Thursday, October 28, 2004


i love when i don't blog for a week! and you must love it too b/c you have sooo much to read! i'll try to keep it el briefo. but vic and kris have been in GREECE all week so they need to know what's going on with me at least.
it's been a long week, 3 exams and 2 presentations. my one presentation was moved to monday though, which sucks b/c i was all ready to present it and i did lots of work for it then it was moved. that's annoying. sunday...what the bleep did i do sunday. i must've done lots of work b/c i somehow got it all done. monday...nothing much to speak of, monday night was chock full of studying! up way too late and up way too early. i met jon from a couple of my classes early b/c he neede a book, i ran to breakfast real quick for some brain food (2 exams on no food? are you crazy?) then study study. first up was history of political thought, and i really wanted to do well so i ended up studying tons for that, then when my geography exam rolled around right after that i had studied a total of...oh i don't know...10 minutes?! whooooopsies.
ashley, bryan and i finished our exams in record time and went over to lunch. then history of england for exam review...then...what did i do. oh i went home!
ok so my half-sister alli's grandpa had to go in the hospital down by philly, so my parents offered to look after nick and ellie my little nephew and niece! nick is almost 3 and ellie is almost 5, they are so cute. they slept over my house monday night too but i couldn't go home b/c i had those exams, but i figured i better go home tuesday b/c i could tell my parents needed me there to help out. so i headed home and played with the little darlins til around 8p. they're so much fun!!! hehe!
back to school and met w/ the other Smith RA's to make our schedule for november..which was bizarre. months are flying by. FLYING! not walking or running, but flying.
wednesday...american civ, social problems (the class i was SUPPOSED to present in) and 'terrorism' class. that was my other presentation. and it was awful. worst presentation i've ever given in a group. hands down. i wanted to cry. i don't even know where it went wrong, except that i was too busy to take the reigns on it and couldnt do the whole thing myself, so i blame myself mostly for it turning out so bad. but i really didn't have time to do it by myself. so that sucked and i was reallllllllllly angry, that wasn't a good day.
luckily jeremy came to get me after class and we went out to eat, but we couldn't see movie or anything b/c i had an exam to study for, and study i did......not so much. i couldn't focus my brain felt like mush. i overexerted myself the past few days w/ studying and i just couldn't do it. but good for me it was history and i'm good at that stuff. watched the lunar eclipse (thanks for jared for tipping me off to that) until the clouds covered it, and i was up til about 2. then up at about 9. finshed studying, went to my 11a class, came back to the dorm and i had an IM from ashley saying 'i think i'm going to skip geography'. well that was good enough for me. so i met ashley and bryan up at lunch and we skipped! soo happy i did that. exam at 2, rocked it up. then went w/ steve to buy some halloween stuff for the front porch, met kel and ange and went for a walk to ww, then up to dinner! then back to my room to lay down for a bit, and now i'm on duty. joy of joys. and there's a halloween dance tonight i can only hope all the little chillins go crazy for that. that's alllll for now.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Blogging From Home!

