Monday, June 07, 2004

No! Not the gumdrop buttons!

aahaha i love shrek. and shrek 2! go see it i promise you'll laugh, and if you don't then you either have a heart of stone or were asleep during the whole thing.
soooo i'm leaving in t-minus 2 days - the dramamine is at the ready! i called air france today to confirm my flight, and i felt really bad b/c when i make official phone calls like that i get nervous and i say 'ok...mmhmm...right' a lot while they're talking, and i guess the woman thought i was being really rude or that i had something important to say, and every time i said 'ok..mmhmm...right' she would stop talking and i was kind of like...'ok i see' and i didn't know what to say! so i think she thought i was being extremely rude. then at the end of our lovely convo she was going through her 'well thank you for calling air france and - ' and i said 'oh thank you' but i guess she had more to say in her little schpiel and thought i was interrupting her, and she kind of hung up on me. which i thought was rude. so i guess we're even in the rude department! :/ anyway my flights are a go...wheee! and i spent at least 15 minutes today looking up AirBus (the kind of plane i'll be taking) and trying to find where my seat will's way towards the back. i'm in row 41 in the middle but on the aisle which i guess is good. anyway vicky says sitting in the back is safer and i am all for plane safety! plus maybe the people in the back will end up being the coolest and we'll all be bestest traveling buddies! or not. whatever! but i looked up my flight again today to see if there were tickets still for sale, and there weren't! so i guess this will be quite the full flight. maybe i'll make friends with some french-speaking people! and they WON'T hate me b/c i'm american and attack me, right??....eeeeep! no i'm just kidding, that's an awful stereotype don't take it seriously!
what else. last night vicky and kristin and i went out to dinner at Charlie Brown's, which was so yummy! but our server was in an AWFUL mood, which i can relate to...sometimes working sunday nights is just not cool. but at any rate, she seemed like she hated us (maybe it was b/c SOMEONE insisted on getting more water...kristin! how dare you.) then she said they didn't have any coconut shrimp left, but they did have the regular fried shrimp...innnnteresting. and dissapointing. then after some great dinner banter and making fun of vicky time, we went to Rita's for yummy italian ice! and gelati's! unfortunately there were some grade A hackettstown hicks there...well i don't know if they were all hicks, but the one with no teeth and his shirt pulled up over his bulging belly certaintly was! and his underwear was sticking nasty. and kristin was going on a tirade about how nasty and disgusting he was, and the dude in front of us turned around and laughed in agreement with the things she was saying, so it wasn't just us being mean! so he was nastified. so we got our Rita's and went back to panther valley (i left my car there so we could all ride together) and we sat there for a while talking, and i do believe that we witnessed a drug deal. maybe not but it totally looked that way. the one guy was just sitting there in the lot by himself for like 10 minutes, then 2 guys in an SUV came in the lot, pulled up next to them, kristin said she saw them hand him a piece of paper, then they both left! and went the same direction! yeah. sneaky stuff. there was also a big RV behind us and the lights kept going on and many strange things happening in the parking lot at panther valley! who knew?
then home and today i went for a walk with mama, cut the grass, got a call from sam :),ate dinner and HELLO! now i'm writing my bloggy! looks like it's gonna be a slow night, which is fine, i'm glad for the down time before i leave for my 7 weeks of whirlwind irish-ness! hehe!
i think i found something i'd like to do at the end of my blogs...i really love e.e. cummings, the poet soooo i'm going to get all deep and artistic and put quotes from his poems...or entire poems (they're just that good.) in my blog :) you don't have to like it, i'm doing it anyway!

"2 little whos
(he and she)
under are this
wonderful tree

smiling stand
(all realms of where
and when beyond)
now and here

(far from a grown
-up i&you-
ful world of known)
who and who

(2 little ams
and over them this
aflame with dreams
incredible is)"
- 2 little whos...


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