Thursday, June 24, 2004

excel is the devil

it's true.
so how have you all been, i know it's been like 2 days since i wrote and i'm oh so sorry...were you just sitting at the computer staring at my day old blog, pondering the reasons why i hadn't written a new one? i bet you were.
so let's see...yesterday was wednesday..what did i do...ah yeah, kat and i got to work around 930 to find jackie (secretary, really nice lady) outside downstairs b/c she forgot her keys. keep in mind that kat nad i had just walked 15 minutes through rain and wind that was blowing this rain in like 10 different directions. the back of my legs were does that happen? so we were none too happy to find out we were stuck outside. but then, of course, it stopped raining like 2 minutes later so we decided to go pay for our Clare trip at IES. when we got there we talked to megan and eamonn for a while, no ashley though...haha i just found a pic of him on the ies website...but i'm not telling you where it is b/c it doesn't do him justice!
right soooo hang out in ies, walk back to work around 1030, but there was noooothing for us to do. like absolutely nothing. so at 11 we told jackie we were going to take lunch and she told us not to come back til around 230, adn that's what we did! we started watching 'pride and prejudice' which i've never seen but kat loves it - and colin firth is in it...hello gorgeous.
but when we got back cathy was there and she had lots of stuff for us to do, so while we were putting together more signs we were talking to her about the irish education system which was very enlightening, and i asked her if she was from near belfast and she was! yay for me pickin up on that accent! (thanks to claire for that one) when we were done with that cathy took us to a photo op by the river liffey...the deputy mayor was getting his pic taken putting up white flags around the liffey to show that ireland is for peace and whatnot, but there were like no people there, i think she expected it to be a big turnout and it really wasn't. so after that i met jess by her work b/c its' right across the liffey and we were meeting rach and katie at O'Neills which is only abuot 10 minutes from there. so we went to o'neills and let the girls know we were there and had a drink while waited. i had Fosters which i liked at first but towards the end of the pint, really not so good. sorry australia.
rach and katie got there and we ordered our food, which i didn't think was that bad but it could've been better..and we hung out there for a little while, then went over to TGIF b/c we were craving some girly drinks...and you'll never guess what i had, i was so excited...
A HURRICANE! hhehehe like in the song! it was so delicious too. then i had a margarita..which i didn't like as much but it was fine. but ic ouldn't get over the hurricane, so fun and so yummy! and we stayed there for a while just talking and hanging out, then went home around 1030. my mama called me and we talked for a long time about whta she should pack and whatnot, i cant' believe they'll be here tomorrow morning i'm so happyyyyyyy. but i feel bad for my dad b/c he'll be home all alone for 10 days...i told him to go down to A.C. and i think he was tempted!
i thought i was done but i still have to write about today. damn.
soooo today, went to work, normal time, and kat and i were going to start this project that a labour man gave us yesterday (which basiclaly is to take all the election results and organize them in a spreadsheet, including percentages and can imagine how excited i was.) but the computers died. of course. so once again, we're there with nothing to do. but at 11 we met cathy at Buswell's hotel by the Dail for a press conference that all the liberal parties were giving in regards to the protests...and it was really hard for me to sit through that b/c some of the things they were saying were just...not true? or just reallllllllly realllllly slanted. but on the plus side they were very careful to say that these weren't anti-american protests, just anti-current admimnistration protests. so that was nice. but then they made a nasty comment about american soldiers and like...something about them walking around the duty free shops in shannon, but it was really nasty and i got angry. b/c we know how i am about the military.
sooooooo after that we took lunch, but only an hour today b/c wer ealy had to work on that spreadsheet. so back to 17 Ely Place we went! that was around 1, and for the next 5 hours my life was ruled by the evil Excel *shudder*. kat got to go home and work on it b/c her comp doesn't have Excel, and at around...430 one of the men from upstairs came in and saw what i was doing and was like 'oh you're using the wrong newspaper...all those number are wrong'...i swear i gave him look of death and i said 'well this ist he paper that colm gave me. so this is what i'm using. and i can't start over.' and i think i honestly scared him with my ice bitch exterior b/c he was like 'oh...yes well if he gave it to you..just be sure and check it with - ' and i was like 'yes i have the other paper to check it with. thank you.' then i got worried he'd fire me, then i remembered they don't pay me so they can't fire me MWAHAHAHAH. yeah but after my mini heart attack i asked cathy for a disk to save it on, and worked for another hour. then kat called me to ask me something, i picked up the phone, and when i hung up, my last hour of work was gone. GONE. with the wind, you might say. it just disappeared and was lost in the vast megabites of my crappy ass computer forever. after that i figured i'd had JUST about enough, so i quietly packed up and left with all my papers to finish the excel at home (b/c colm needs it by 10am tomorrow, even though we don't work on fridays..but he's a nice man and he said he realllly needed it, like he'd be in trouble if he didn't have it), so i stopped at kat's to give her the other papers, was home around 630 and finished around 830. joy. but that's done so yaay.
then i watched the england vs. portugal soccer match...and i don't like soccer but england's entire team is hot, so i had to watch (michael owen...hi, i've liked him for like 5 years. and he scored the first goal tonight.) and it was a greaaaaaat match so exciting. it went into OT (or ET as they call it here...extra time), then another ET, then shoot outs...i coudln't sit still, i felt like how vicky feels watching hockey during the playoffs. david beckham missed his penalty kick horribly, i felt really bad for him, michael owen made his (of course) and eventually they tied kicks 5-5 and went into sudden death! aaaah! england scored, portugal scored, england missed, the portugal goalie kicked the winning penalty against hot english goalie man. i was so sad. then i felt bad b/c i know all of ireland was like..rooting against england, obviously. but i couldn't help it! too much hot! i'm sorryyyyyyyyy!
anyway, that was fun, and katie and rach are going to Belfast this weekend for 2 days, then on sunday they're going to kilkenny and i think i'm going to go witht hema dn take my family b/c it'd be fun! and they have all week to explore dublin, which really doesn't take thaaaaat long. so whee!
emmm...yeah i guess that would wrap it up. family arrives around 10am!! hehehe! ah.
ok then...poem for you and sleepy time for me!

ask "life, the question how do i drink dream smile

and how do i prefer this face to another and
why do i weep eat sleep-what does the whole intend"
they wonder. oh and they cry "to be, being, that i am alive
this absurd fraction in its lowest terms
with everything cancelled
but shadows
-what does it all come down to? love? Love
if you like and i like,for the reason that i
hate people and lean out of this window is love,love
and the reason that i laugh and breathe is oh love and the reason
that i do not fall into this street is love." " - you being in love...


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