Thursday, March 03, 2005

um excuse me are you almost done with this machine...

...b/c lafawnduh is waiting to use it.
that's right...kip made a guest appearance in the weight room! i didn't speak to him personally, but kel said she talked to him. luckyyyyyyyyy!!
so lis and i decided that my spring break 2005 will not be based in Winston-Salem b/c she has all this formal sorority stuff to do that weekend, and she's so busy all the time, so i cancelled those tickets :( but i plan on making a trip down there over the summer b/c lisa's going to be living in a house w/ some of her friends...roadtrip, anyone?! i also have to go up to Burlington, VT over the summer b/c vicky will be living up there...another roadtrip! sorry kristin, i don't think i'm going to get anybody that will want to drive out to missouri with me or i'd take a road trip to see you too.
leah came over the other night to hang out w/ me, jose came up for a while but was a little um..."out of it". and he conned me out of like half a container of orange juice! jackass. what else did i do that night...hung out w/ jared and steve, made jared EZmac b/c he didn't feel like making it himself...that's right, didn't feel like making ezmac...then gummerson came back from practice w/ this huge suitcase that they keep their scale in! it was so bizarre it's like a huge black oldtime hard suitcase and the scale fits in there so you can take it anywhere. i was pretty intrigued by it. anywaaaay.....
yesterday during the day was pretty normal, went to american civ II we watched a video on the 1920's which was interesting and made we want to go talk to kip about looking into time travel. western civ was ok except for this one girl who talks all the time and delays the beginning of class w/ her comments...grrr. then to the gym with shepatone! which is always a good time. up to dinner w/ leah, and were later joined by jared, steve, ashley, and nass!!! crazy! so finally ash and nass met steve and jared so now they know who i'm talking about when i talk about them.
ummm went to night class which was really long, and right as patterson was ready to finish class people just kept asking him questions about stuff and we didn't get out til 9p. colleen, my RD, had pizza for all the Smith RA's so we got together for that and then headed over to the RA selection meeting thingy about 930p and didn't leave there until about 1130p...yeaaah took a little longer than i'd like and it was kind of tedious and seemed like people were just saying what they thought we'd want to hear and it was played out after about 15 minutes. and only a couple people really stood out...we have such a good staff this year and so many people are leaving, it's making me nervous for next year.

after that meeting i made steve go over to b.s. with me for a minute to say hi to kelly! she was pleasantly surprised b/c he's never been to her apartment before so we stayed there for a little while then headed back to smith. what happened there...not a lot, finished up some homework, gave away some food, hid some stolen food and dvd's, got in bed around 2am. and nothing much has gone on today yet, but jeremy is coming this afternoon and i believe we're going to see "sideways" and then bringing back some dinner to my room b/c i'm on duty tonight. so i'll let you know how that goes!


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