Saturday, October 23, 2004

Blogging From Home!

I'm home for the day and there's some downtime so i've decided to blog! I was going to say i've never blogged from home, but that's a lie b/c i did a bunch before i went back to school. but i'm on my mom's laptop so it's the first...oh wait. oh nevermind this really isn't the first anything. i'm just doing it from home!
so we left off on tuesday, lovely. wednesday i had classes, whoopie. and in my terrorism class the one woman in our group didn't show up...uhh hello we present on wednesday perhaps you should be there?! that made me mad but i'm sure she has a stellar excuse for not showing. oh my american civ class that day was also awful. he talked his way through an entire chapter, then decided, 'oh hey, it'd be super fun if we just started right up into the next chapter!' and there were only about 10 minutes of class left. POINT?! honestly. he hates letting us go early at all. what other class...oh yeah, 'social problems', that was interesting, a group did a presentation and they had three people "dress up" as the 3 presidential candidates...but when i say "dress up", i mean they had paper bags on their heads w/ pictures of the candidates faces on them. first of all...isn't that dangerous? couldn't they suffocate? not the smartest plan my fellow scholars. let's seee wednesday night...yankee game! which was so pathetic. they didn't even put up a fight. just succumbed to the wrath of boston. so the yanks aren't in the world series, sadly. and i was on duty wednesday night but not much happend. missed the history club meeting b/c there were no other RA's in the dorm and i didn't want to just leave. but the next day in class i talked to dr. patterson and it was fine, he just needed my name and stuff. and they're starting a national honors society chapter for history...i forget what it's called, something greek. alpha...something i don't remember!
thursday my 11a class was cancelled so kelly and i got to go to lunch together!! wheee!and that was fun b/c we hardly ever get to do that anymore. then 2 classes then weekeeeeeeend! i went over to wendy's around 10p to watch "ER" and, sad news, i don't think it's a new episode next week :-( i think that's b/c of the world series? but still it's sad. so unless it's a good repeat we won't have an "ER" party. i feel like i was up late thursday night...was i? probably.
friday got up and went to lunch w/ debby and dani, then made an impromptu trip to the mall w/ debby! and bought some things. OOPS! but no bags though, good job self. and on the way out we saw steve! i swear i've never left that mall w/o seeing somebody i know (almost always a blair person.) oh and i saw a guy that graduated w/ me from blair but he either didn't recognize me or had no desire to speak to me, b/c we made eye contact and he quickly looked away. so that's 2 people! back to the dorm around 630p, got some food, hung out, watched some tv, then headed over to kelly's apt to hang out for a while. and i wasn't there more than 10 minutes when the fire alarm went off...booooo fire alarm. perhaps a subtle hint that the building doesn't want me in there? hung out there for til around 11p, then back to smithy. did some cleaning and putting stuff away from shopping, steve came in and scared the crap out of me b/c i didn't hear him walk in, i tried to kill a black moth on my wall w/ my squishy CC ball (did not work.), then steve said he was watching 'bad boys II' so i went down and watched it w/ him. it wasn't bad it was pretty funny actually, but kinda gross. like...'let's stick our arms into dead bodies and search for ecstasy' kind of gross. ewwww. went to bed around 230a (WITH the moth still on my wall. that's a big step for me. and it wasn't there this morning which freaked me out b/c i definitely thought it was dead. so maybe it just fell behind my dresser??? that's what i'm going with.).
again this morning the front desk called me to have one of the freshman move their car...seriously why is this my job? JUST TOW IT! what do i care. no ok that's mean i do care, but honestly why me? if it was someone on the first floor, fine. but it was a 2nd floor person. find a 2nd floor RA!!!! booo! soo i did that then decided to pack it up and head home for the day.
soo now i'm home, and a few minutes ago i just had a realization that next week i have 5 major things due. tuesday i have 2 exams, wednesday i have 2 presentations, and thursday i have one exam. ummm i'm sorry i have to go cry now. oh wait! but i just finished reading 'the notebook' before i started the blog, soooooo freakin good. and the movie was good too! it was different from the book but not in a bad way. i mean they're the same story but i like how the movie does it...almost better than the book? it's hard to tell b/c i saw the movie first. but nonetheless, sooo fantastic. ah. sometimes you can't beat a good old-fashioned love story. ok that's all from me! and if i don't update the blog this coming week, it's b/c i've taken away my computer liberties in order to not fail everything i have to do. adios!