Monday, February 28, 2005

what in the...

i almost didn't even remember that i had a blog. but my brother is starting one up now so it inspired me to update mine...but no worries i'm not going to try to recount everything that has happened to me since january when i last updated...b/c that would be insane.
So maybe i can manage a quick update...went into the city a couple times to help Suzy move into her new apartment and to go check out Columbia w/ Jeremy, joined IHSA and had my first horse show (which didn't go as well as I thought it would but that's ok I know i'll do better this weekend), started up classes, dropped a class, suze set kelly up with a cute volunteer fireman 18 year old jew boy (and kelly is now sporting his "stand strong for israel" blue bracelet...i think it's getting serious people), steve got a huge whiteboard in his room that i can write anti-prod stuff on and make him angry and that we also play hangman on (which is challenging when the people you're playing with don't know how to spell...jared.), my brother turned 16 (yaaaaaaay alex!) and he's really excited b/c he'll be getting his permit soon! Kate is in Belfast which is awesome and i miss her and i'm really jealous. vicky is still in italy picking up hot italian men left and right.
what else. i've seen a bunch of movies w/ jeremy...had some weird inebriated nights (and i'm anticipating some more b/c we're supposed to be getting a ton of snow today), have been going out to eat way too much and have no money left, need to find a summer job, and now i have to get ready for class!