Thursday, October 14, 2004

silly blog

i meant to update earlier but the blog has not been cooperating with me. so here we are. sunday. sunday? jeremy came over to hang out and my door was broken. long story short, the lock thing was jammed and i couldn't open my door sooo i was locked out in the smelly hallway (the people decided it would be ok to leave bags of garbage that were leaking rancid stuff in the hallway directly outside of my door.) and it took like half an hour before i got back in. and of course even that was an ordeal. the security man tried to bang my door into submission, but that did not work. so he got a rubber mallet and tried to hit it w/ that...still no. so finally he goes 'i think we have to kick it in.' and a guy from down the hall comes running over going 'i'll do it! i'll kick it in!' hahaha so funny, like it made his week. so he takes one clean shot at it and the door flies open! yaaay! soo i go sleepy and at 9am the next morning i get a knock on the door frommmm mr. fixit man. but i didn't know it was him, so i opened my door in my pj's and i was like WHOA uhhhh can you hold on a minute? and i put on a sweatshirt so i wasn't know. anyway the whole process took like 2 hours and then a kid from downstairs (who locked himself out of his room a matter of 20 minutes) locked himself out again so i went to let him in and my door shut behind me. and guess what? they hadn't programmed the new lock to my key. WOOOOOOO!!!!! so i go back (keep in mind it's about 12:15 and i have a 12:30 class.) and i can't get in. i call campus life, they say they'll be right here but it's busy down there sooo i ended up missing my class and i was really pissed.
monday night jeremy was here (when is he not, really.) we had a hall meeting...whee. tuesdaaay night we had a staff meeting. and hello it's wednesday! oh but i should tell you about my new obsession w/ lots of cards. we've been playing "egyptian rat screw" and "spit" like crazy people, and i think he's scared b/c he's never seen that competitive side of me before (you know that side. it's the scary one.) and we play all the time and it's so funny. we fight about what the rules are and he accuses me of cheating a lot, which of course, i do not do. lies! infideeel!
anyhoo, today..went to lunch and sat w/ new people (so weird. felt really out of place! i'm not used to eating lunch w/ people besides...well, kelly.) then off to american civ which almost put me to sleep, but i got my exam back and i did well, as i'm oft to do. yay me. then social problems (blah. so very blah.), then 'terrorism and counterterrorism' which was cool. we formed our own groups and we're going to start a terrorist organization. my group is starting something out of africa and i think it's going to be cool.
then, guess who came to take me out?! JEREMY! yeah you guessed it. we went to get some food and then back here to play more caaaaards!!!! and we were cracking ourselves up b/c we were just imagining what we sound like to people who don't know we're just playing cards. ah. and how i'm convinced people think he's my boyfriend and that's why i don't get any dates (but really that's just an excuse.)
uhhhh then jeremy left and i went down to steve's room...oh yeah steve taught debby, danielle, and myself how to play poker the other night and i felt bad for him b/c i need a lot of explaining sometimes. but he did a good job :-)
ummm let's see...i do believe that is it for now. laytas.


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