I'm home for the day and there's some downtime so i've decided to blog! I was going to say i've never blogged from home, but that's a lie b/c i did a bunch before i went back to school. but i'm on my mom's laptop so it's the first...oh wait. oh nevermind this really isn't the first anything. i'm just doing it from home!
so we left off on tuesday, lovely. wednesday i had classes, whoopie. and in my terrorism class the one woman in our group didn't show up...uhh hello we present on wednesday perhaps you should be there?! that made me mad but i'm sure she has a stellar excuse for not showing. oh my american civ class that day was also awful. he talked his way through an entire chapter, then decided, 'oh hey, it'd be super fun if we just started right up into the next chapter!' and there were only about 10 minutes of class left. POINT?! honestly. he hates letting us go early at all. what other class...oh yeah, 'social problems', that was interesting, a group did a presentation and they had three people "dress up" as the 3 presidential candidates...but when i say "dress up", i mean they had paper bags on their heads w/ pictures of the candidates faces on them. first of all...isn't that dangerous? couldn't they suffocate? not the smartest plan my fellow scholars. let's seee wednesday night...yankee game! which was so pathetic. they didn't even put up a fight. just succumbed to the wrath of boston. so the yanks aren't in the world series, sadly. and i was on duty wednesday night but not much happend. missed the history club meeting b/c there were no other RA's in the dorm and i didn't want to just leave. but the next day in class i talked to dr. patterson and it was fine, he just needed my name and stuff. and they're starting a national honors society chapter for history...i forget what it's called, something greek. alpha...something i don't remember!
thursday my 11a class was cancelled so kelly and i got to go to lunch together!! wheee!and that was fun b/c we hardly ever get to do that anymore. then 2 classes then weekeeeeeeend! i went over to wendy's around 10p to watch "ER" and, sad news, i don't think it's a new episode next week :-( i think that's b/c of the world series? but still it's sad. so unless it's a good repeat we won't have an "ER" party. i feel like i was up late thursday night...was i? probably.
friday got up and went to lunch w/ debby and dani, then made an impromptu trip to the mall w/ debby! and bought some things. OOPS! but no bags though, good job self. and on the way out we saw steve! i swear i've never left that mall w/o seeing somebody i know (almost always a blair person.) oh and i saw a guy that graduated w/ me from blair but he either didn't recognize me or had no desire to speak to me, b/c we made eye contact and he quickly looked away. so that's 2 people! back to the dorm around 630p, got some food, hung out, watched some tv, then headed over to kelly's apt to hang out for a while. and i wasn't there more than 10 minutes when the fire alarm went off...booooo fire alarm. perhaps a subtle hint that the building doesn't want me in there? hung out there for til around 11p, then back to smithy. did some cleaning and putting stuff away from shopping, steve came in and scared the crap out of me b/c i didn't hear him walk in, i tried to kill a black moth on my wall w/ my squishy CC ball (did not work.), then steve said he was watching 'bad boys II' so i went down and watched it w/ him. it wasn't bad it was pretty funny actually, but kinda gross. like...'let's stick our arms into dead bodies and search for ecstasy' kind of gross. ewwww. went to bed around 230a (WITH the moth still on my wall. that's a big step for me. and it wasn't there this morning which freaked me out b/c i definitely thought it was dead. so maybe it just fell behind my dresser??? that's what i'm going with.).
again this morning the front desk called me to have one of the freshman move their car...seriously why is this my job? JUST TOW IT! what do i care. no ok that's mean i do care, but honestly why me? if it was someone on the first floor, fine. but it was a 2nd floor person. find a 2nd floor RA!!!! booo! soo i did that then decided to pack it up and head home for the day.
soo now i'm home, and a few minutes ago i just had a realization that next week i have 5 major things due. tuesday i have 2 exams, wednesday i have 2 presentations, and thursday i have one exam. ummm i'm sorry i have to go cry now. oh wait! but i just finished reading 'the notebook' before i started the blog, soooooo freakin good. and the movie was good too! it was different from the book but not in a bad way. i mean they're the same story but i like how the movie does it...almost better than the book? it's hard to tell b/c i saw the movie first. but nonetheless, sooo fantastic. ah. sometimes you can't beat a good old-fashioned love story. ok that's all from me! and if i don't update the blog this coming week, it's b/c i've taken away my computer liberties in order to not fail everything i have to do. adios!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Team America

i saw that movie last night w/ jeremy and it....was....awful. i mean it had SOME funny parts but overall...big waste of jer's money! but he was laughing so it's ok. then i watched some of 'anchorman' and that was pretty funny and i wish i had seen the whole thing.
so what happend to me monday. oh right, i got up b/c i think my dad called me and i tried to pretend that i had been awake but really i hadn't been! sooo sneaky am i. then i was all ready for my 1230 class and steve knocked on my door and said 'is our class cancelled?' and i forgot that it was, in fact, cancelled! so i got to eat lunch. then i met up w/ kel in tilly's and we hung out for a while before class (social problems boooo) but dr. fitz was there to answer some questions and such so it wasn't soooo bad. theen what did i do. back to my room, went to dinner, had class at 5, jer picked me up after that, he got some food, saw the movie, back in the dorm around 930, watched the yankee game which was insane. 15 innings and they lost - jerks. so when the game ended (almost 6 hours.) i went up to watch 'anchorman', then was up for a while talking to some peeeeps and keeping jared from threatening some of the girls on the floor b/c they pranked him.
then sleeeep then this morning my alarm goes off at 930, it's a crappy day out so i reset it for 10 then at like 950 there was a knock on the door and i was like 'uhh hold on' and i hear another knock and a 'maintenence. is anybody in there' so i yelled 'YES HOLD ON PLEASE' to make it clear that i was there and avoid any kind of embarassment with him walking in on me. so i open it and it's a really scary dude and he's like 'your room needs to be disenfected.' and i said ' thank you.' and he said 'well i have on my sheet here that your room needs to be disenfected' so i said 'no, it's the rug OUTSIDE my room, right there' (pointed to spot) and he said 'well id on't know about that, it's not on my sheet' i said 'WELL IT'S NOT MY ROOM sooo i don't know what to tell you.' so he said 'uh ok.' and he left. probably scared. mwahaha.
got ready for class, went to class, went to another class....and another. but i looked cute today! i really did. theeen i ran into kelly and she came up to my room and we watched "boy meets world"...which is a weird show. everybody loves it and i just don' much. and apparantly i'm weird b/c of that. soooo be it. and now i'm over in b.s. b/c being in smith was driving me crazy for a few reasons. but now i'm decompressed a little, although the game isn't helping. it's gonna be a game 7. which i hate...why dont' they just play one game if they're going to play 7. b/c then only the 7th game matters anyway. you know? k that's alllll bye bye.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Le Change?

