Tuesday, February 28, 2006

class makes me tired

so i'm in class and started to nod off so i guess its blog time.
saturday, steve and i got up semi early to run some errands b/c we were picking up Alex around 1p for his little family birthday party at my aunt's. ran to walmart to get alex a card and some birthday goodies, stopped to get a bagel and were on our way. we got to my aunt's house around 2p and stayed there til 5p. it was ok, i had a nice time but i'm at that point where you see the true colors of some of your family members and can't stand being around them. my cousin christine (former texas cousin but is now living w/ nj boyfriend) came though so i was hapy to see her. and i finally met her new boyfriend but only briefly, not long enough to actually form an opinion of him. i was glad to leave early b/c the family was annoying me, so we dropped alex off to go enjoy his birthday nigiht w/ his friends. we ran to Staples real quick and then i had to be back in the dorm to be on duty, which wasn't bad, had one write up and was woken up by different things throughout the night but it was ok.
sunday we got up early again to meet Loomis for bagels and that was fun. then steve and i went to the bookstore, Barnes and noble! steve needed a book to help him study for the Praxis so he did that while i looked at cookbooks whee! then back to CC b/c steve had to work in the HUB for a few hours. so i went to the gym and then kept him company b/c there was NOBODY in the HUB at all. oh until steve left me there alone to go get his keys and the kid who hits on every girl in school came in and started talking to me. good job steve.
i went up to dinner w/ stacy and was supposed to watch Desperate Housewives w/ her but it wasn't on! wtf! we were pissed. dancing w/ the stars was on instead-boring. so i went back to smith and hung out w/ steve b/c he was on duty. yeah we had a monopoly on duty this weekend. NOT sure how that happend but it blew.
yesterday...classes, yoga was good, then i went to workout w/ steve and dave. they run stairs in the pool room so i figured i'd give it a s hot and it was pretty good. and we did some in the weight room too where i saw kel and ange! wheee! then showers (not together...we split up for those) and up to dinner! after dinner i was going to take a SHORT nap but i fell asleep in steve's room til 715p oopsie. 15 minutes late for duty - yes, i was on duty AGAIN. i don't know why i haven't taken more mondays though, nothing happens, monday are awesome. stacy, gummerson, and jared came over - the boys wanted to study w/ steve. it was like a mini last year reunion! plus stacy, which made it more fun!
didn't get to bed til around 2a, which is probably why i'm so tired now. and we're watching those crappy "new jersey legacy" dvd's. so bad.
well that's about it, adios!

Friday, February 24, 2006

i am so...so...bored.

steve's on duty and i might start banging my head into the wall soon b/c that's how bored i am.
so yesterday...went to the diner w/ jeremy for a little breakfast/lunch...some people may call that "brunch" and i had french toast mmmm. then i went to vicky's!!! and we had fun and she told me a good story and i made her dinner. actually i think that's the only reason she had me over is b/c she needed someone to make dinner for her (her mama is out of town) but that's ok b/c i love cooking :) oh and i finally got her to watch '30 minute meals' with rachael ray! wheee! we watched one episode and i left to go to the bathroom and when i came back vicky was watching the second episode! i'm so proud *tear*
i had to be back to school by 830p b/c we had a meeting w/ carey to schedule (most frustrating scheduling meeting ever) and then to go through the dorm to write down what was broken, what needed some maintenance, etc. thennnnn steve went home so i went over stacy's and hung out w/ her, loomis, and watkinson til like 2am, that was fun! then i was woken up at 4am by a girl trying to get back into her room b/c her roomie "fell asleep" (or passed out?), then again at 930am by the freakin guys cutting down trees and putting them through the wood chipper thing. realllllllll nice.
went to lunch w/ stacy, went to the gym for a while, showered, and went to the hub to work on a project w/ stacy. took a little nap when steve got back from belvidere (yay teacher) then i went and picked us up something to eat b/c he's on duty. as you know.
now loomis is here and we're chillin but he didn't bring me cookies and that's sad. ok bye.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

