Saturday, October 02, 2004

happy october!

And how do i choose to welcome a new month? by getting a cold! wheeeee! *cough cough* aaah. anyhoo it's been almost a week since i've updated and i feel bad, but now i have tons to write about! haha just kidding!
classes were rough this week, i didn't have lots of sleep so classes were kind of...i don't know tough to stay awake in. but i managed. on tuesday i didn't have my world geography class which was AWESOME b/c i actually got to eat lunch. but i did have to go to a lecture on thursday b/c of not having geography, and that was a bummer. mostly b/c the lecture was about the planet..and environmental stuff. and it's just disturbing when you hear the earth's temperature is going to rise 6 degrees but the guy didn't' have any sort of plan that could fix the problem. oh except that people shouldn't drive SUV's anymore...but i've been saying that for a while now. so really he stole my idea of how to save the planet. how dare he.
also on thursday i went out to dinner w/ my mom and grandma, then we went to macy's b/c my grandma had some gift certificates to spend. and spend them we did. and that was really nice to spend time w/ both of them. thennnn back to school in time for the debate, which i thought was only going to last an hour, but lucky me it was an hour and a half. i watched about half of it in steve's room then saved him from boredom by coming down to my room to watch the rest. wait...oh yeah i got confused but today's saturday not friday. right. anyway thursday night was a little nutty in the dorm, people throwing beer in windows and things of that nature. friday i got up, went to lunch w/ debby, bought my homecoming ticket and some jewelry from the lady that sells stuff outside the caf, then had my dad come pick me up so i could go home and do laundry (the parents had to borrow my car b/c the brakes on the Ford were out). sooo i went home, started my laundry and planned on being back at school by dinner, but i had a beer and passed out on the couch instead. oooops. hehe.
so since i was home i went w/ my mom to see my brother in the homecoming parade..awww yaaaay alex! he's such a pimp, always with girls around him. silly brother. then i stayed for some of the football game and headed back to CC for the talent show. the talent show wasn't bad...but it wasn't good either. hey i'm just being honest. then back to the dorm for sleeeeeeeping. except b/c of the severe coughing fits i really couldn't do much of that. and i can't remember the last time i had a good night's sleep :(
today i headed up to the barn to watch kelly ride (she won first place in the jumping! yaaay kelly!!!), then back here and over to men's soccer w/ debby (they did not win...but yaaaay effort!) then back here to shower and relax and prepare myself for....da da da daaaaa homecoming! which starts at 8p. sooo i hope that's fun, but even if the dance itself stinks i'll be with my girls and we'll make it fun!
so there is my week recap. aaaand hopefully tomorrow i'll have a fun homecoming story to write about!


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