Friday, February 24, 2006

i am

steve's on duty and i might start banging my head into the wall soon b/c that's how bored i am.
so yesterday...went to the diner w/ jeremy for a little breakfast/lunch...some people may call that "brunch" and i had french toast mmmm. then i went to vicky's!!! and we had fun and she told me a good story and i made her dinner. actually i think that's the only reason she had me over is b/c she needed someone to make dinner for her (her mama is out of town) but that's ok b/c i love cooking :) oh and i finally got her to watch '30 minute meals' with rachael ray! wheee! we watched one episode and i left to go to the bathroom and when i came back vicky was watching the second episode! i'm so proud *tear*
i had to be back to school by 830p b/c we had a meeting w/ carey to schedule (most frustrating scheduling meeting ever) and then to go through the dorm to write down what was broken, what needed some maintenance, etc. thennnnn steve went home so i went over stacy's and hung out w/ her, loomis, and watkinson til like 2am, that was fun! then i was woken up at 4am by a girl trying to get back into her room b/c her roomie "fell asleep" (or passed out?), then again at 930am by the freakin guys cutting down trees and putting them through the wood chipper thing. realllllllll nice.
went to lunch w/ stacy, went to the gym for a while, showered, and went to the hub to work on a project w/ stacy. took a little nap when steve got back from belvidere (yay teacher) then i went and picked us up something to eat b/c he's on duty. as you know.
now loomis is here and we're chillin but he didn't bring me cookies and that's sad. ok bye.


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