Monday, May 15, 2006

this does not bode well.

ok so things are not looking good for me. yesterday was mother's day, and when i got up steve asked me to go pick up flowers for his mom, but first i went over kelly's b/c i needed her to take a pic of me in my cap and gown. so we did that and then she came w/ me and we stopped at the flower place, they sent us to the greenhouse in the back of the store, so we drove back there and i got the flowers. super. then we went to walmart to print out the pic, so we get there and go inside and all the machines are BROKEN. so we decide to go get bagels at Bagels Abroad since we're both kinda hungry and we haven't eaten yet today. i drive over there and how bout that, it closed early, 1pm, for mothers day. it was about 1:15p when we got there. so we go to eckerd to print out the pics there and THAT machine isn't working, and i almost kill someone. but the lady was able to take the disc behind the counter and print it out, good thing or i probably would've had a minor breakdown. then steve calls and says he needs the flowers, so we drove back to school to drop them off, then drive back towards panera, b/c i still wanted a bagel and kelly did too, and panera has great bagels. so we get to panera and walk inside, and kelly just turns to me and says 'uh oh.' and i look up...NO FREAKING BAGELS. what the helllllllllll the place is called panera BREAD. so i called one of the girls working there over and i said 'excuse me where are the bagels' and she said 'oh we ran out'a nd i said 'how. why.' and she said 'oh...i don' tknow i guess we just ran out of ingredients.' really? no flour, no butter, no WHATEVER you use to make bagels? then how do you have bread for the sandwiches? riddle me THAT you little hussy!!! ooooooh i was furious. the rest of the day wasn't that bad, then we have today.
so for my SOC499 class we had a pretty big presentation on immigration. we were supposed to present it last monday but we ran out of time in class so we couldn't. now...we've been working on this presentation about 3 weeks. we did it through moviemaker, and if you've used that, it's awesome, but now i want it to die. 3 weeks of finding pics, recording our parts, making slides, and making sure everything synched up in time with each other. it took a lot of work, but the finished product was awesome and i was really proud of it. so i saved it to my comp and to a disc which i gave to the prof like 2 weeks ago so she'd have it. this morning we had our final and then our group went up to give our presentation. we hit play, its going, its awesome, people love it, and then it hits the 3 minute mark...and something happends. the audio keeps going, but the pictures stop. why is this happening? i stop the presentation and don't know what to do. so another group gets up to go and stacy and i run over to the profs office hoping that the copy that i gave her will work. we bring it back, nope, isn't working. awesome, soooooooo awesome. so instead of just hitting play and sitting back to watch our 20 minute presentation, we have to look like assholes and sit in front of the class reading notes off our laptops. how sweet is that.
then i come back to my room and check my email...on friday i asked seton hall lady if she got my GRE scores yet b/c i got them like 2 weeks ago but still hadn't heard from her. she emails me back and says 'oh, no we haven't gotten them yet, but feel free to fax them to me.' from what fax machine lady!??!!? and why are the GRE people trying to ruin my life?!?!?! AAAAAAAH.

so anyway. this week has been off to an AMAZING start, i can only hope it all culminates in more amazingness on 5/20: graduation day.

oh p.s. i have to turn my laptop in today, which will leave me with nothing to do while i'm sitting here waiting to graduate. yay.


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