people need to start saying funny things to me

b/c then i can put them in the blog title. come onnnn say funny things to me!
so after class on tuesday i was going to nap but there was other stuff i wanted to do when i got back to my room so i stayed awake. but to do what...oh right, i took the roses steve gave me for V-day and i hung them upside down around the room - not an easy task. why? b/c since i didn't have string, i had to use rubber bands that i cut into thirds. not easy to use small rubber band pieces as string! very frustrating but i hung them up and now i just have to find out what to do after they dry. anybody? please?
stacy got out of class early and came to hang out w/ me and then steve got out so we went to lunch! then stacy and i went to WalMart b/c she needed...i can't tell you. only b/c it would be embarassing for her. and no its not condoms. anyhoo! then i went to the gym, whee! and i went around 2p so there was nobody there, yay. sometimes i like that better b/c there's more room to do some free weights and stuff w/ the big exercise ball. when all the guys are in there they mull around for 10 minutes in between lifting for 20 seconds and i feel like i'm in the way.
finished working out, showered, went up to dinner and then stacy and i had to watch "the matrix" for our Sociological Theory class, which wasn't bad, i like that movie. the rest of the night was pretty slow.
yesterday i had class til 1215 then had a doctor's appointment and didn't get back to campus til 215 so i missed yoga :( dinner, class from 5-715..which was slow until the people outside started yelling for about half an hour..then i was on duty, which was slow until our posse round at 11p. but the dorm stayed pretty quiet so i was in bed by 1a! yahoo.
now i'm in class again writing le blog. and after this i'm meeting up w/ jeremy to get some brunch, whee! and going to see vicky later! :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the twizzle

if you don't know what the twizzle is then you haven't been watching ice dancing on the olympics. steve loves him some twizzle. anyhoo here's what i wrote in class today for my blog:

10 minutes into class and I feel like I'm going to fall asleep, so I'm writing this out to put in the blog later! I last wrote on Friday? I think? I can't remember if i wrote about going to the mall or not, but I went to the mall w/ my mom and Christine and grandma ended up meeting us there, so that was nice. i managed to find a dress the first place i went into, yay! bought shoes and jewelry to go along w/ it and i was good to go! friday night i was on duty...oh i also went to the gym when i got back from the mall...and that was pretty boring, which is good. i'd rather it be boring than have 100 drunk freshmen walking around.
saturday i took steve to my h ouse b/c i had like 2 weeks of laundry to do and i couldn't wait any longer to do it. running low on socks and underwear! didn't want to go commando to the dance. so we went to my house after brunch and hung out there. i cooked for steve! yummy. we got back to school around 530 and were leaving for the dance at 715 so i had to hustle a little bit. stacy came over while i was getting ready (i think just to watch me get changed...) b/c she took duty the night of the dance and SOMEONE (mean RD) wouldn't let her go :(
steve and i drove up around 730 and got there w/ dave and lindsay and we were i think the 2nd table to show up. none of the buses had left from CC yet so the whole room was empty, except for the crappiest DJ i've ever come across. i don't even know what music he was playing, at some point i think he was playing really obscure 90's music - not 1 hit wonders, the songs that never even make it that far. absolutely awful. but we picked a good table and ended up having it to ourselves the rest of the night. finally other people started showing up and kelly, ang, and ash came (after a near fight w/ a certain authority who wouldn't let them on the bus) and obviously when they showed up the party was kicked up a notch. they didn't let us eat dinner til 930 which didn't leave too much time for dancing after that. but the dance was fun overall, and Lindsay got dave to dance! yay! i do have pics from the night, but they're on steve's camera and i'm waiting for him to bring the computer cable back. any day now.
sunday we slept in, went ot brunch, then i went to walmart b/c my mom forced me to do something w/ her. so i picked up a few things there, came back to school, went to the gym, and went to STeve's house for din dins. then back to school for an exciting night of...nothing. oh except of course for Desperate Housewives! love that show, and now i've gotten steve hooked on it too. mwahaha!
yesterday we didn't have classes so steve and i decided to go to Woodbury Commons, an outlet mall in new york. we spent like 4...maybe 5...hours there and i bought some stuffff. it's a huge place we had a good time walking around. interestingly there was a large international population there, and we're still not sure how/why they were there. i mean most people visiting NYC don't have cars so i'm not sure how they got up there. but anyway it was fun. on the way back we stopped at Rockaway b/c there was a skirt there i wanted to buy, and then we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner...so good. Grits, biscuits, and eggs, so yummy! then back to school to collapse from exhaustion. so now i'm in my one class of the day and i slept like crap last night so i might have to take a nap. adios!

