Thursday, June 17, 2004

i'm a workin' not that kind, perv.

Back from my first day of workaroo! Let's begin.
Cat met me at our apt this morning at like 930 b/c we were meeting at the RDS (royal dublin society) for this voting recount thing, and it was soo nasty out, it felt like we were walking through a mist and it was really windy, blech. so we get to the rds and go inside and like..there are these huge rooms and they're all empty. so finally we find one with some people in it, and by some i mean like 5, and we ask them wheret he labour party is and the one guy is like 'oh nobody's here yet just sit and wait over there'. so we do. and about halfa n hour goes by...and another 15..and we decide to call the office. so i call and a guy answers and i ask him when mike is meeting us here and he says 'well actually can you come back to the office we aren't going to RDS today'. well surely i can! it's only a 35 minute walk!...but the weather was still realllly crappy so cat and i were like screw this, and after about 10 minutes of walking we got a taxi..i know, wimpy. but my feet hurt from my shoes and it was so crappy out so shut up! it's the first taxi i've taken!
sooo we get to the office and do some more waiting arond (obviously these people have no clue what an internship entails, but they're trying!) and a computer man set up our one computer...we will hopefully have another by monday...and showed us how to get into the database and update stuff. then he had to move the comp upstairs to where our "office" will be (we share it with 2 other women) and it seemed liket hat was going to take a while, so arond 1245 we went on lunch break, got sandwiches and sat in cat's apartment for about an hour (her apt is only like 10 minutes away from work) and got back to the office at around 150, which i thought was pushing our lunch break priviledges, but when we got back the ladies that work by the door were like 'well that was a quick lunch, why are you back so soon?' and we were it was an hour...and they were like 'feel free to take more than that' WELL allllrighty i will.
so then we actually did some work, we had a list of candidates that just won and we had to make sure they were updated in the computer, so we were doing that. then we went on the website to see if they had contact info on there and see who did and didn't have what info...and that's when the giggle fit happend. now, i haven't had a giggle fit like this in a long, long, LONG time. and it's all cat's fault! these really bad pics of people would come up on the website, but i'd be looking down att he paper and i was writing down waht they needed (phone, email, address, etc) and i said 'what does he have' and cat goes 'everything'a nd i look up and she goes, 'including a purdy faaace' and he was like...the funniest looking man i've ever seen in my life, and i just started laughing really hard and i could not stop. but the other woman that was in the office had phone calls to make and such, and she didn't even bother introducing herself to us and she relaly wasn't acting like she wanted us there, at all. so i'm trying my best not to laugh, and i can't even read out the names to cat anymore b/c if i say anything i just laugh, i can barely breathe i'mt rying so hard. so cat lookso ver at me and sees how bright red i am and how hard i'm trying not to laugh, and SHE getst he giggles and now hte both of us are laughing at each othera nd finally i had to get up and get something to drink b/c i thought i was going to die! then i come back adn sit down and i'm ok for a minute, then we go to the next name and the woman's pic pops was just too much for us.we just looked at each other and cracked up, it was awful! i honestly could NOT control myself in any capacity! i think finally i was too tired fromt rying to not laugh and it stopped, but it was craaazy. then we finished that task around 430 and it was too late to start calling people so we asked mike if we could go and he said sure, and as soon as we got outside we just started cracking up and i'm laughing right now b/c all i can think of is cat going 'including a purdy faaaaaace'. aaah priceless. but i do think the other woman in the office wants to hurt us. and she was calling people to talk at an anti-war rally that'll be going on here, but she was going out of her way to be like 'IT'S AN ANTI-BUSH RALLY...YEAH THE AMERICAN WAR MONGER'a nd stuff like that, which fine that's how you feel, but she knew we were american and i think she was saying that on purpose. so now cat and i want to go in on monday with like cowgirl hats on and pro-bush signs (She isn't pro-bush, fyi, we just thought it would be funny) and start talking in southern accents and be like 'you cayn't tra to tayke awaaay maaah guuun' and crap like that...and we were laughing about that on the way home too! anyway it was obvious the woman was trying to insult us as americans, i thought, but i guess considering the way we were acting i wouldn't have liked us too much at the time either! but for you anti-bushers reading this (lisa) check out it's run by the labour party and it's speaking against bush coming to visit ireland and whatnot, which many a people feel very strongly about, which scares me b/c id on't wnat there to be like and anti-american uprising or something just b/c he's here. and my roomie jess stole some anti-bush signs and has them hanging in her as you can tell even though i want to talk about politics in the house, i will most definitely not b/c it's not worth the fighting! just AIN'T! mostly b/c i've seen what they've done to poor susan in the other house, who announced on the first day that she was a republican...which i dont' think is a crime but everybody was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ARE YOU INSANE BLAH BLAH BLAH. jesus, chill out.
and rachel's friend katie has arrived and we just talked for a while and she seems very nice and very ready to do some partying here in dublin, which is good b/c we want to go out to temple bar tonight and get jiggy with boys. or booze. or both. whatever! i think we're going to 'Q Bar' which apparantly very hip and trendy and probably really expensive, hence the beer rachel and i bought last night! yay! mmmmk now i'm ready for dinner so here you go and buhbye.

"O sweet spontaneous
earth how often have
fingers of
prurient philosophers pinched
,has the naughty thumb
of science prodded
beauty" - O sweet spontaneous...


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