Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Team America

i saw that movie last night w/ jeremy and it....was....awful. i mean it had SOME funny parts but overall...big waste of jer's money! but he was laughing so it's ok. then i watched some of 'anchorman' and that was pretty funny and i wish i had seen the whole thing.
so what happend to me monday. oh right, i got up b/c i think my dad called me and i tried to pretend that i had been awake but really i hadn't been! sooo sneaky am i. then i was all ready for my 1230 class and steve knocked on my door and said 'is our class cancelled?' and i forgot that it was, in fact, cancelled! so i got to eat lunch. then i met up w/ kel in tilly's and we hung out for a while before class (social problems boooo) but dr. fitz was there to answer some questions and such so it wasn't soooo bad. theen what did i do. back to my room, went to dinner, had class at 5, jer picked me up after that, he got some food, saw the movie, back in the dorm around 930, watched the yankee game which was insane. 15 innings and they lost - jerks. so when the game ended (almost 6 hours.) i went up to watch 'anchorman', then was up for a while talking to some peeeeps and keeping jared from threatening some of the girls on the floor b/c they pranked him.
then sleeeep then this morning my alarm goes off at 930, it's a crappy day out so i reset it for 10 then at like 950 there was a knock on the door and i was like 'uhh hold on' and i hear another knock and a 'maintenence. is anybody in there' so i yelled 'YES HOLD ON PLEASE' to make it clear that i was there and avoid any kind of embarassment with him walking in on me. so i open it and it's a really scary dude and he's like 'your room needs to be disenfected.' and i said 'uh...no thank you.' and he said 'well i have on my sheet here that your room needs to be disenfected' so i said 'no, it's the rug OUTSIDE my room, right there' (pointed to spot) and he said 'well id on't know about that, it's not on my sheet'....so i said 'WELL IT'S NOT MY ROOM sooo i don't know what to tell you.' so he said 'uh ok.' and he left. probably scared. mwahaha.
got ready for class, went to class, went to another class....and another. but i looked cute today! i really did. theeen i ran into kelly and she came up to my room and we watched "boy meets world"...which is a weird show. everybody loves it and i just don't..so much. and apparantly i'm weird b/c of that. soooo be it. and now i'm over in b.s. b/c being in smith was driving me crazy for a few reasons. but now i'm decompressed a little, although the game isn't helping. it's gonna be a game 7. which i hate...why dont' they just play one game if they're going to play 7. b/c then only the 7th game matters anyway. you know? k that's alllll bye bye.


Blogger Madame Greenleaf said...

haha meghan you ARE cute! and yeah i hate game 7s..they're annoying and that's how i felt when it was jersey and anaheim..i didn't care. i was like well the past 6 were a WASTE. and then my poor petr lost anyway. WHYYYYYYYY? well maybe cause i'm supposed to be there when he finally wins and i can be that girl behind the glass with red hair and people at home are like..who's that skanky red head making out with petr sykora? and then i'll flash my awesome wedding ring and 3 sons at the cameras and say "mwhaHA to you" and enough said.

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