Monday, June 14, 2004

They lied to me! Wah

Soooo...didn't get to see The Thrills. and i'll tell you why. b/c they just weren't there, even many people told me that they were goign to be there and hadn't been on stage yet, we were there, they were not. so we listened to these other bands play and they were alright but we left around 11 when it was obvious that the thrills would not be arriving :(
today has been pretty laid back, we went to newman house (the ies center) at 930 and found out where we're interning! i am interning with the Labour Party, which is apparantly the very left wing/socialist party...innnnteresting. but they're the most powerful and just won lots of seats in the election so that's cool. the office is about 15-20 minute walk away, not bad. i called there today b/c we were supposed to, and the guy wasn't there and his secretary said that i shouldn't go in today and call back i left a message on his voicemail but i doubt he'll get back to me. i'm working with this other girl cat, she lives in the house of 8 girls, she's from texas. sooo we will see how that turns out..hopefully well!
then we stopped at Tesco (food store) on the way back and got a few things, came back here, and now the other girls have left (rachael and caitlin went to the tourism office for some info, jess has to go stop by her workplace) and i'm wating for our RA, padraig, to come by b/c we're having some apartment issues at the moment. this one light is out and it's way up high like hanging from the ceiling so none of us can reach it or want to try to b/c it looks fairly dangerous! and rachael's shower doesn't get hot...but it's a weird box thing that you control the water from so we might just be stupid and not being able to figure it out. oh and our tv's sounds goes off randomly late at night...and comes back like an hour odd. anyhoo i think i'm gonna go clean up my room a little, still haven't totally cleared out the suitcase. and tonight we're going on a literary pub crawl! yahoo! education and yumminess all in one! although i have to say i realllly do not enjoy paying E3.40 for a beer. at all. what is the remedy to that? i don't buy any yaaaaaaaay! boo.
and my aunt donna had a baby girl yesterday! jenna lynn, awwww! i heart babies.

"may my mind stroll about hungry
and fearless and thirsty and supple
and even if it's sunday may i be wrong
for whenever men are right they are not young" - may my heart always be open to little...


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