Tuesday, February 28, 2006

class makes me tired

so i'm in class and started to nod off so i guess its blog time.
saturday, steve and i got up semi early to run some errands b/c we were picking up Alex around 1p for his little family birthday party at my aunt's. ran to walmart to get alex a card and some birthday goodies, stopped to get a bagel and were on our way. we got to my aunt's house around 2p and stayed there til 5p. it was ok, i had a nice time but i'm at that point where you see the true colors of some of your family members and can't stand being around them. my cousin christine (former texas cousin but is now living w/ nj boyfriend) came though so i was hapy to see her. and i finally met her new boyfriend but only briefly, not long enough to actually form an opinion of him. i was glad to leave early b/c the family was annoying me, so we dropped alex off to go enjoy his birthday nigiht w/ his friends. we ran to Staples real quick and then i had to be back in the dorm to be on duty, which wasn't bad, had one write up and was woken up by different things throughout the night but it was ok.
sunday we got up early again to meet Loomis for bagels and that was fun. then steve and i went to the bookstore, Barnes and noble! steve needed a book to help him study for the Praxis so he did that while i looked at cookbooks whee! then back to CC b/c steve had to work in the HUB for a few hours. so i went to the gym and then kept him company b/c there was NOBODY in the HUB at all. oh until steve left me there alone to go get his keys and the kid who hits on every girl in school came in and started talking to me. good job steve.
i went up to dinner w/ stacy and was supposed to watch Desperate Housewives w/ her but it wasn't on! wtf! we were pissed. dancing w/ the stars was on instead-boring. so i went back to smith and hung out w/ steve b/c he was on duty. yeah we had a monopoly on duty this weekend. NOT sure how that happend but it blew.
yesterday...classes, yoga was good, then i went to workout w/ steve and dave. they run stairs in the pool room so i figured i'd give it a s hot and it was pretty good. and we did some in the weight room too where i saw kel and ange! wheee! then showers (not together...we split up for those) and up to dinner! after dinner i was going to take a SHORT nap but i fell asleep in steve's room til 715p oopsie. 15 minutes late for duty - yes, i was on duty AGAIN. i don't know why i haven't taken more mondays though, nothing happens, monday are awesome. stacy, gummerson, and jared came over - the boys wanted to study w/ steve. it was like a mini last year reunion! plus stacy, which made it more fun!
didn't get to bed til around 2a, which is probably why i'm so tired now. and we're watching those crappy "new jersey legacy" dvd's. so bad.
well that's about it, adios!


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