do we like the change? or go back to the old one (the white one w/ dots...)? let me know.
anyway, saturday my mom and i did the breast cancer walk! go us! and we were bookin it, walked 5K in about 40 minutes. so we were done around 10:30a, and my mom had to go get my brother who was taking PSAT's (eeeew...and apparantly the new ones are absolutely awful. are they trying to kill high school students? like applying to college isn't stressful enough, let's throw in a super new and super hard SAT!!!! ridiculous.) so i went back to sleep...til 1:30p. i'm such a bad person. but i was really tired! :-( i'm not a waste of space, i swear. i just kinda hung out in my room til 4 when i went w/ debby to the men's soccer game, which i really enjoyed! which is new for me b/ really isn't my thing. but we scored 2 goals (i think we ended up w/ 3 but i only saw 2) and i had never seen our team score a goal it was sooo exciting!!! at halftime debby and i ran back to the dorm to pile on more clothes (really cold out.) and then went back out for the 2nd half, but with about 9 minutes left it started to POUR so we left and it took me a good hour and a half to fully warm up again, i had to turn on the heat in my room, and i never do that.
later on i went to get some food and i ran into ashley, andrea, suz, and nass so i ate w/ them and we made plans to go over wendy's for a little while later that night. back to the dorm for a bit, then over to wendys in ashleys car...many of us in a little car. i felt like i was in a clown car. so we hung out at wendys til about 11p then headed back to campus. went down to steve's room to say hi and he was watching 'patton' so i invited myself to stay and watch - it was really good i hadn't seen it before.
went to sleep around 2, and woke up at like 8:30a and got up to start the day! HAHA just kidding. fell back asleep and didn't get up until...oh i don't know....12:30. oops. i must need it though b/c my body never lets me sleep that late unless i really need it! talked to vicky and kristin online, called kelly, took a shower, did a lot of cleaning..and i'm trying to think of a way to rearrange my room but i don't know if that's going to work. b/c i don't like how my comfy chair is behind me when i'm at my desk, so if somebody is sitting there it's hard for me to talk to them. i feel rude w/ my back to them. and now i'm just procrastinating so i don't have to do homework that desperately needs to be done. grrrr. but i'm doing it for real now!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

"Sometimes one smile means more than a dozen roses"

that quote is from a dove chocolate! those dove people, they know what's up. and obviously know that only women buy their awesome dark chocolate things w/ girly quotes in them. (another one i got was "whisper in the dark"
so let me explain this website. Jared (freshman that lives down the hall) and Steve (RA that lives down the hall) created this website (see last i using parenthesis too much in this blog? sorry.) b/c jared has all these rules that he thinks people should adhere to, so one night he and steve decided 'hey...they should be on a website' and VOILA! there you have it. but they never started working on it til 1am but it turned out really well and we want it to sweep the nation! and sweept it shall!!
i went over wendy's last night to watch "ER" w/ her and jeremy, so much fun! then back to campus and, shocker, i ended up staying up til like 3am talking to steve and jared while they finished the website, then sleeepy.
then of course waken up by my phone at 8am b/c someone locked themselves out of their room. then again at 10am b/c my dad feels the need to call me in the morning. quite consistently. then lunch, then hooome! and a phonecall from vicky, always fun, i miss her so much :-/
back to school, on duty, dorm sooo very quiet.
anyhooo tomorrow is the breast cancer walk and my mom is walking it w/ me! yay mama! and finally.....

