Saturday, October 09, 2004


so i'm watching "chicago" and it's the 'cell block tango' song, which is so good, but their outfits are sooo bad. they could have made really cool flapper outfits but instead they look like weird futuristic hookers.
ANYWAY....of course i forgot to update during the week..oh so sorry. oh ok...wednesday...exam day for meggy. 12:30p american civ exam...multiple i've never taken a multiple choice history exam before sooo that was a new one for me (no stars with this one sad.) but overall it was an ok exam. then a huge waste of time in 'social problems', although that class was more interesting b/c the prof talked about inequality and i found out some things i didn't know. then 5p was my terrorism exam, but of course i'm an idiot and i studying 3 essay questions but we only had to do 2. and i knew which 2 they were. but i thought we had to do 3. UGGGGH. but now i'm more knowledgible so good for me.
wednesday night i headed over to kelly's apt to decompress after all those exams (richard gere in suspenders...mmmm. sorry.) and hung out there til about 2am, then back to smith for sleepin (but not after bryce congratulated me for coming back to 'the dark side'...hahaha). thursday...3 classes and hellooooo weekend!!! hung out down in steve's room most of the night and he and jared were trying to put together "the rules" website..i'll post it up on here when it's finished, so funny. ummm let's see ended up staying up later than usual (pushin' 3am. how does that happen? i swear.) then had serious trouble falling asleep. which has been happening a lot. and is pissing me offfff. i had just lying there trying to sleep and there's nothing i can do.
friday...went to lunch, packed up and headed home for the night! watched the debate...and i have to say it was SOOO MUCH BETTER than the first one. bush did a lot better but kerry is HUGE...he's like a freakin beanpole! so he looked all like 'i will squash you little man' and very strong in the red power tie. but bush was a lot more comfortable in this setting. not that anybody watches these things anyway. but they should. then i watched "man on fire" (hello are you today? oh right, HOT!) but i only watched up to a certain point b/c...well i was too sad to watch any more. right. got up at 6am and headed off to a conference w/ my mama! which last til like 430pm...sooo tiring. home for some din dins w/ dad and brother (oh wait! on friday i also went to go see alex in his XC race! he did so awesome he broke his PR he totally rocked.), then back to school JUST in time to be on duty at 7. and now that's what i'm up to. wheeee. and my hallway smells really bad :-( and i don't know why. and don't really want to investigate. soo i'll just keep my door shut.
ok that's it from me! toodles.


Blogger nellybelly said...

hahah i will squash you little man!!! hahahaha. i was laughing at that comment. hehe. so glad that kerry rocked! go wash u!

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