Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Are you gellin'?

i hate those commercials.
anyhooo just a quick update b/c really all i'm doing is procrastinating, and i have 2 exams tomorrow to study my booty off for!
so sunday we had dorm wars, which was a really good time and a lot more people showed up than i was anticipating. the competition was intenseeee. oh and i guess maybe i should explain dorm wars. basically it was all the dorms on campus competing against each other to win a big trophy and bragging rights (i think it's obvious that the bragging rights are way more important), everybody got a tshirt that had their dorm name on the back and we had 5 events: dodgeball, tug o' war, pudding eating contest, musical chair (which you wouldn't think people would be competitive about, yet, they are.), and the final big relay. Smith, my dorm, was kicking total butt, but unfortunately we ended up losing to Wash/Anderson..b/c they claim we cheated, but everybody cheated in some way in the relay. then they came over and egged our stairwell. well ok i don't know that for sure but the day of dorm wars our stairwell was egged and i know we didn't do it. and one of my spies on campus told me it was them. which is so stupid. and rude. b/c the cleaning lady had to clean up all the eggs. i bet they didn't think about THAT when they were doing mindless acts of vandalism. losers.
but overall it turned out well and i hope we do it again so Smith can win the trophy that is rightfully ours. :-)
lets seee yesterday was monday and i had class...yippeeeee booo. and i had an exam in 'social problems' and it was so strange. it was multiple choice but she uses scratch off answer sheets...so you scratch off your first choice and if there's a star there then you got it right, but if there's no star you keep going and going til you get the star. and you get a certain number of points depending on how many tries it took to get the right answer. not bad, but weird. i had no 5p class b/c my prof didn't show, so my friend jeremy came to get me and take me to dinner and movie! we went to panera and we were going to see 'sky captain and the world of tomorrow' but we decided to see 'shark tales' instead, and it was really cute. i laughed a lot and there were little shrimp that had me on the floor laughing. (not literally but if i had been at home i might have been rolling around on the floor laughing)
theeeen back to my dorm to work and scare away steve w/ my germs (i've been sick for like 5 days) and hang out w/ debby and john mcmaster (what a cool name..mcmaster...like a dj...dj mcmaster! or a mcdonald's sandwich) and then go to sleeeepy.
today my 11a class was cancelled b/c of convocation and i got to go to lunch w/ kelly!!! wheee we had so much fun! i mean it was just in the caf but we have such a good time. anyway i'm on duty tonight soo it's time for me to go on a round and focus on my studies. bye bye.


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i'd definately eat a mcmaster burger. and how much fun to try to find little stars on your test!! i would love that! it would make me very happy to find one.

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