Friday, February 17, 2006

end of the week round up

well hello there. it's been almost a week since i update, that's no shocker, it takes a little while to get back into the swing of the blog.
so tuesday was valentine's day!!! and it was really fun, my first ever with an actual valentine :) steve gave me half a dozen roses and a bag full of different dark chocolate! YUM-O he knows what i like. then we went out to dinner to Enzo's pasta grill and that was great, delicious italian food and we got a little table in the corner, very romantic. then we drove to continental airlines arena for the Seton Hall vs. West Virginia basketball game!! that was my gift to steve b/c WVU is one of his favorite college basketball teams. our seats were in the upper level but right in the middle of the court, very nice. and all the people that were around us happend to be WVU fans as well so we didn't feel out of place or anything. unfortunatly, WVU lost but we still had a good time and it was a great valentine's day :)
the best part of wednesday was yoga b/c our teacher totally kicked our butts, but in a good way. we did some new exercises, i love that class. and then at the end we relax and it's so niiiice. then i went to the gym for like 15 minutes b/c i was too tired from yoga. night class almost put me to sleep (sociological theory...borrrrrrrrring). then we went over to the basketball game, which was probably the most exciting i've ever been to...we still lost by 30 points but one guy on the team scored his 1000th point and it took til the last minute for him to do it so it was really exciting! then...oh then i went to the sociology/criminal justice club meeting w/ stacy b/c they were watching a movie and ordering pizza and i wanted in on the pizza. we watched "American History X" and i'd never seen it before, very good but very disturbing.
todaaay i had one class and did lunch, then steve and i walked to quick check b/c i had to get money out, and it was so nice outside i figured we could just walk there. then we bought tickets for the dance on saturday and i went to the gym, whee!
tonight i also went to blair w/ vicky to see the play they're doing...it was pretty good but kind of long...then back here and now i'm hanging out w/ stacy! and that's all for now. tomorrow i'm going to the mall yaaaaaay. k bye.

Friday, February 10, 2006


hola. so i last wrote on tuesday...i was on duty tuesday night, we all know that's not too exciting. wednesday was full of classes and steve was on duty so its kind of like i'm on duty too b/c i hang out w/ him. and he started to feel sick on wednesday night so that wasn't too fun either. thursday he really felt sick so he went home and has pretty much been there ever since. i guess there's a flu bug going around campus that he caught, so that sucks.
thursday i only have the one class so i spent the rest of the day doing some work. oh and i went to the gym w/ kelly earlier in the day and then we went to lunch so that was nice! she never comes to lunch. thursday night stacy was on duty so i went over to wash to hang out w/ her, and johanna came over and we watched "just like heaven", such a cute movie....

...hold up...i'm going out! whee!

ok so that was hilarious. kelly im'd me and asked me if i wanted to go to applebees w/ her, ang, ash, and jess, but i could only go if i didn't wear a bra. so i didn't, and we went! and then on the way back we did like 4 drive-bys of the mardi gras party that was going on b/c we were trying to see who was there and if it was crowded, which it was...but we couldn't really see anybody. but it was hilarious and we were all cracking up, it was a good time!

but anyway back to finishing up my little 'end of the week' summary...thursday night the freshmen were loud and out of control and that was frustrating....but when is that not the case, really.
today (friday) i went to the gym, lunch, hubbed it w/ stacy, sara, and johanna, cleaned up my room, was a bit of a bum, then went to our katrina reunion dinner at 6p, that was ok. good food actually, yum. so they had a couple people speak and we saw some slide shows...which i was a little dissapointed in b/c the girl and guy w/ the official cameras only went around w/ a couple groups...so we saw a lot of pics of the same people over and over. after that a bunch of us went to Charlie Browns but steve and i didn't stay long b/c the smoke was bothering us. so he dropped me off and went home to rest more. then kelly im'd me and you know what happend there...

so now i'm just sitting in my room debating whether or not i should try to go to bed now or wait for more people to get back from the party so i don't get woken up later.....yeah these are the highlights of my saturday night...don't act like you're not impressed.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

sorry VICKY!

