooooo let's recap my day, i hear that's the cool thing to do around the blog watering hole!
did i write my last blog this morning? i don't even know anymore..yes, i did...ok so wrote the blog and sent vicky an email..a very happy birfday to you by the way, sexy beast that you are. got dressed, a necessity for work...i know, it's a bummer...went over to get kat, walked to work..which is so fun, never have i laughed so much at 930 in the morning, makes the crappiness of being up so early every morning and going to a really old rundown anti-american office that much more bearable!
got to work and as usual not much for us to do in the morning, so kat and i started talking about what we were doing that last free week, and she's going to paris that weekend to see her mom and sister and i'm going to scotland, then we said we wanted to go somewhere else b/c we are so close to so many places, and i've been wanting to go to brussels and she said she'd be up for it, so we looked up stuff about that for a while and got very excited (only for me to become very not excited when i told my mom and she looked at me like i had 10 heads that were all eating her money). then lunch! and more 'pride and prejudice', and back to work where cathy gave us stuff to do yay! can always count on her...the exciting work this time was that she gave me all the email addresses that she had sent emails to that didn't work, and we had to make a list of them and write the people names and numbres down so we can callt hem tomorrow morning (we don't have a phone so we have to do it early when nobody else is there...high tech.), then colm (evil excel man) gave me a call and said he had more excel stuff for us to do and we should go over to Leinster house (the parliament building) so we could get it! let me tell you...i was so excited to go in there b/c the general public really can't on an everyday basis, and i'm such a dork i couldn't wait! and it was sooooooo pretty! it used to be a really rich english (figures) family's house and they converted and expanded it into the government house, andt here's an original copy of the ireland constitution document hanging up...aaaaaah! and it was super cool then we went to his office (he's not really evil, by the way, he's actually really nice and funny and had the cutest picture of his daughter on his desk! aw!) and he told us what he needed us to do.....the same exact thing as last time but with 1999's election results, then do more percentages and see if votes went up or downa dn what the percent turnout was - wanted to cry for a second but i got over it and realized that i can do this. i so can. and he wants it by thursday. NO PROBLEM, COLM! happy to do it. well i guess that's what i'm here for anyway. so then it was raining, or "pissing" out so kat and i hung out in his office til it passed and found out he went to Trinity and then Oxford...hi there mr. smarty pants, how does it feel to be quite the genius? good? grand!
then we left and on the way out we saw this other man who works in the basement of our office and we've only seen him once..and i don't think he's seen the light of day in a while..i didn't even know there was an office down there. anyway he said he needed help filing stuff..i really don't want to go into the dungeon of the labour party head office, but i might have to...eeeeeeek!
then i went over to kinlay house (hostel where family is) and gabriel (hungarian) wouldn't let me go upstairs to get them so he tried paging them? which was stupid b/c they don't have speakers in their i sat down in the lobby and looked sad and he was like 'ok you can run up and see if they're there' so i did and they were and we talked about our days, yay.
then it was off to 'gallagher's boxty house' for some "traditional irish food"..which it says in huge letters on the front..trying to attract tourists, ARE WE?! but it was a really nice atmosphere, pub-like, and very yummy food! good time and good conversation...although my mom started crying halfway through b/c she was thinking about when she has to say goodbye to me this weekend........even though i'll only be gone wat, another 3 weeks? yeah.
done with dinner, said bye til we have lunch together tomorrow (no dinner b/c i have class) and i walkd over to Sussex so kat and i could finish da movie, and it was sooooooooooooooooooo good. on disc 2 it gets AWESOME and colin firth reaches new levels of hotness. including a scene where he has been swimming in his clothes and emerges all wet. and another scene where darcy (colin) says goodbye to lizzy and he's like 'goodbye' and then as she goes away in the carriage there is just this absolute look of love and like 'please don't leave me' on his face, we wtached it like 3 times it was so good!!! aah! rent it! make it an all day event! or wait for me to come home and i'll watch it again. and now i want to read the book real bad.
sooooo then i ran home ( was dark out. i was a little nervous.) and here i am! joy!
this weekend we're supposed to do a 'ring of kerry' trip but katie and rachel are planning it and i don't think my mom/aunt want to spend the money, but there is a hurling match on sunday SO i'm thinking we'l just do that and i'll be so happy and a hurling player will fall in love with me and look at me like darcy did to lizzy. yeah huh. i hope we can videotape b/c i really want to show you guys hurling...and you'll know why i love it so's like a super harsh and it's so physical and the men are so manly...k i'll stop now.
so i gues i shouldn't go to's only like 40 euro to fly though...but now i feel bad..and i am going to belfast and i really need the other trip? i have to think of a way to make it economically appealing like...i can pay 40 euro now or hundreds later if i want to make a separate trip from the U.S.! and nobody wants that.
ummm....haha oh yeah, on my way home i was walking down Grafton St and it was pretty empty and this short skinny guy with really done up hair walks up to me and goes 'excuse me can i talk to you about your hair?'...and i realy didn't know what to say so i was kind of like ' i don't think so?' and he explainedt hat he was from a salon that was opening and they had a promotion for the next 4 months and i said oh sorry i won't be here and he was asking me wehre i was staying...and i guess the definition of 'personal space' isn't the same here b/c he was like 6 inches from my face. and he was from england and i had just eaten so i was like..crap i probably have bad breath adn i feel really bad. but anyway i was bummed i couldn't get a good salon deal.
so i guess that's's almost july which is pretty CRAZY if you ask me..oha nd you should all read lisa's blog b/c it has pics of her new ski lodge...i mean house...on it and it's oh so pretty! but don't get caught up in reading her blog instead of mine. i'm in ireland dammit! just kidding! love you!

"in time of daffodils(who know
the goal of living is to grow)
forgetting why,remember how

in time of lilacs who proclaim
the aim of waking is to dream,
remember so(forgetting seem)" - in time of daffodils...


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