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY KATIE O'REILLY!!!!! my parallel-lifer i wish i was out in pitt celebrating with you! miss you tons and lots of love :-)

Friday, October 15, 2004

check out this website or you aren't my friend anymore...

not really, but check it out anyway!

doooo it! i'll explain later.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

silly blog

i meant to update earlier but the blog has not been cooperating with me. so here we are. sunday. sunday? jeremy came over to hang out and my door was broken. long story short, the lock thing was jammed and i couldn't open my door sooo i was locked out in the smelly hallway (the people decided it would be ok to leave bags of garbage that were leaking rancid stuff in the hallway directly outside of my door.) and it took like half an hour before i got back in. and of course even that was an ordeal. the security man tried to bang my door into submission, but that did not work. so he got a rubber mallet and tried to hit it w/ that...still no. so finally he goes 'i think we have to kick it in.' and a guy from down the hall comes running over going 'i'll do it! i'll kick it in!' hahaha so funny, like it made his week. so he takes one clean shot at it and the door flies open! yaaay! soo i go sleepy and at 9am the next morning i get a knock on the door frommmm mr. fixit man. but i didn't know it was him, so i opened my door in my pj's and i was like WHOA uhhhh can you hold on a minute? and i put on a sweatshirt so i wasn't know. anyway the whole process took like 2 hours and then a kid from downstairs (who locked himself out of his room a matter of 20 minutes) locked himself out again so i went to let him in and my door shut behind me. and guess what? they hadn't programmed the new lock to my key. WOOOOOOO!!!!! so i go back (keep in mind it's about 12:15 and i have a 12:30 class.) and i can't get in. i call campus life, they say they'll be right here but it's busy down there sooo i ended up missing my class and i was really pissed.
monday night jeremy was here (when is he not, really.) we had a hall meeting...whee. tuesdaaay night we had a staff meeting. and hello it's wednesday! oh but i should tell you about my new obsession w/ lots of cards. we've been playing "egyptian rat screw" and "spit" like crazy people, and i think he's scared b/c he's never seen that competitive side of me before (you know that side. it's the scary one.) and we play all the time and it's so funny. we fight about what the rules are and he accuses me of cheating a lot, which of course, i do not do. lies! infideeel!
anyhoo, today..went to lunch and sat w/ new people (so weird. felt really out of place! i'm not used to eating lunch w/ people besides...well, kelly.) then off to american civ which almost put me to sleep, but i got my exam back and i did well, as i'm oft to do. yay me. then social problems (blah. so very blah.), then 'terrorism and counterterrorism' which was cool. we formed our own groups and we're going to start a terrorist organization. my group is starting something out of africa and i think it's going to be cool.
then, guess who came to take me out?! JEREMY! yeah you guessed it. we went to get some food and then back here to play more caaaaards!!!! and we were cracking ourselves up b/c we were just imagining what we sound like to people who don't know we're just playing cards. ah. and how i'm convinced people think he's my boyfriend and that's why i don't get any dates (but really that's just an excuse.)
uhhhh then jeremy left and i went down to steve's room...oh yeah steve taught debby, danielle, and myself how to play poker the other night and i felt bad for him b/c i need a lot of explaining sometimes. but he did a good job :-)
ummm let's see...i do believe that is it for now. laytas.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


