Saturday, March 05, 2005

...but 7 drinks later there i was, sitting in a puddle and making out with some kid named Lippy...

i'm sure you can guess who that statement came from.
left off at...i was going to see "sideways" with jeremy. the movie wasn't bad, i thought the acting was really really good, but i'd say wait to see it til it's out on dvd or on tv or whatever. it was kind of slow moving at times also. but worth seeing at some point. went to panera and got dinner to bring back to my room, yummmmm.
on duty it was a pretty slow night overall, jared came down and watched tv with me to keep me company and then steve came down later also, then after 2a i went down by steve's room and hung out there w/ him and jared for a while watched some weird show on on mtv where these "duds" get "studs" to tell them what to do during dates, but they have to do weird things or get their dates to do weird thing they had to do was shake around in their chair for a minute. and they get money for each challenge...then at the end of the night if they get invited into the girl's house they win the money they got from challenges plus $1000. so basically, if the girl's a ho you win money! yay! then some show where they take crazy things that happend and put them in slow mo and play them over and a cop that was giving some guy a ticket and was hit in his butt by a car going past. stuff like that, and the narrator made the worst jokes and puns ever. theeeen i went down to my room and i was going to go to sleep but i wasn't really tired so i went downstairs to jose and victor's and hung out with them for a long time. apparantly i don't have a key phrase of my own, such as "whoop whoop" or "what do you want from my liiife?" or "you would" so jose tried to come up with one for me and it's kind of ridiculous. and makes very little sense. i'll reveal that in my next blog title.
ummm went to sleep late...or really early depending on how you look at it, woke up and went to horsey practice up at the barn and rode gigi...again. she's really not so bad but she's so annoying to tack up, she goes crazy and gets jimmy legs and she actually ended up kicking me in the knee - not so fun and kinda painful. but i had a really good lesson on her anyway.
stopped at wal-mart and dropped off some film...which when i got back was really dissapointing. it's film i've had since the beginning of this year (meaning...september '04) and they just weren't good pics. but there were some cute ones of ellie and nick (my niece and nephew!). back to the dorm and then over to kelly's for a little movie/magazine time. we all watched "bend it like beckham" and ate popcorn and then made a huge fun song playlist. then time for BED b/c we had to leave at 630am this morning!!
Horse Show! on the road by 7am and at Briarwood before 8am, long day of horse-showing. but it wasn't as cold as i thought it was going to be, and sunny so that was good. except that i think i got a little sunburn on my face. surprise, surprise. almost couldn't find boots for me, but steph let me borrow hers and i found the little horse i was riding, Tucker, and he was so cute! but unfortunately also really small and apparantly half dead. he could not have been any slower. by the end of the class my legs were like jello from squeezing him so hard to try and get him to go faster. but it all turned out ok b/c i got 2nd place! wheeee! really psyched about that, i knew i could do better than the last one and i did. team dinner at mama's..mmm pizza. back here and i'm showered up and now have to get ready to go to kelly's pimp and ho batmitzvah. kelly's becoming a woman and i really can't miss that, now can i.


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