Saturday, April 30, 2005

get back, grandpa! thought i wasn't gonna update for a whole week again, didn't you? well hah! it's only been 6 days. take that. hehe.
pretty average week, i had lots of work to do and spent most of my free time doing that - how fun. wait actually it was kind of a busy week. monday was slow but tuesday morning we had a fire drill! it was supposed to be at 7a so i woke up at like 650a and waited for it and it didn't end up going off til like 707a and it scared the crap out of me! went back to sleep for a little while and then met up with ashley for breakfast! that was nice, then i did some work until my 1230p my exam back - 105% baby whoop whoop! then i went to my 2p class w/ patterson but when he started class he said i could leave b/c he was going over colonialism and i've gone over that w/ him in all my other classes. so i left while the rest of the class gave me dirty looks - hahaaaaaaa sucks for you. um...worked out, went to dinner. later that night kel and the girls had to pick their b.s. apartment for next year, so i went down to campus life w/ them while they were doin that. they didn't get back into 102, they're down the all in 105 now but ange still has the same apt. oh i also went out to dinner w/ jeremy that night b/c he was accepted into york university in england! yay jeremy! we went to Fujiyama and it was soooooo delicious, then saw "kung fu hustle". oh duh, before i went out w/h im i had to go to an RA dinner (no i didn't eat 2 dinners...i only had some salad at the RA dinner) so that the returning and new RA's could meet each other. but a lot of people couldn't show up felt a little pointless. anyhoo.
tuesday...d'olivo gave us a new project to do in sociology and nobody had a clue as to what was going on, surprise surprise! brought my laptop to my afternoon history class b/c i've been bored in there lately. i think....tuesday was also the day that sam called me and we talked for about an hour :-D that made me really happy. that was another reason i had to bring my laptop, b/c vicky was online and i had to tell her all about my convo - i was suuuuper excited. after class i had to talk to patterson about switching one of my exams and i was all worried he was going to be angry about it but he said it was fine, so that worked out well and now i'll have nothing to worry about when i leave for texas on the 12th! i'll be totally done w/ this semester. whee!
wednesday...i was supposed to be on duty but then manny's game was switched to thursday so i switched days w/ him. went to my classes, worked out, dinner, and then at 530p kel and i went to go see the boys play softball! that was really fun and ash showed up too! we were the cheering section hehe. headed to my night class at 630p...that was a tough one b/c patterson lectured on WWII and the holocaust and it was pretty depressing :-/ went back to smith after class and then i had a RA meeting at 10p til about 1115p...took foreeeeeeeever, way longer than i felt was necessary. went over to b.s. for a little while to see how everybody was doin, then back to smith and to sleeeeeeep.
thursday was normal...classes, worked out, dinner, duty. wrote up some people (sorryyyy) and slept. friday i headed home for a couple hours to do laundry and then came back to school and met up w/ jeremy to get dinner and see "the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" and i really enjoyed it. back to school and then we walked back to check out the carnival and met up w/ ash, ange, and johnny, then jeremy left and the rest of us stayed til they started closing down around 10p. i went back to bs102 and hung out there til around 12, then went back to smith and hung out w/ the boys til around 230a and then went to sleeeepy.
this morning i went to brunch w/ ashley and then brought my stuff over to bs102 and did work pretty much all day and now i'm takin a break to do this! supposed to be more crappy weather which might hinder the flag football/softball games, sad.
k bye bye!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

i <3 food network.

