Monday, June 21, 2004

case of the mondays

Well it's very early here in dublin but i woke up before my alarm and since i neglected my blog last night i'm here to update it now! yippee! so yesterday was Red Bull Soap Box Derby Day for jess and i. we got up at the butt crack of dawn and walked to the train station (well walked halfway, took a taxi the other's like 5 miles away.) and caught our 830 train to cork! it took 3 hours and we had to switch at one station but it was really cool to see the country side - so gorgeous i can't wait til i go on a trip where i can acutally walk around in the gorgeousness...and there are so many sheep and cows! moo! they're so cute i wanted to jump out and play with them, but i resisted. the train was really nothing special, and around 1145 we arrived in corkorama. and before i judge cork and it's people, of course it's a very special place (home of hte blarney stone and such) and is sometimes called ireland's 'real capital'...but it wasn't for me. i've been spoiled by living in dublin i think. i mean it's a nice city and you can tellt hey're in the midst of renovation, but it was definitely several notches below dublin...which i understand b/c ireland is just recently starting to bloom economically. but the people there were also like...not as classy i didn't think...example (not that this doesn't happen in dublin, i just haven't seen it happen) but i saw like 3 women smoking and they were pregnant...made me very angry. and i just felt like it was obvious that dublin is the city that has benefited the most from the 'celtic tiger' (nickname for ireland's economic growth! rowr!) and that's how i feel about cork in general! but the derby was really fun, lots of silly men risking life and limb to go like 30 mph down this very large hill in a very unstable little car! just doesn't get much better than that now does it? there were tons of people, they had really huge screens b/c the crowds were so far back in the streets, and some people were up on rooftops over st. patrick's hill, where the derby was. the host was some irish dude named danny, oh so cute! i think he's famous or something here b/c people were very excited to see him. but he was really funny, and despite the whole event being advertised as a family event, there was cursing, men dressed as women, one guy had a strap on elephant outside his pants, little kids were yelling "strip you sexy bitch!", people were drinking like it was their job, tons of people sitting on top of random cars in the street, the judges were cursing and making lewd comments, and there were like 500 crowd control people who did nothing the whole time...and if that's a family event in cork i would not be surprised! actually one soap box that i thought was hilarious was the Phizer one, they made a box in the shape of a viagra pill and they interviewed the guy and he was like making all these viagra jokes about the race, it was realy funny. the team names were hilarious, 'the fluffy bunnies' being one teams name..hahaah i liked them.
after the derby we didn't relaly have a desire to walk around so we just got the 530 train and headed home. i slept and read and by 8 we were in heuston station waiting in a giant line for a taxi. took a taxi halfway, walked halfway, and hello apartment! oooh and google man update, when we came home he had his shades closed, they have never been closed before...i think google man has himself a google lady! aw! and ew!
sooo i made din dins for myself when cat called me inviting us over to celebrate her birthday, and she said the magic words "we have free cheap liquor and you can help yourself"..i was THERE! haha no just kidding i only had 2 drinks but it was fun and i met some more IES people. oh but on the way there, ok it's been raining like all day right, so jess and i are walking and i was at least like 5 feet away from the curb, adn this car goes whizzing by and i was in mid-sentence to jess and all of a sudden i feel this water drench my face. yeah, the car went through a huge puddle and my entire front torso was covered in nasty street water. luckily i had my jacket on but face was all wet and it was gross! and jess did nothing but laugh at me...which is ok i probably would have too. so we stayed at 4 Sussex for about an hour and a half, then back to the apartment where our other roomies had returned! so we shared our weekend stories, i showered and went to bed!
and now i must make breakfast, figure out what i want to wear, iron them, call cat to make sure she's going to work, and go to work! hiYAH!

"what if a much of a which of a wind
gives the truth to summer's lie;
bloodies with dizzying leaves the sun
and yanks immortal stars awry?
Blow king to beggar and queen to seem
(blow friend to fiend: blow space to time)
-when skies are hanged and oceans drowned,
the single secret will still be man" - what if a much of a which of a wind...


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