Friday, June 11, 2004

Hello, Dublin!

I'm back from a day of orientation and walking around, and my feet feel like they're gonna fall off, so i'm realllllly happy to be sitting down and updating the blog!
my trip over was oooook, i hate planes. but that's alright, i couldn't sleep at all, even though i took dramamine, and i was in the LAST ROW of the airplane. yeah that's right. last row. then we got off the tarmac at paris airport and had to take a hot crowded shuttle to the terminal that appeared to be a warehouse. but luckily it wasn't! we had to go through security again and i found where my flight was and they stopped me to look through my ENTIRE bag and took everything out and were looking through my stuff, then some french dude came up to me and was like 'need you passport madam' and he took it into some back room...god knows what he did to it :/ so after that i got on my next plane which was pretty tiny and looked like it hadn't been refurbished since the 80's.
as we were coming up to dublin i could see all the irish fields and it was soooo beautiful i got so excited, then i saw a bunch of sheep running around and they looked so tiny it was funny. then i landed, whee, and went through customs and the little irish man asked me how long i'd be there, and when i said 7 weeks he didn't ask for a visa or anything, and other girls in the house said they had to show the ies visa stuff and these little papers they made us fill out on the plane. weird.
then i met cecil, a french girl who is interning for ies paris in ies dublin, and she took me out to the taxis, and i caught a taxi which was really a minivan, and a really nice man drove me to my apartment! i sat up front b/c i readt hat's what you're supposed to do, and we talked the whole time and it cost a lot but whatever!
then i met one of my ra's, padraig, and i met 3 of my other roomies, the 4th willb e here next week, she's a friend of rachel's (my one roomie). the others are jess and caitlin. caitlina nd i share a room and jess has the single. we have a really nice living room and kitchen, it's lovely!
later on in the night we met with the other interns adnt he 2 other ra's, iain and patricia, and they took us to a pub/lounge to hang out hahahah, let's see THAT happen in america. i think not. so we hung out there for like 3 hours, but i didnt' drink b/c i felt so jet lagged i didn't want to make it worse, but i think we're going there tonight to hang out, and i will be having me a guinness. or two. ish.
todaaaay we met with our ies administrative people adn they went over a bunch of stuff and took us to a nice lunch (including a glass of wine, mwahaha), and i got my cell phone! and guess WHAT! the person who had it before me left a credit of 60 euros on it! i'd like to give a big YAY to whoever that was. b/c i won't have to top up for a looooong time, and that makey me happy :)
you know they can curse on irish tv? my roomies have mtv on and they're saying f*ck and not bleeping it! whadda know.
right back to today, after our lunch we walked around Grafton Street which is a big shopping street, it was so fun! didn't buy anything but i know where to go if i want to! we eventually made our way over to Trinity College adn walked through it, we're goin back to take the tour at some point and see the book of kells! then we stopped at the stephen's green mall, which is so beautiful! it looks like a big green house, very pretty. then we walkd back through st. stephen's green and allll the way back to 88 leeson st. yay!
at lunch we sat with some girls fromt he other house and they were relaly cool too, we had some neat discussions about culture differences and stuff it was cool. so maybe they'll meet us at the lounge tonight, who knooooows?
right so that's the update for now, we find out about our internship monday at 930am, and one person will have to go right from there to their place, but he wouldn't tell us who. why? i don't know. and another person won't have to go for another week b/c the internship guy has been sick or something. so that should be interesting!
hopefully this weekend we'll get to the guinness storehouse, i think tomorrow might be the day!!! heheheheh! hehe! he!
right. ok then i'm going to sit on the couch for a while and relax the tired feet. and i can't find my ee cummings website. so when i do you shall have a poem! adios!


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