so much fun! you know you love it. especially emeril b/c he's AWESOME. and iron chef america! how do they do it!?
another full-week update b/c i'm a little short on time to do them every day/every other day. so here we go then. tuesday! i switched duty days w/ steve so i was on duty tuesday night. but during the day i had classes, worked out, and then somehow kel and i decided to go to panera for dinner, i don't know why we decided that. and we brought the food back to smith and chowed down, yum.
wednesday...4/20! spent the entire day celebrating! onnnnnnnnnly kidding that's not my thing. at all. but i did have class w/ many stoned people. oh i also had a quiz that day, boo. but i think i rocked it so yay. then after my 2p class kel said she and the girls were going to the baseball game and it was such a nice day out i decided i'd go as well! that was ok, not too many people there though and there isn't a scoreboard or anything so i didn't know what inning it was or what the score was or anything. back to school in time for my 630p night class, where i was allowed to leave at half time! b/c we were going over stuff in the 2nd half that i've learned 100 times so patterson said i could go. sooo then i went to rita's italian ice w/ kel...ok starting to realize where all my money went last week.
thursday...wasn't one of my better days.
friday...spent most of the day in kel's apt relaxing and doing work, went to bed early. mom came to pick me up and we went to the movies and then out to lunch, that was nice. had dinner w/ kel and nass, went back to smith to do work and sleep.
today i had to go to a presbyterian church for my sociology of religion class (it could've been any church besides catholic) so i did that at 1030a and then headed home and was home around 1p. did my laundry, fed the birds w/ my dad (he had tons of bagels from the bakeries in teaneck that needed to get rid of their bread...b/c of the jewish holiday), went up to shoprite w/ dad and bought some stuff to get me through these last couple weeks of school, went home and made dinner. then i had to switch cars again :-( now i have the old '95 ford explorer. i feel i'm being punished for bad behavior. this is the car my dad takes garbage to work in, and now i'm cruisin in it. super!!! it's ok though i don't really care. drove back to school, lugged all my stuff upstairs, parked the car, stopped in to see b.s. 102 and now i'm back in my room watching "iron chef america" and getting ready to do a couple hours worth of work. i have a take home exam due wednesday for western civ so i think i might do that now and then focus on my paper the rest of the week. alrighty bye bye.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

let me give you the lowdown

tuesday was normal, classes, fun times, then i was on duty...wheeeeee. and that was really boring from what i remember. since nobody hangs out w/ me anymore when i'm on duty.
wednesday my 1230p class was cancelled so the boys and i decided to go to Hot Dog Johnny's for lunch! mmm delicious. and not as much making fun of me as usual! i haven't been to hog dog johnny's since i was little...i think after a softball game in elementary school we went or something, it's so fun there, everybody should go. GO! then we went to rita's but only jared got something and i got an iced coffee from dunkin donuts and made it back to campus just in time for my 2p class, where i found out i was getting a history award! oooooo! i am so smart, s-m-r-t. but not smart enough to realize that if i downed an entire iced coffee in about 15 minutes that my head would be buzzing and i'd be off the wall. when will i learn? and then...i probably worked out w/ kelly and got dinner...oh and maybe this was the day that jared went home and got his quaite boards (think horseshoes but with rubber round things you throw, not horseshoes) and they had that set up in the hallway and were playing that. aaaaaand gummerson and jared said they were going to hang out w/ kel and i but once again they stood us up (i think we're starting to get the hint) b/c they had things to do. so kel and i hung out w/ the girls over in b.s. and then walked over to smith to see what everybody was up to and stopped in jared's room for a while but got kicked out of there (another hint, perhaps?) so kel left and i went to sleeeep.
thursday i got up for my 11a class but when we got there the prof never showed up and my 2p had already been cancelled sooo YAAAAAAY! no classes and a 4 day weekend por moi. um...oh, kel went up to lunch w/ me and ange came too and we sat there for a while like old time...judging everybody that came up the stairs *sigh* and then we headed back to b.s. and hung around there until kel and ange had class at 2 and i walked over there w/ them and went up to smith. ran into gumguy and jared and they set up quaites in the hallway again, so after class kel and ange came up and kel and i duelled it out for a while before we all went to the gym. then to dinner, then steve and kel and i hung out in b.s. for a while...kel and steve decided they'll be having 17 kids, and one will be named Ichabod...and one will be named something like Tyree or Anfernee. good luck with that! then steve left and christina and jess came down and we all hung out for a while, went to a party for about 30 seconds, back to b.s. and then i went back to smith to sleep.
friday for some reason i got up at about 930a and kel was already awake so we just decided we'd get the day moving and we went for a walk w/ jess and then headed up to lunch and i went up to smith and got my things together to go home. that night i went to my brothers play, 'crazy for you' and it was sooooooo good!!!!! it was so much fun i had a great time and he was amazing :-) awesome job little brother. then i drove back to school for apparantly no reason b/c when i got here everybody was gone. watched a movie and slept.
saturday i was on duty and jeremy came to get me at like 430p and we went out to dinner and he brought a movie over to watch so that was nice that i didn't have to sit here alone on duty.
today i went to my brother's play again at 2p - excellent again! is it wrong that i have a little crush on 2 of the guys in the cast? they're seniors so it's not that awful...right? don't judge!
aaand my mom and i switched vehicles b/c she was spending too much money on gas w/ the explorer, so now i have a really sweet ride here - sorry to those of you who were attached to the saturn, i was sad to let it go too but you gotta do what you gotta do.
i'm on duty again tonight and i have a looooooot of work to do sooo bye.

