Thursday, October 28, 2004


i love when i don't blog for a week! and you must love it too b/c you have sooo much to read! i'll try to keep it el briefo. but vic and kris have been in GREECE all week so they need to know what's going on with me at least.
it's been a long week, 3 exams and 2 presentations. my one presentation was moved to monday though, which sucks b/c i was all ready to present it and i did lots of work for it then it was moved. that's annoying. sunday...what the bleep did i do sunday. i must've done lots of work b/c i somehow got it all done. monday...nothing much to speak of, monday night was chock full of studying! up way too late and up way too early. i met jon from a couple of my classes early b/c he neede a book, i ran to breakfast real quick for some brain food (2 exams on no food? are you crazy?) then study study. first up was history of political thought, and i really wanted to do well so i ended up studying tons for that, then when my geography exam rolled around right after that i had studied a total of...oh i don't know...10 minutes?! whooooopsies.
ashley, bryan and i finished our exams in record time and went over to lunch. then history of england for exam review...then...what did i do. oh i went home!
ok so my half-sister alli's grandpa had to go in the hospital down by philly, so my parents offered to look after nick and ellie my little nephew and niece! nick is almost 3 and ellie is almost 5, they are so cute. they slept over my house monday night too but i couldn't go home b/c i had those exams, but i figured i better go home tuesday b/c i could tell my parents needed me there to help out. so i headed home and played with the little darlins til around 8p. they're so much fun!!! hehe!
back to school and met w/ the other Smith RA's to make our schedule for november..which was bizarre. months are flying by. FLYING! not walking or running, but flying.
wednesday...american civ, social problems (the class i was SUPPOSED to present in) and 'terrorism' class. that was my other presentation. and it was awful. worst presentation i've ever given in a group. hands down. i wanted to cry. i don't even know where it went wrong, except that i was too busy to take the reigns on it and couldnt do the whole thing myself, so i blame myself mostly for it turning out so bad. but i really didn't have time to do it by myself. so that sucked and i was reallllllllllly angry, that wasn't a good day.
luckily jeremy came to get me after class and we went out to eat, but we couldn't see movie or anything b/c i had an exam to study for, and study i did......not so much. i couldn't focus my brain felt like mush. i overexerted myself the past few days w/ studying and i just couldn't do it. but good for me it was history and i'm good at that stuff. watched the lunar eclipse (thanks for jared for tipping me off to that) until the clouds covered it, and i was up til about 2. then up at about 9. finshed studying, went to my 11a class, came back to the dorm and i had an IM from ashley saying 'i think i'm going to skip geography'. well that was good enough for me. so i met ashley and bryan up at lunch and we skipped! soo happy i did that. exam at 2, rocked it up. then went w/ steve to buy some halloween stuff for the front porch, met kel and ange and went for a walk to ww, then up to dinner! then back to my room to lay down for a bit, and now i'm on duty. joy of joys. and there's a halloween dance tonight i can only hope all the little chillins go crazy for that. that's alllll for now.


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