Monday, March 07, 2005

zip it up and zip it out

batmitzvah! quite a night, let me tell you. we were all decked out, not quite pimp and ho, but we looked pretty hot if i do say so myself. i know there were a few pictures taken but i haven't gotten them yet...when i do they'll be up on my photos page. people brought gifts for kel, even baked her a star of david cake! a bunch of people were over, we had music playing which led to some people dancing on the coffee table, overall it was a fun night i think everybody had a good time. headed back to smith at some point, not really sure what time?
headed home sunday afternoon, did my laundry and caught a nap...i always nap when i'm home, i never nap anywhere else. made pasta sauce and meatballs for brother had his 2nd driving lesson, only one more til he gets his permit! exciting. my grandma and aunt and little cousin came out to the house for a quick visit, so that was nice too. headed back to school and now that i'm thinking about it i feel like sunday was a really long day. b/c i got back here and put all my stuff away and just did whatever, and then at like 10p kelly came over and she was going to study, but gumguy wanted to celebrate the end of wrestling season (which kelly did promise him we would do when he got back from nationals), so we (me, kel, jared, gumguy) headed over to b.s. for a couple hours for celebrating! that was pretty fun, i thought, and kel and i made popcorn (on the stove not the microwave! and we didn't burn the place down!) and just hung out for a while. headed back to smith, hung out w/ jared (i have no idea where gumguy went...he just dissapeared i never found out where) then went to sleeeep.

i had to sit in on 2 RA candidate interviews in the morning, that was good, i wish i could've sat in on more. then i had class at 1230p and i definitely fell asleep like 10 times in it. it was baaaaaaaad that never happends to me, only 1 other time i think i've felt that way in a class, i literally could not keep my eyes open. steve even noticed that i was definitely passed out a couple times. and i felt so bad b/c i sit up in the back but i sit in the profs line of vision and he must've seen me. i just couldn't handle that today. then i was scared i was going to feel that way in my 2p class so i brought my laptop...and made it really obvious that i was not using it for notes b/c i use a notebook in that class, so i had my notebook open and then i'd be typing on my computer inbetween writing notes in it. haha oh well.
went for a walk to Dunkin Donuts with kel and ange b/c it was so gorgeous out, went to the gym for a little while, up to dinner w/ steve, shower, and then started working on these questions i had for my sociology class...which was ridiculous. b/c there are all these questions to answer and then we have a quiz tomorrow! what's with that?! and the prof really gave us no direction regarding what would be on the quiz, so that should be fun tomorrow. aaaand now steve wants me to help him study for the quiz, even though i don't see the point b/c we have no clue what's going to be on it!!!
bye for now.


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