ok so vicky got mad b/c i said nothing happened over thanksgiving break, which was a lie. i just couldn't think of what i did so i said nothing went on, but in reality, kristin came home from st. louis b/c her dad got married on thanksgiving! and then the next day lisa came up to visit! los bandidos! and now that i think about it we really had a good time, we came to hackettstown one night and met up w/ steve and jeremy and had some drinks and then played a game at steve's house, it was fun! whee! (there vicky, happy now?)
but back to present day...pittsburgh won the super bowl, boooo. i really wanted the seahawks to win :( but steve did end up coming to the house even though he felt sick, and i feel bad b/c i made some really really good food and he just had to sit there and watch alex, my dad, and me eat it. i'm a damn good cook. but it was fun we watched the game and the commercials and then we headed back to school where the freshmen were all hyped up (and drunk?) from the superbowl parties they were at. whee.
yesterday i had a morning full o' classes but then yoga was cancelled! sad! i was really looking forward to it, bummer. but i went to the gym for an hour instead and i usually don't get to work out for that long so that was fun. sara and stacy worked out too (well...stacy worked out for a little bit but then went to take a nap. wimp. kidding!). then of course steve was on duty last night so we didn't go to the girl's basketball game, which was apparantly the most drama-filled game EVER! fights broke out, people quit the team, girls were ejected from the game, complete madness it sounds like. i still have to get the full story on that but it just figures...we've been to every game this season and the one we miss is the one w/ the most action. booo.
i already had my one class of the day today so...i guess i'll spend the rest of the day reading for my 57237567 sociology classes that i'm taking. yaaaaaaay! bye.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

not even going to try to update you...

...not on what's been going on since August, anyway. So i'll just give you the very basic overview. August I came back to school and did RA training, which is always bundles of fun. September 16th was my birthday which was REALLY FUN!!! if you weren't there you missed out, it was a really good time. and of course, my birthday was the day steve and i got together and became a couple! ok so all of you who saw this coming since last year, feel free to say "i told you so"...go ahead, let it out...good job.
Classes last semester were ok, except for Research Methods which totally kicked my ass and dropped my GPA. wah. Thanksgiving break was...nothing special as far as i can remember. Christmas break was though!
Over Christmas break I went down to New Orleans w/ like 130 other CC students for 10 days and we helped in the relief effort down there...it was awesome i loved every minute of it. steve went also so that helped. We got to go into the city a couple nights while we were down there and spend some time on Bourbon Street! Great experience all around. Oh also before break, Kristin, Vicky, and Lisa all came to visit me! That was cool b/c we've never all been at my school at the same time before! My cousin Christine came to visit also, and now she's actually moved up here to live w/ a guy she met over Christmas.
RA retreat was unusual, we went into the city to see "Avenue Q" and then did some stuff at school before the residents came back. It's been a challenge living in the freshmen dorm this year but i'm making it work the best i can and not letting it get the best of me. And there's only one semester left so i can only do what works for me and focus on graduating strong.
of course i couldn't just graduate w/ a double major, what's the fun in that? i picked up sociology as a minor, so i'm taking 3 sociology classes this semester, along w/ history of new jersey and...YOGAAA! yaaay i love yoga its so much fun and it's so good for you.
hmmm the other story i wanted to tell was when steve, cherilynn brooks (works at the college and also went on the katrina trip), and i went into NYC to do an interview for an ABC show called "New Jersey Viewpoints"! how exciting!! it was a lot of fun, we took the train in and got some lunch before heading to the studio, where we saw Regis (very short and wears a lot of orange makeup....eep.) and we saw steve's fantasy woman, Sade Baderinwae. We were interviewed by Steve Bartelstein in a 7 minute long segment and it'll be on ABC on feb 12th at...530am. sooooo i'll be taping it if you don't want to get up at 530am and watch tv haha.
so that was wednesday...thursday i had my one class of the day, went to work out, and was on duty that night. friday...didn't do much. yesterday...boring.
today i'm going home for the superbowl, steve was supposed to come w/ me but he just called and said he feels sick, so that's a bummer. but it's my dad's birthday tomorrow so today is a superbowl/birthday day for him!
bye for now.