Monday, April 11, 2005


once again i'm just doing this to procrastinate! but kelly's coming over to do work so i figure i'll buckle down once she gets here (yeah, we'll see how well that works out).
nothing too exciting about the weekend, saturday i woke up and went home all day..did laundry, hung out w/ my dad, cooked dinner, watched the yankee game, and headed back to school.

went over to b.s. to hang out w/ 102 and we had a great time. some new people came over and that was fun...we had "the revolution" over, aren't we special! so that was really fun, as always, then somehow it was 3am and ash and i were up babbling to each other and i figured i better head back to smith, so i did. slept.
sunday was a really fun day! went up to brunch w/ the girls and we recapped the night, and we decided that we'd spend the entire day outdoors b/c it was soo gorgeous out! so kel and i went for a long walk and then we headed over to the field behind ando to watch some flag football...the boys of the revolution were kicking some other teams butt, so kel and i finished watching that game and then started watching the smith boys but that game was kinda slow so we went over to girl's lax to see how their game was goin and suz and her man jamie met us there! then we wanted to soak up as much sun as possible so we just sad outside for a while and kel did some work, suz and jamie played tennis and i didn't do anything! which is what pretty sunny days are for. stayed out there for a while then headed inside and kel and i went to panera for dinner (aaah love panera) and rita's for italian iceeeeee! then back to cc and back to smith for me...what did i dooo...steve was on duty so i think i hung out w/ him for a while...then down to my room and to sleep.
today i was up early for an appointment then went to lunch and then class at 1230p and 2p. oh and after my 2p i asked patterson which schools he was thinking about suggesting to me for masters program irish history and he said if i'm gonna say in the U.S. then the top 4 schools are 1) notre dame, 2) boston college, 3) university of wisconsin (? random), and 4) fordham. where do i goooooooooo i say notre dame or BC, either would be amazing. i still don't know if i'm gonna follow through w/ the history masters but we'll see.
kel and i went for a run and went to the gym, then up to dinner, then i went back to smith and showered. now i'm over in b.s. with the girls and manny and i have done zero work. awesome.

