Friday, June 18, 2004

Viva la Q

Ahhh, the Q Bar. It was 80s night, aren't we lucky?! Yah we are. But let's rewind, we pregamed in the apartment (jess, rachel, me) and we played kings! but rachel's version of kings where every card has a different rule, definitely bringing that back to CC with me. anyhoo we had fun then we went to leeson lounge and got caitlin and katie and got a taxi to Q bar...crazy driver but no problem! soo we went into Q bar, and hello Coors light on tap i love you Q bar! the place was really cool they had blue lights everywhere and it was a really fun atmosphere and we sat and talked and drank and drank...hehe. then we went over to the actual temple bar where caitlin and rachel were flirting with irish men, and jess and i were talking to these canadian boys, odd but whatever! then some irish guy came up to me and was like 'you're american, america is evil. you don't even know who the prime minister of canada is all you care about is yourself' and i was like..'uuumm yes you're right! bye now!' and he looked really confused and pissedt hat i didn't get in an argument with him, so he continued to speak to me and was like talking about how i'm a bad person b/c i elected bush..yes, me personally! i am the only person in american who votes apparantly...interesting. sooo i was just like listen...i have no interest in talking to you so it'd be awesome if you just went away! and he did, i mean if he had been cute i would've made an effort but he wasn't sooo i didn't! but that was fun other wise, very crowded and we stayed there til close at like 1230, caught a taxi back home and stayed up til like 3am i think..and i def talked to my mom online drunk..hahaaaa oops.
we all got up arond 10 this morning, and katie went to her orientation that ended up lasting her all day, bummer. but they paid for a really nice dinner so that's cool. the res of us just relaxed/recovered here for a while then rach and i had to go to "SayIt" travel to get our international student id's so we can get discounts on stuff, and we had to get our pictures digitally taken at the place for that. so rachel sits down to get her's taken and the camera like...flashes so she thought it was done but it wasn't and when it actually took she was making the most hilarious face i've ever seen, she literally looked like she was scared to death, like a deer in the headlights, we were laughing so hard i could hardly breathe, then i go to take mine and i got caught off guard by the flashing and i thought it was done, so in mine my eyes are closed and i'm looking away, but it's not nearly as bad as rachel's.
then we went to the british travel office to get some scotland info, and the lady there was very helpful! then we walked around grafton street for a while and i found a bag store *GAsp* and i had to go in and WHOOPS i bought a purse......but it's so cute and really wasn't that expensive! sooo yeah might have to go back there at some point..mwahahah. and we went in a few other stores then headed home and looked up stuff for the scotland trip. then we went to dinner at Eddie Rockets b/c rachel was craving american food (oh and we ate lunch at a realllly good place and my lunch was awesome except there wree big mushrooms in it..and i have like a mushroom phobia so that relaly freaked me out and i had to get them off my plate as soon as possible.) and we ate there and it was gooood.
after that we wantd to rent a movie and we found a rental place right on the corner, so we go in, pick a movie and go to rent it and the guys like 'i need proof of address so you can get a card, a bill or something' and we were like...well we're students so we don't have one, but he wouldn't give it to us, we need to get an official letter from IES saying we live there. stupid.
sooo back to the apartment we came and booked our tickets to scotland. we're flying into glasgow, staying there a day, then that night taking a bus to edinburgh and staying there 3 nights and flying back to dublin from there, and the total cost for these flights? E60. yeah that's right. hellloooo cheapness! so now we're looking for a hostle to stay at, and one day we're there we're going on a day long bus tour and it'll take us up into the country and stop at cool places, so i'm really looking forward to that, but it's not til the last weekend we're here. which i'm sure will come up very quickly!
hm apparantly it's "sex rated night" on mtv ireland...and it's odd. whee! so i guess tomorrow jess and i will try to go see some museums, then we're off to cork on sunday for the super fun soap box derbyyyy! wahoooo! oh sweet jesus naked woman on mtv! what the hell!aaand now the guys' naked! hi there mr. penis how are ya? hahah this is so bizarre! ummm alrighty i think that's about it...oh it was really cold and crappy here today, rainy and whatnot, but it's only 46 out right now...yeah not too pleasant. ooo robbie williams in his undies! haha. k.

"how much more than enough for both of us
darling. And if i sing you are my voice," - hate blows a bubble of despair...


Blogger Madame Greenleaf said...

its Paul MARTIN! he's the prime minister of canada since 12/03. and the deputy prime minister is Anne MCLELLAN..i don't know why the CIA site likes to caps lock the last name like that. anyyway you tell him meghan! and sounds like you had fun. i need to have a conversation w/your roomates and explain that you're not allowed in bag stores.

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