Tuesday, March 14, 2006

oh sometimes, sooooometimes.

i'm so bored, its definitely a blog-in-class time. let's see i wrote last tuesday. before i went to the mall? i guess. the mall was fun i bought a couple things and had lunch w/ my cousin, mom, and grandma.
wednesday blah blah, thursday whoop de do, friday was go to allentown day. steve was taking a soccer coaching class at muhlenberg and wanted me to go w/ him. we stayed at his friend jeremy's apt and it was a really productive weekend for me, i got a lot of work done. friday night we ate at outback, which i haven't been to in forever - so yummy! saturday jeremy took me on a little tour of muhlenberg's campus, i twas such a nice day out and that campus is so pretty. on steve's lunch break we went to wawa for sandwiches. you know they have little computers you pick your sandwich with?! neat! the rest of the day i just did work, and saturday night we went to barnes and noble for a little while and then, after long debate, decided to eat at wegmans - so fun! so many choices. oh, wegmans is a big grocery store w/ a section of it devoted to cafeteria-sort of type food. but so much better. anyway it was fun and during dinner steve was eating a piece of chicken w/ his plastic fork and it broke. funny, but for some reason it didn't strike me as funny until later that night when i was falling asleep. after dinner we all watched the latest harry potter, it was o.k. i didn' think it was too great but oh well.
sunday...same was saturday pretty much. steve was done around 4p so we headed back to jersey, had dinner at his house, and then back to school. i went over to wash to study theory w/ stacy - of course we paused to watch 'desperate housewives', studied a little more.
yesterday, another beautiful day :) had classes and after yoga, stacy, steve, sara, kelly and i walked to rita's for our first italian ice of the season! whee! so delicious. i was on duty last night which, for some reason, was like 'hang up signs' night. i had so many flyers to hang up. a bunch of us went to hear a DUI speaker and he was really good, powerful story, good message. rest of the night was kinda fun b/c people hung out in my room! whee! but at like 1am a tracter trailer pulled into smith parking lot..weird.
so today...in class, then to the gym b/c i'll be sitting on my butt the rest of the day studying. adios.


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