Saturday, October 16, 2004

"Sometimes one smile means more than a dozen roses"

that quote is from a dove chocolate! those dove people, they know what's up. and obviously know that only women buy their awesome dark chocolate things w/ girly quotes in them. (another one i got was "whisper in the dark"
so let me explain this website. Jared (freshman that lives down the hall) and Steve (RA that lives down the hall) created this website (see last i using parenthesis too much in this blog? sorry.) b/c jared has all these rules that he thinks people should adhere to, so one night he and steve decided 'hey...they should be on a website' and VOILA! there you have it. but they never started working on it til 1am but it turned out really well and we want it to sweep the nation! and sweept it shall!!
i went over wendy's last night to watch "ER" w/ her and jeremy, so much fun! then back to campus and, shocker, i ended up staying up til like 3am talking to steve and jared while they finished the website, then sleeepy.
then of course waken up by my phone at 8am b/c someone locked themselves out of their room. then again at 10am b/c my dad feels the need to call me in the morning. quite consistently. then lunch, then hooome! and a phonecall from vicky, always fun, i miss her so much :-/
back to school, on duty, dorm sooo very quiet.
anyhooo tomorrow is the breast cancer walk and my mom is walking it w/ me! yay mama! and finally.....

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY KATIE O'REILLY!!!!! my parallel-lifer i wish i was out in pitt celebrating with you! miss you tons and lots of love :-)


Blogger Madame Greenleaf said...

I like the new blog set up way better..more color is good!

i mith you toooooooo :/

3:19 PM  

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