Saturday, March 19, 2005

you don't sell the steak, you sell the sizzle.

good job self for waiting a week to update the blog. well i guess not a lot was happening or i would have found time to update.
i had midterms this past week so that kinda sucked, and my sociology teacher decided to torture us with a surprise group project due thursday...that's just mean. plus groups projects are such a pain b/c you can never truly do the entire project as a group.
i guess it was a pretty normal week...wednesday i had night class so i missed out on a trip to the mall w/ kel and ange, which is probably a good thing b/c i really don't need to buy anything. but my night class drove me crazy. patterson said he'd only keep us til 825p and we didn't get out of there til 9pm. i think that's the longest i've ever stayed in a night class and i never want to have to do that again. ever! and the people in the class drive me insane, in the worst way. this one adult student in the back talks about history like he lived through it...and clearly, unless he was born in the 1860's, he didn't live through the unification of germany or any of the events leading up to WWI or WWI itself! so shut up about it! oooo then somehow the topic of vietnam came up, i don't remember why, and he started talking about how he doesn't like when celebs get involved w/ war stuff (oh and this guy is a vietnam veteran, and i have nothing but respect for military people, i love them!) so while he was talking patterson was like 'oh and you're a vietnam vet, right?' and he guy goes, 'yes i was there...and a good time was had by all' ---> ummm excuse me?! i turned around in my seat and gave him my best meghan death stare and my best bitchy 'what the....excuse me?!' i mean you've got to be kidding me, no matter how you feel about vietnam i don't think anybody would say that "a good time was had by all"...what a moron. i told my dad about that (my dad's a vet also) and he just kind of shook his head dissaprovingly. but despite that guy's tendency to annoy the crap out of me, there was a funny part of class. patterson brought in a WWI helmet for us to see and as he was handing it to someone to look at he said: "yeah this is a real French WWI helmet...but be careful, if you put it on you'll probably have the urge to run away" hahaha. ah. too bad only like 3 people in the class besides me found that amusing. anyhoooo...
after class i filled out my march madness bracket but right after i did it i wanted to do a different one but steve wouldn't let me. i had illinois to win but only b/c i had no idea who was supposed to win and they have the best record so i just went w/ them. but then i wanted to change it b/c i didn't like how boring that was. but noooooooooo i had to keep that one. so anyway i filled that out and then headed over to b.s. to watch "mean girls" w/ some mean girls. ha...haha. k. so that was fun then kel came back to smith w/ me and we went down to bodei's room to play old school nintendo!! it took like half an hour to get the system to work - he was tired b/c steve just had a nintendo tournament program thing. but we finally got it going and jared and gumguy came down and we played nintendo til like 2am. well i didn't play b/c kelly was showing off her awesome gaming skills by beating jared and gummerson multiple times. and steve was studying for psychology while all this was going on. but that was really fun, i thought. hopefully steve will keep it in his room the rest of the year.
thennn i helped jared do his homework and went to sleeeeeeep and then it was saint patrick's day wheeeeee!
had class at 11a, worked out and then another class til 3:15p. went up to dinner w/ kel, then headed over to b.s. to get the holiday started :-) well for kel and i anyway. gumguy and jared came over before they left for a party, and victor and jose (and ricky and greene? i think i remember seeing them too) came by also. but that was at like 830p i think. kel, ash, and i headed out to the party they were all at around 930p (yay ashley for being DD!) and we stayed there for a few hours and it was a pretty good time we all enjoyed ourselves. back to campus and to b.s. but i only stayed there for a little while before i went back to smith, where i passed out into such a deep sleep that i didn't even hear the guys pounding on my door at 4am so they could get the movies they stole that i was harboring for them in my room. and they called my phone and i still didn't wake up, that's really odd. hm, i must've been pretty tired.
friday, woke up, brought gummerson his movies and recapped the night, went up to lunch w/ kel and ange, packed up my things and headed home for break.
today i had to go pick up kel and ange at school and drive them to newark airport for their flight to south carolina! kel's 21st birthday is on monday, they're gonna have such a great time i can't wait to hear about it :) drove back home and here i am. whee.
that's all for now kids.


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