Sunday, October 17, 2004

Le Change?

do we like the change? or go back to the old one (the white one w/ dots...)? let me know.
anyway, saturday my mom and i did the breast cancer walk! go us! and we were bookin it, walked 5K in about 40 minutes. so we were done around 10:30a, and my mom had to go get my brother who was taking PSAT's (eeeew...and apparantly the new ones are absolutely awful. are they trying to kill high school students? like applying to college isn't stressful enough, let's throw in a super new and super hard SAT!!!! ridiculous.) so i went back to sleep...til 1:30p. i'm such a bad person. but i was really tired! :-( i'm not a waste of space, i swear. i just kinda hung out in my room til 4 when i went w/ debby to the men's soccer game, which i really enjoyed! which is new for me b/ really isn't my thing. but we scored 2 goals (i think we ended up w/ 3 but i only saw 2) and i had never seen our team score a goal it was sooo exciting!!! at halftime debby and i ran back to the dorm to pile on more clothes (really cold out.) and then went back out for the 2nd half, but with about 9 minutes left it started to POUR so we left and it took me a good hour and a half to fully warm up again, i had to turn on the heat in my room, and i never do that.
later on i went to get some food and i ran into ashley, andrea, suz, and nass so i ate w/ them and we made plans to go over wendy's for a little while later that night. back to the dorm for a bit, then over to wendys in ashleys car...many of us in a little car. i felt like i was in a clown car. so we hung out at wendys til about 11p then headed back to campus. went down to steve's room to say hi and he was watching 'patton' so i invited myself to stay and watch - it was really good i hadn't seen it before.
went to sleep around 2, and woke up at like 8:30a and got up to start the day! HAHA just kidding. fell back asleep and didn't get up until...oh i don't know....12:30. oops. i must need it though b/c my body never lets me sleep that late unless i really need it! talked to vicky and kristin online, called kelly, took a shower, did a lot of cleaning..and i'm trying to think of a way to rearrange my room but i don't know if that's going to work. b/c i don't like how my comfy chair is behind me when i'm at my desk, so if somebody is sitting there it's hard for me to talk to them. i feel rude w/ my back to them. and now i'm just procrastinating so i don't have to do homework that desperately needs to be done. grrrr. but i'm doing it for real now!!!


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question: I just started my blog on here today and I was wondering how you put an image behind your blog name. I'd like to add images on mine as well. Thanks.

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