so i'm watching "chicago" and it's the 'cell block tango' song, which is so good, but their outfits are sooo bad. they could have made really cool flapper outfits but instead they look like weird futuristic hookers.
ANYWAY....of course i forgot to update during the week..oh so sorry. oh ok...wednesday...exam day for meggy. 12:30p american civ exam...multiple i've never taken a multiple choice history exam before sooo that was a new one for me (no stars with this one sad.) but overall it was an ok exam. then a huge waste of time in 'social problems', although that class was more interesting b/c the prof talked about inequality and i found out some things i didn't know. then 5p was my terrorism exam, but of course i'm an idiot and i studying 3 essay questions but we only had to do 2. and i knew which 2 they were. but i thought we had to do 3. UGGGGH. but now i'm more knowledgible so good for me.
wednesday night i headed over to kelly's apt to decompress after all those exams (richard gere in suspenders...mmmm. sorry.) and hung out there til about 2am, then back to smith for sleepin (but not after bryce congratulated me for coming back to 'the dark side'...hahaha). thursday...3 classes and hellooooo weekend!!! hung out down in steve's room most of the night and he and jared were trying to put together "the rules" website..i'll post it up on here when it's finished, so funny. ummm let's see ended up staying up later than usual (pushin' 3am. how does that happen? i swear.) then had serious trouble falling asleep. which has been happening a lot. and is pissing me offfff. i had just lying there trying to sleep and there's nothing i can do.
friday...went to lunch, packed up and headed home for the night! watched the debate...and i have to say it was SOOO MUCH BETTER than the first one. bush did a lot better but kerry is HUGE...he's like a freakin beanpole! so he looked all like 'i will squash you little man' and very strong in the red power tie. but bush was a lot more comfortable in this setting. not that anybody watches these things anyway. but they should. then i watched "man on fire" (hello are you today? oh right, HOT!) but i only watched up to a certain point b/c...well i was too sad to watch any more. right. got up at 6am and headed off to a conference w/ my mama! which last til like 430pm...sooo tiring. home for some din dins w/ dad and brother (oh wait! on friday i also went to go see alex in his XC race! he did so awesome he broke his PR he totally rocked.), then back to school JUST in time to be on duty at 7. and now that's what i'm up to. wheeee. and my hallway smells really bad :-( and i don't know why. and don't really want to investigate. soo i'll just keep my door shut.
ok that's it from me! toodles.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Are you gellin'?

i hate those commercials.
anyhooo just a quick update b/c really all i'm doing is procrastinating, and i have 2 exams tomorrow to study my booty off for!
so sunday we had dorm wars, which was a really good time and a lot more people showed up than i was anticipating. the competition was intenseeee. oh and i guess maybe i should explain dorm wars. basically it was all the dorms on campus competing against each other to win a big trophy and bragging rights (i think it's obvious that the bragging rights are way more important), everybody got a tshirt that had their dorm name on the back and we had 5 events: dodgeball, tug o' war, pudding eating contest, musical chair (which you wouldn't think people would be competitive about, yet, they are.), and the final big relay. Smith, my dorm, was kicking total butt, but unfortunately we ended up losing to Wash/Anderson..b/c they claim we cheated, but everybody cheated in some way in the relay. then they came over and egged our stairwell. well ok i don't know that for sure but the day of dorm wars our stairwell was egged and i know we didn't do it. and one of my spies on campus told me it was them. which is so stupid. and rude. b/c the cleaning lady had to clean up all the eggs. i bet they didn't think about THAT when they were doing mindless acts of vandalism. losers.
but overall it turned out well and i hope we do it again so Smith can win the trophy that is rightfully ours. :-)
lets seee yesterday was monday and i had class...yippeeeee booo. and i had an exam in 'social problems' and it was so strange. it was multiple choice but she uses scratch off answer you scratch off your first choice and if there's a star there then you got it right, but if there's no star you keep going and going til you get the star. and you get a certain number of points depending on how many tries it took to get the right answer. not bad, but weird. i had no 5p class b/c my prof didn't show, so my friend jeremy came to get me and take me to dinner and movie! we went to panera and we were going to see 'sky captain and the world of tomorrow' but we decided to see 'shark tales' instead, and it was really cute. i laughed a lot and there were little shrimp that had me on the floor laughing. (not literally but if i had been at home i might have been rolling around on the floor laughing)
theeeen back to my dorm to work and scare away steve w/ my germs (i've been sick for like 5 days) and hang out w/ debby and john mcmaster (what a cool a mcmaster! or a mcdonald's sandwich) and then go to sleeeepy.
today my 11a class was cancelled b/c of convocation and i got to go to lunch w/ kelly!!! wheee we had so much fun! i mean it was just in the caf but we have such a good time. anyway i'm on duty tonight soo it's time for me to go on a round and focus on my studies. bye bye.

