Thursday, June 03, 2004

Day in the Big Apple

Ok so i know this is totally unrelated to any Ireland stuff, but it was fun so i'm writing about it anyway!! Vic and i caught the 10am train into Penn Station, then hopped on the subway (after asking a few natives for directions....oops.) and 3 hours after we had gotten on the train in dover, we were at yankee stadium...wheeeee. actually that part sucked, but back to penn station. when we walked out of the station i spotted a quasi-celebrity...the dude that used to be on that mtv show 'together' about the fake boy band, i think he was "the sensitive cute one" or whatever, and now he hosts that show on TLC "while you were out"...yeah saw him! haha! but there is a much better celebrity to come. oh yeah.
So we get to the stadium, pay way too much for hot dogs and a drink, and watch the boys warm passion for derek has been rekindled :/ sorry, i can't help it! but vic likes the old guy with gray hair (tony clark)!! actually he's really good looking, way to go vicky. anyhoo this woman from the broadway show "wicked" sang the national was ok, nothing too impressive, but what WAS impressive was when 10 minutes later she came walking into our section of the stadium, and who was with her? well here's how it went:
Me: oh look, there's the woman who sang the anthem.
Vic: huh that guy with her looks like taye diggs.
Me: oh my god i think it IS taye diggs!
Vic: it's just someone who looks like him.
(taye turns and faces where we are sitting, merely 10 feet away from us!)
Vic: oh my god he is so hot.

and vicky and i get very excited, although vicky didn't show it as much as i did...but i figure hey honestly, when will i see taye diggs that close to me again. never! so wheeeeeeee!!!!! that was so fun but they only stayed there for like 10 minutes then i guess they moved to better seats...although ours were pretty good.
no more celeb sightings after that, sad, i know. but the yankees won 5-2 and we stayed to watch mariano work his magic! oooh and inbetween one of the innings they showed a paul o'neill montage on the screen...*sigh*
then we packed onto the 4 train with many other yankee fans, got off in manhattan, hopped on the PATH, got off in jersey city (which scared me more in 5 minutes than nyc had all day...creepy jersey city!) and caught a ride back to the country with mr. lombardi! a woo hoo!
so it was a fun day despite the excessive travel on public transportation (and lack of subway prophets)! and derek is hot i don't care what you say!

for some blogging that is ireland related: i'm not rooming with 7 other people, only 3 others *phew* and i leave in less than a week...and i'm very nervous but i bought dramamine so i think i'll be all set for that plane ride. all i want is to take off, eat my little plane meal, perhaps watch a movie, then drift in to sweet dramamine slumber! yay!

mmmmmk that's all for i don't have a clever thing to end my blog with sooo we'll just leave it at that :) adios.


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