Friday, April 08, 2005

it's ok, we have cheez-its!

and apparantly we have no problem eating an entire box of them. those things are ridiculously good.
sooo after i wrote on monday i had a normal day of classes, nothing exciting, put my schedule for the fall together and it's pretty good - no classes monday or friday. 4 day weekend whoop whoop! and on wednesdays i don't have class til 5p. haaahahaha! so hopefully i'll get a job over the summer that i can continue to work at during the fall, bring in some extra bar money. i mean...spending money. oddly enough all the classes i'm taking are 300 level..except one polisci class but it's 299 so it might as well be. and i'm taking photography! wheeee that'll be so fun! and steve, gummerson, and jared are all in it too...well just steve for now b/c the other 2 haven't registered yet, but apparantly the class is only open to like 8 people so if all of us are able to take it we'd make up half the class and that'd be awesome. plus i love photography i had so much fun when i took it in high school. and this also means that next spring for my last semester i will only have the take the bare minimum of classes...which i think is 4. i think you need at least 4 to live on campus. so that will be amazing.
monday night i spent working on my modern europe midterm and i didn't finish it until tuesday turned out to be 8 pages. whatttttttt? i don't know how that happend.
tuesday was manny's 21st birthday! yay happy birthday! and he definitely had himself a good old time. also that night bill called and said he was at CC so we went over to kel's apartment and hung out for a little while, went up to say hi to greg and bus. then he left and i headed back to smith and went down to steve's room and watched "super troopers" which i'd never seen and it was pretty hilarious, i enjoyed it. then gumguy and jared came down to hang out and we all stayed down there til...i don't know what time probably like 230am. that sounds about right.
yesterday....beautiful weather! soooooooooo nice! i went and sat in on a political science class b/c the new woman they hired was giving a lecture and fitzpatrick wanted me to check it out. so i did that, then i had another class, then another class at 2p but patterson took us outside and taught the class outside in the niceness! that was good. thennn i went for a walk w/ kel and ange and we went up to dinner and decided that it was too nice a day out not to um...celebrate what a nice day it was! so i headed to night class but thankfully patterson wasn't in the mood to teach so we were out by 830p and then i went back to smith quick to find out what everybody was up to, then headed over to b.s.
umm then we had a horsey meeting at 930 and we voted for captains and were there for like half an hour, then back to b.s. and we would've stayed there but suz was craving ice cream so kel and i went back out to tilly's to get some. we stopped in the gym on the way to see what this fitness challenge was all about, and gummerson and jared were in a tight race for first. Gummerson ended up taking it, sorry jared! back to b.s. and hung out, gummerson came over, had some sheppy drinks and peaced. i headed back to smith and went to sleeep.
up this morning to go see fitzpatrick to change my schedule, then 2 classes (another class outside! superrrr!). then dinner w/ steve and then time to get ready for the phi alpha theta (history honors society) induction ceremony in the chapel. that wasn't too bad, it went pretty quickly. then afterwards i introduced my parents to dr. patterson and he said he thinks i should go get my masters in irish history! HELLO! is this not my passion in life!? (by that i mean irish history..not..yeah.) it is. and he said that he knows where i could go to school too. so, clearly i'm going to have to have a conversation with him about this. but i do feel torn b/c i really like political science also and i feel like there might be more options down that road. but i love irish history so much. eeeeeeee. life decisions are hard. so after that i came back to smith and since i'm on duty i did a a round and then the boys said they were going to PANERA which they know i love. but that's cool just go without me (they're bringing me back stuff so i'm not really mad...unless they forget to bring me back stuff in which case i will be super angry). so that's the rest of my night, on duty...reading the northern ireland conflict book steve gave me to read (sounds boring to you, but i can't wait) and waiting for my panera. adios!