Sunday, October 03, 2004


here at CC we don't bother with the football game, we just go right to the drinking and dancing. so debby and i got ready and walked over to Bennett-Smith and since we missed the bus we decided that we'd drive over (it's only 5 minutes away) so we all piled into 2 cars and got to the golf club at around 8:30p. there were already a bunch of people there so we grabbed a table and began to mingle! and mingle we did. sort of. no we did, we were all very social (ok when i say "we" i mean: me, kelly, andrea, kate, debby, bagel, jess, suz). there were a lot more people there than i thought would show up, but everybody was all dressed up and the guys were looking sharp - people clean up very nicely! but the dance floor was really tiny and everybody was bunched in it and you couldn't really move and it was sooo hot! the temperature...literally quite hot. and the dj was only ok, his song choice was a little iffy, i really wanted to hear some franz ferdinand and rock out to that, but i guess it wasn't in the cards for me to humiliate myself last night! darn. let's seee, lots of people dancing w/ other people, yet none with me...wah. but i'm used to that. oh there was also dinner which was really yummy!! and lots of drunk people as the night wore on (there was a bar for people who were "21"...and i put that in quotes b/c i saw many "21" year old freshman buying drinks...hmmmm.) then at midnight it was all over so we headed back to campus. i was waiting for kelly outside her dorm and i saw the dean driving in her car, i guess just making sure everything was under control, and she stopped to say hi to me, then i see kelly walking towards me holding a bottle of VODKA...that she had in her car and i was like trying to motion to her to hide it without being too obvious but it didn't work and dean boody stopped and asked her what she was doing walking around with a bottle of vodka (fair question) but kelly got away with it somehow and we went into her apartment for a little while. but i was so tired i only stayed for 15 minutes or so then headed back to Smith and went to sleepy.
oh i did take some pictures but i still have a lot of film left sooo i don't know if they'll be posted anytime soon. but there's dorm wars today so maybe i can take some fun pictures at that. we shall seee!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

happy october!

And how do i choose to welcome a new month? by getting a cold! wheeeee! *cough cough* aaah. anyhoo it's been almost a week since i've updated and i feel bad, but now i have tons to write about! haha just kidding!
classes were rough this week, i didn't have lots of sleep so classes were kind of...i don't know tough to stay awake in. but i managed. on tuesday i didn't have my world geography class which was AWESOME b/c i actually got to eat lunch. but i did have to go to a lecture on thursday b/c of not having geography, and that was a bummer. mostly b/c the lecture was about the planet..and environmental stuff. and it's just disturbing when you hear the earth's temperature is going to rise 6 degrees but the guy didn't' have any sort of plan that could fix the problem. oh except that people shouldn't drive SUV's anymore...but i've been saying that for a while now. so really he stole my idea of how to save the planet. how dare he.
also on thursday i went out to dinner w/ my mom and grandma, then we went to macy's b/c my grandma had some gift certificates to spend. and spend them we did. and that was really nice to spend time w/ both of them. thennnn back to school in time for the debate, which i thought was only going to last an hour, but lucky me it was an hour and a half. i watched about half of it in steve's room then saved him from boredom by coming down to my room to watch the rest. wait...oh yeah i got confused but today's saturday not friday. right. anyway thursday night was a little nutty in the dorm, people throwing beer in windows and things of that nature. friday i got up, went to lunch w/ debby, bought my homecoming ticket and some jewelry from the lady that sells stuff outside the caf, then had my dad come pick me up so i could go home and do laundry (the parents had to borrow my car b/c the brakes on the Ford were out). sooo i went home, started my laundry and planned on being back at school by dinner, but i had a beer and passed out on the couch instead. oooops. hehe.
so since i was home i went w/ my mom to see my brother in the homecoming parade..awww yaaaay alex! he's such a pimp, always with girls around him. silly brother. then i stayed for some of the football game and headed back to CC for the talent show. the talent show wasn't bad...but it wasn't good either. hey i'm just being honest. then back to the dorm for sleeeeeeeping. except b/c of the severe coughing fits i really couldn't do much of that. and i can't remember the last time i had a good night's sleep :(
today i headed up to the barn to watch kelly ride (she won first place in the jumping! yaaay kelly!!!), then back here and over to men's soccer w/ debby (they did not win...but yaaaay effort!) then back here to shower and relax and prepare myself for....da da da daaaaa homecoming! which starts at 8p. sooo i hope that's fun, but even if the dance itself stinks i'll be with my girls and we'll make it fun!
so there is my week recap. aaaand hopefully tomorrow i'll have a fun homecoming story to write about!