Thursday, March 31, 2005

it'll keep your face from getting any uglier

thank god it's the weekend. well, almost. i'm on duty tonight but other than that it's the weekend for me! wheehoo! it wasn't too bad of a week, i had the most to do today...sociology presentation followed by a sociology quiz and i thought both of them were going to be a lot worse than they were so i'm happy about that. i still hate doing presentations though, especially when people think they can send you their part of the presentation at 9am the morning of and think that i'll actually use it. i think not.
so...monday night i think kel came over and we hung out w/ steve for a while and then gummerson came in and told steve to hook up his army games b/c he wanted to shoot people - someone was angryyyyy.
tuesday afternoon jer came to pick me up and we went to see "hitch" and it was actually pretty good, the ending was really cute. then we went to go eat at ruby tuesdays (and i just realized now that we ate there on a tuesday...that's kind of funny.) and that was tasty. then we went to wal-mart b/c i needed some stuff and who do we run into?? jared and gumguy! pickin up some supplies for their room. we also saw nass! wal-mart's a popular place. headed back to CC and jer dropped me off. then what did i do. i believe i went over to kel's apt! i did, and we hung out for a while and then a bunch of the boys from upstairs came down to hang out (bus, greg, foley, gumguy, jared)...i think they came down b/c they thought kelly and i would bake for them, but we had nothing to bake. sorry! but they hung around for a while til like 1a i think. i headed back to smith to see what steve was up to, talked to him for a while then finally went to bed.
wednesday was kind of a long day, went to the gym after class, then dinner, then played the rocky video game w/ the guys and almost missed my night class. i was battling gummerson and looked down at my watch and it was 630p. so i ran over to class and we didn't get out until 915p...way too long. almost torturous.
back to smith, kel came over to "do work" but i don't think she ever actually did any. i finished up my sociology presentation work, beat gummerson in a boxing match - KO'd him actually, haha! kel went through another full game of mario and headed back to b.s. and i hung out w/ steve til he was done w/ duty then i went to bed!
today's been ok, did the class thing...asked dr. patterson what topics to do for my 2 papers i have due to him, and he decided to, instead of handing in 2 papers, just hand in one giant one of 12-13 pages. SUPER. get ready for a motherload of index cards when i'm getting ready to write that one. went to dinner w/ leah and kel, took a shower, and now i'm on duty. yay! bye bye.


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