Sunday, October 03, 2004


here at CC we don't bother with the football game, we just go right to the drinking and dancing. so debby and i got ready and walked over to Bennett-Smith and since we missed the bus we decided that we'd drive over (it's only 5 minutes away) so we all piled into 2 cars and got to the golf club at around 8:30p. there were already a bunch of people there so we grabbed a table and began to mingle! and mingle we did. sort of. no we did, we were all very social (ok when i say "we" i mean: me, kelly, andrea, kate, debby, bagel, jess, suz). there were a lot more people there than i thought would show up, but everybody was all dressed up and the guys were looking sharp - people clean up very nicely! but the dance floor was really tiny and everybody was bunched in it and you couldn't really move and it was sooo hot! the temperature...literally quite hot. and the dj was only ok, his song choice was a little iffy, i really wanted to hear some franz ferdinand and rock out to that, but i guess it wasn't in the cards for me to humiliate myself last night! darn. let's seee, lots of people dancing w/ other people, yet none with me...wah. but i'm used to that. oh there was also dinner which was really yummy!! and lots of drunk people as the night wore on (there was a bar for people who were "21"...and i put that in quotes b/c i saw many "21" year old freshman buying drinks...hmmmm.) then at midnight it was all over so we headed back to campus. i was waiting for kelly outside her dorm and i saw the dean driving in her car, i guess just making sure everything was under control, and she stopped to say hi to me, then i see kelly walking towards me holding a bottle of VODKA...that she had in her car and i was like trying to motion to her to hide it without being too obvious but it didn't work and dean boody stopped and asked her what she was doing walking around with a bottle of vodka (fair question) but kelly got away with it somehow and we went into her apartment for a little while. but i was so tired i only stayed for 15 minutes or so then headed back to Smith and went to sleepy.
oh i did take some pictures but i still have a lot of film left sooo i don't know if they'll be posted anytime soon. but there's dorm wars today so maybe i can take some fun pictures at that. we shall seee!


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