Tuesday, March 01, 2005

snow day!

oh wait, nope, just kidding, there was no snow day. b/c centenary likes to be unique and that includes being the only school in the county open today! super. i can't believe classes weren't cancelled, it snowed like crazy last night! well actually we had a "delayed opening", something i haven't had since middle school. classes started at 11 and that's when my first class is. whee.
sooo yesterday i went to the gym w/ kel then went up to dinner w/ leah, steve, and jared. theeeen i took a shower and i was getting ready to clean up my room and i got a phonecall from...vicky!!! in italy!!! aaah i was so happy i can't even tell you. so we talked for about an hour i think and that really made my day i miss her sooo much. cleaned up my room...i think i want to move it around but i'm not really sure how, i'm tired of it the way it is. i need to get my bed tightened too, it's too squeaky and wobbly (it was like that when i got it...get your mind out of the gutter) and people are always making fun of me for it!
headed over to B.S. in the blizzard and hung out w/ kel and ashley...we had some really good talks about a lot of different things - kelly even closed her laptop for them...you know it's a good conversation when she does that! oooo and we made blueberry muffins, they were so tasty. and that was pretty much it, we didn't do a lot just hung around and relaxed and talked about how there was no way in hell we'd be having school the next day. little did we know....we also wanted bodei to come over, but he was a loser and didn't! he could've done his Kip impression for Ashley, it's so hilarious he's so good at it. he and jared talk to each other in kip and napoleon voices, and one night they had me put my hair up in a side ponytail and be deb from the movie, it was awesome. anyhoo...
back to my room and passed out. my classes were such a waste today too. sociology we didn't even really do anything and in history of england people were constantly talking about stupid stuff and delaying the beginning of class! which meant we had to stay longer! shut your mouths people!
sooo i think that's about it...i have to try and figure out my spring break plans b/c my dad went ahead and used our credit card Airmile thingies on an flight for me to visit lisa at Wakeforest, but he didn't really check w/ me about the dates so it's kind of a mess right now! i'm going to try and call the people and see if i can get it changed and if not...i will have to figure something else out! yay. latas.


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