Sunday, June 13, 2004


Hurling is so awesome! it's on tv right now and we've been wanting to see a match, and when we got home it was on! the stadium is in dublin so we're hoping that while we're here we'll get a chance to go see a match live...although i know they're in the playoffs so i think we should look into that soon.
last night the mtv movie awards were on here, and i have to say...not too impressed. at all. in fact i think i may never watch them again b/c they're so stupid. that is my mtv movie awards rampage! voila!
right so we were all up til like 2am this morning, and we found this show on mtv ireland and it's called 'dirty sanchez' and it's like...the hardcore version of jackass. it's this bunch of guys and they literally just go around finding things to do that will cause themselves the most's ridiculous. and apparantly you can show full frontal male nudity here, and let me just say that's a bit startling when you're not expecting it. but anyway they did lots of weird and stupid things, like one guy had safety pins all down his arm thent he other guys pouring lemon juice on it and salt after that, then another guy ripped them out. yeah, what? another guy stood on the edge of these cliffs with a fish hook through is ear attached to a big log, and they through the log off the cliff and the hook um...well you can imagine what happend. ew. needless to say, 'dirty sanchez' will not be on my list of must watch shows while i'm here! but there is going to be a show where men have to live as women and it looks really funny.
sooo this morning we were out of the house by 925 and got to St. Patricks right as it was opening, awesome timing. St. Patrick's was sooo beautiful it was really awesome,a nd while we were there, the choir boys were practicing for mass and it was just so incredible and kind of overwhelming. they sounded like little angels they really did.
After that we walked down the street to Christchurch Cathedral but apparantly the website lied to us b/c it didn't open til 1245 and we were there at like 1110. ggrrr. so we walked to trinity college and took a tour which was really fun! our tour guide, owen (possibly the thinnest man i have ever seen in my entire life!) did a really good job and told some good stories. then he ended the tour in front of the book of kells, which we went in to see, very very cool. and so beautiful! definitely just stared at it for about 10 minutes. then we went up to the Long Hall in the library...wooooow i couldn't believe it. it was great, we sat in there for a while to rest and i got all nostalgic and thought about all the history and people that had been in there...ah.
theeeen what did we do..ah, lunch! at the "bad ass cafe", where sinead o'connor worked in the 80s, apparantly. but it was yummy and cheap so wheee! and we were near temple bar (an area of dublin...lots of bars/clubs/restaurants) so we walked arond there for a bit and we saw what we think was a hen party...a hen party is like a bachelorette party...but there were all these women wearing bunny ears, pink bunny shirts with their names on them, and yellow underwear outside their jeans. yes, you read that correctly. so, so, odd.
then we went back to christchurch and walked through there...not nearly as impressive to me as st. patrick's, but christchurch has a crypt which was very neat to walk through. then we walked through merrion square, past fitzwilliam park or square or whatever it is...oh but merrion square was cool b/c on the gate all around the park there were painters selling their work, and they hang all the paintings ont he fence. apparantly they do this every sunday so i might go back and check that out next week.
and now i'm back home after many miles of walking and doing many touristy things! yahoooo!
tonight jess and i might go to a bar/club called "whelan's" b/c there are going to be a bunch of bands there, including 'the thrills'!!!!!!!! who i love, in case you didn't know :) they rock. and the tickets are 10E so that isn't bad at all!
um...right...yeah i guess that's all! hopefully i get to this concert tonight andi will let you know how that goes :)

"if you like my poems let them
walk in the evening,a little behind you" - if you like my poems let them...


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