Tuesday, June 29, 2004

has she learned nothing from j.lo?

i'm sorry but i just have to...britney spears is an idiot. she's engaged to this dancer man? have we seen him? and we all remember what justin timberlake looks like? and justin did not have a girlfriend with one kid and pregnant with his child. and justin is HOT. and it's not like britney couldn't get anybody she wanted, but honestly...she's turning into j.lo instead of learning from her! engaged to her DANCER? helloooo, and already one marriage down the drain. i don't understand celebrities! and apparantly they got matching "double dice" tattoos? her's is pink and his is blue? poor britney. hurts her knee and now she needs more media attention so she gets engaged to her skanky dancer boyfriend who has 2 kids. *shaking head in severe dissaproval*


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