um...ok so blogger was being weird and didn't let me post b/c the website was having issues, so guess WHAT?! i can update you on last night and today as well! i never got my panera. i was told the place was closed when they got there, but i have my doubts. i think i was just forgotten about. but anywaaaaaaaay i was on duty and that was ok, i did my rounds and such. then after my last round i went down to steve's room and watched 2 episodes of "room raiders" w/ him and jared and that was greaaaaat. that show is so lame. back down to my room to...sleep? nope, not quite yet. had to deal with a situation tilllllll about 4am. didn't fall asleep til about 5am...woke up around 930am, tried to fall back asleep but my dad called me b/c he really enjoys calling me early on days i can sleep in. FUN.
well that's a lie i couldn't really sleep in today b/c i was meeting my mom to go to the seton hall library to get some books for a paper i have to do. so i did that and then drove over to say hi to my aunt and little cousin, my mom stayed w/ her to visit more and i drove back...into traffic. wheeeeeee. at first i thought it was going to suck, but then i decided to make it fun so i found some good radio stations and rocked out the whole way home. not even kidding. it was a good time. and you'd be surprised the number of cute guys you can find in traffic.
anyhoo now i'm back at cc for the night...but i think i'm going out to dinner w/ my dad in a little while so that'll be nice :-) and all the girls are up at skidmore this weekend for Zones! hopefully they'll kick butt. adios again. sorry this is the longest blog ever.

Monday, April 04, 2005

weekend update

yay i didn't wait a week to update! go me. left off on thursday, i was on duty, that wasn't so bad except i was up til about 230am and i had to be up at like 8am to get up to the barn - not a lot of sleep. anyway got up early and went up to the barn with ashley, we stopped at DD for bagels and coffee - yuummm. ashley helped me find the horse i was riding, norton (such a cute little horse!) and get all the stuff i needed together, but i pretty much tacked him up and got him ready all by myself! yay, proud moment for me! the coaches had us riding in the tiny indoor b/c regionals were this past weekend and zones are next weekend and i guess the ring that they use is really tiny so they wanted everyone to be prepared for that. so there were about 10 horses in that little indoor which made it a taaaaaad crowded but none of the horses, or people, freaked out so that was good. it was kind of a slow lesson, we really didn't do all that much b/c the coaches wanted people to work on testing and whatnot, but i felt like i did well, i love riding it's so much fun!
let's see...oh after i rode i untacked and brought norton back out to his field and then kel came up to the barn for her lesson and she told me alllll about her night and then i headed back to campus where i was going to workout but instead i did absolutely nothing that i can remember...what the heck did i do. i know kristin called me at some point and we talked for about half an hour, i was watching the news to check on the pope...oh i know! jeremy called and said he wanted to do something, so he came up and kel and i went out to dinner w/ him at mama's and then we went to the movies. that was fun, thank god i remembered, i knew i did something! i hung out at kel's apt for a while and we watched "the prince and me" such a cute movie, then i headed back to smith where it was dead. nobody was here! except for steve who was playing video games. sooo i went to sleep and slept realllll late on saturday.
woke up saturday and it was gross out, pouring rain, the perfect day for sleeping. i was supposed to go to the metrostars game but i decided not to go b/c of the weather. my mom came to pick me up and we met my grandma and brother for lunch and then went to Sam's Club - that store is out of control. and when you're there you actually think "yes, i could definitely use 2 giant jugs of listerine" i mean it's a little ridiculous. but they have cool stuff.
ummm then back to school and i went over to kel's and we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do for dinner. none of us wanting to walk out in the rain to get anything (i got soaked walking over to the apt, my umbrella was useless) and then all of a sudden there's a knock on the door. ashley opens it and there's a guy standing there w/ a pizza and a bag of salads and he was like 'i can't find the people that ordered this, they gave me a phone number that doesn't work' so ashley goes 'we'll take the food!' so we threw some money together and voila! dinner! how crazy is that? very crazy, i know. hung out there for a while, gummerson even stopped by inbetween his "errands." but the girls had to go to bed early b/c they had a horse show early sunday morning and the clocks were going ahead so they lost an hour. so i headed back to smith around midnight and went to sleep.
sunday i got up, drove home and spent the day there, started watching opening day yankees vs. red sox at home and then drove back to school after the 3rd inning. tried to do work but was down in jared's room w/ steve so i didn't really get anything done. hung out there for a long time, realized how late it was and went to sleeeeep. but not before i checked myspace to see if i had any new friends. that thing is addicting. i wish i had never made one (manny! all your fault!!).