Monday, June 28, 2004

kilkenny kastle is kool

soooo let's go back in time to saturday, shall we? woke up, packed a little overnight bag and walked over tot he hostel in the misty rain and met up with the fam in the lobby. they had to wait til the hour to put their luggage in the safe luggage room so we waited for a while, then they did that, the hungarian man behind the desk flirted with christine (my cousin) and the australian man behind the desk flirted with my mom. ouch. and ouch. am i invisible?! i think i might be. like bruce willis in the sixth sense, how only the little boy can see him...well maybe only women can see me and that's why no men speak to me! aaaaah mystery SOLVED!
anyway, i took the fam over tot he dublin tourism office and they had a fun time trying to figure out what the wanted to do, i had to explain to my mom 5 times that dublin does not have a train system int he city, but each time she would go up to a poor tourism persona nd say 'so how much is a pass for hte city train system?'......the benefits of an expensive education right there folks. but they had fun looking at all the gifts and stuff in there and we bought tickets for the 'dublin city bus tour'...which is the ultimate in tourism annoyance but i had to do it and it was actually pretty good. it goes by all the good attractions but we only really got as far as St. Patrick's b/c my aunt wanted to stay and hear the visiting choir that was from Sacremento. what are the chances. so we sat and listened to them then when we were getting up to leave this completely wasted man was stumbling downt eh aisle of the church SINGING att he top of his lungs...i was so embarassed for the choir. and he sat down on a bench and just kept singing, then these 2 guys came over and like forcibly dragged him out. people, let's remember, drinking heavily before noon not advisible when you willb e going into a church!!!!
then we got back on the bus but it was too late for them to do the guinness storehouse so we kept riding the bus around and eventually got off at o'connell street! where i hadn't been yet so that was exciting! and i finalllly saw the GPO...awesome. just awesome.
walked around there, stopped to get some fish and chips...i'm such a bad person..i don't like fish......but i ate it anyway b/c i was hungry. and we stayed there for a while and talked, then walked around o'connells treet some more. then back on the bus and got off at trinity b/c chris and i wanted to walk around grafton street. so we went in some stores, she bought a really cute dress, i bought a really cute...purse. ah! i ca'nt stop! but it was only 12 euro!!! and it was so nice and black and i don't have one of those! so shhhh! don't judge me by my purse problems!!!!! :(
ummm what then..back to the hostel i think, moved into the next room which was ont he 3rd floor...oh but before that the hungarian (gabriel) and the australian (dee...or as my mom calls him "dee pabst" b/c that's his full name and how she refres to him.) continued to flirt with my family and i continued to think that i have some sort of invisible shield surrounding me? or ireland has made me really ugly and i just haven't noticed it?! i don't knoooooow! but yay for chris and mom. actually dee asked my mom where her husband was, and winked at her. kill me now.
then went out for some dinner and then to a pub for a drink...and i do mean A drink. then back tot he hostel for sleep. which wasn't really sleep b/c it was so damn loud out.
then up real early b/c we had to go to mass at 930, which we did and it wast he fastest mass EVER. this guy was good. it was barely 30 minutes. awesooooooooooome. and katie met us there b/c she and rach (and caitlin.) were going with us to kilkenny. jess didn't want to go b/c she had just been in belfast all weekend so she stayed home to relaxo. rach couldn't make it to mass b/c she lost her digital camera...sooo awful. i feel so bad for her..all those pics and money lost. but i think her dad is sending her another one so she'll be ok!!! then over to the bus station to catch the bus we thought was leaving at 1130 but didn't leave til noon...whee.
got on the bus, 2 hours later we wree in kilkenny! which is SUCH a cute little town i loved it. and we saw the castle, very beautiful, took a tour and whatnot..i relaly enjoyed that it was fun. then we got some dinner and back on the bus back to dublin! left the fam and came back to our apartment to collapse from tiredness. oh no, i made jess go to spar with me b/c i needed a snack. whee! then back here and i was going to write this last night but someone who had been home all weekend by herself was using the comp. that's cool. i'll just sleep then.
oh i did call claire though! (she says hi kelly!) and we made some plans to see each other like 3 weekends, which is far away but better late than never!!!!! and the weekend after that i'll be in scotland and she might be there too! how cool would that be. honestly. so cool.
then to sleep after reading some more of the book i borrowed from my gone with the wind man, ashley. i think it's called 'may god in his greatness have mercy on belfast' and it's all first hand accounts of the troubles that some englishman put needless to say i think they're a little bias. in fact a lot bias. but such is life.
and now i have to rush and get ready for work! b/c it's already 912! eeeeee! bye bye!

"guilt is the cause of more disorders
than history's most obscene marorders" - guilt is the cause of more disorders...


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