Sunday, March 13, 2005

oh yeah, i think i read that in 'who cares' magazine...

jew boy fireman lies! he said 'ladder 49' wouldn't end the way it did, and all of us were bawling. but it was pretty good, i love joaquin phoenix. i kinda want to watch it again but w/ my dad so i can ask him if all the firefighting scenes are accurate. hung out there for a while and headed back to smith where i ran into jared outside...well didn't literally run into him but you know what i mean. went upstairs and hung out in jared's room for a while, saw all the drunkies getting back from their nights - i wasn't jealous, i swear! ok maybe a little.
stayed up late, got up early, went to classes and then jeremy came to get me and we went to see "the pacifier". feel free to laugh, but it was so great. vin diesel is hottt but the movie was actually pretty cute, we enjoyed it. especially since all the movies we've been seeing recently have been pretty serious and dramatic. then we went to eat at Enzo's Pasta&Grill where we've never been, i love going to new restaurants! it was really nice...oh and while we were there jeremy laid out his life plan for me, which included me having a high-ranking government position later in life. we'll see how that pans out.
back to school and kel said she and ash and suz we're going to the mall so i decided, hey, why not?? so we went to rockaway mall for a little while...i only bought 2 tops from express so i didn't cause too much damage. i think the best part of the trip was the car ride there and back b/c we really did a lot of talking about different things and it felt good to get it out there and discuss.
back to campus aaand what happend...what the..what did we do...oh i know, we went to dodgeball!
dodgeball is super fun. there weren't as many people there as usual and it was basically 2 teams playing each other over and over, but one of the teams was almost all (if not all) smith boys and the other team was um...i guess you could call them mcgees. so we were there for a while and the whole time ashley was like 'ooh that looks like so much fun! i want to play i want to play!' so finally she decided to make a move and go join the smith team!! and she rocked, she even got the last guy out on the other team in one of the games. good job ash!! kel and ash came back to smith with me and we hung out for a while, then they headed back to b.s. for the night.
i think i just hang out in my room the rest of the night...steve, manny, jared, and gumguy came to visit me, then i went to sleeeeep.
friday....slept in, dad came to get me and i went home for a few hours to do laundry and hang out, went back to school around 430p and went to the gym to workout. steve was there and we talked about the latest RA selections which are...interesting. up to dinner w/ kel and ash then back over to b.s. to watch "starsky and hutch" - really funny, i love ben stiller so much. back to smith, hung out w/ steve for a little while just watching tv...he finally got a new phone! it's the same as mine, copycat. but good choice! then called it an early night b/c i didn't know what time i'd have to be up today to go see the girls in their horse show up at the barn.
never made it up to the barn b/c they had to start earlier than expected, so instead i went and got a haircut at that nail place next to panera, where apparantly the owner is a mini-mao. he was so bizarre, the entire time he was just walking around staring down his little chinese workers making me really nervous! then i heard the guy on the phone w/ one of his workers and he was like yelling at her to come in early. so about 10 minutes later this white girl w/ cornrows and extensions walks in and the chinese man runs over to me and is like 'ok your turn your turn!' and before the girl even has herself settled i'm in the chair and he's like yelling at her to go cut my hair. wow that was awkward when she came over i was like ' you need a minute i can wait' and she just gave me this look like 'i hate it here so much'. but she was nice and she did a good job cutting my hair.
drove home aaaand hung out w/ dad and alex, dropped off alex at a friend's birthday party, then went out to dinner w/ dad...and at a place you can only find in a town like blairstown..."Cockadoodle Do!" - i kid you not. we haven't gone there in forever and it was really tasty, i actually really like it there.
umm then came back home and here i am. and that's sleepin here tonight and then hanging out here tomorrow til my mom gets home from new orleans, so i'll be back at CC kinda late.
zip it up and zip it out.


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